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Lieutenant Thomas 'Thompson' Marek

Name Thomas 'Thompson' Marek 2XO

Position Chief Security/Tactial Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 189lbs
Hair Color Black, Short
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Nearly six foot in height, the years of Training in the Ring and a Career in Starfleet has kept him lean. He's physically fit, but isn't obsessed with working out at every moment. His green eyes convey a sense of restraint and a strong sense of duty. A scar runs at an angle across his brow above the left eye, a small souvenir and a reminder from his matches.


Father Marek, Steven (Human: Rank: Starfleet Lieutenant Commander, Retired)(Born: 08/12/2226: Deceased: 08/15/2335: Age 99)
Mother Marek, Eliza (Human: Rank: Starfleet Commander, Retired)(Born 03/27/2227: Deceased: 05/16/2343: Age 116)
Sister(s) Marek, Haley: (Human: Rank: Civilian: High School Science Teacher, Retired)(Born: 07/29/2265: Still Alive as of 2380: Age 115): Resides on Earth: Marek Family Cabin, Anchorage, Alaska

Marek, Marlene: (Human: Rank: Admiral (Still Active): Stationed: Starfleet Headquarters, San Francisco, Earth)(Born: 07/29/2265: Still Alive as of 2380: Age 115)
Other Family Niece: Marek, Alexis: Human: Rank: Civilian: Born: 10/29/2348: Age: 32: Resides: Seattle, Washington State, Earth

GrandNiece: Marek, Veronica: Human: Rank: Civilian: Born: 10/14/2369: Age: 11: 5th Grade Elementary Student: Reside: Seattle, Washington State

Personality & Traits

General Overview He'll make time for what needs to be done, but when he's off the clock he can be somewhat social. Though he'll try to avoid being drawn into a fight, he won't hold back in one and will make certain to be the last one standing or to do more than bloody the other fellow's nose. His shipmates and those that manage to get to know him can vouch he's trustworthy, honorable, and though his sense of humor can be odd at times he can tell a good joke.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Security, Keeping his Word, Honesty, Reliability, Dependability. He believes in seeing to a Task properly, and correctly the first time rather than having to go back through a second or third time.

Weaknesses: Sometimes, he'll become a tad too focused in a fight. He will not take it kindly if someone threatens his ship or his crew mates. His methods coupled with his Sense of Duty can make him come across to others in the New Century as being an Anachronism or being a Dinosaur in terms of being incapable of acclimating to new techniques especially in Shipboard Security.
Ambitions Ambitions: Forming and Commanding a Top-Notch Security Team and if needs be a Department. If he's able to achieve a Command of his own, he'll perhaps consider it. If it doesn't, it isn't a big deal to him.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies: Boxing, Reading, Racquetball, Horse Riding (it's something he learned while on Earth growing up in Alaska), History, Piloting (Boats, Shuttles or Ships)

Personal History He was born aboard the Pandora, an Ares Class Heavy Destroyer in the Spring of 2264 to Lieutenant Steven Marek and Lieutenant Eliza Marek -- the Pandora's Chief of Security and the Pandora's Assistant Chief of Medicine. A year later, his sisters Haley and Marlene were born and for seven years the Family called the Pandora home. The Pandora had received a set of Orders in late 2271 to be Decommissioned and once at the dry-dock, the crew were able to go on shore leave. It hadn't been known at the time that the Marek Family wouldn’t be reassigned to the Pandora, another ship, a Station or elsewhere. The Family, instead, chose to remain on Earth rather than be assigned to any other ship or Station. They had two children to raise, after all, and both Parents hadn't wanted to risk their children being put in a dangerous situation far from home.

Shortly after his eighteenth birthday, Steven had observed just how much his son had wanted to attend the Academy. Thomas had kept his grades up and had even developed a mean right hook due in part to the schoolyard fights he’d sometimes get drawn into. His father told him one night, that if he'd kept to his grades and avoided further schoolyard fights by his Senior Year of high school that Steven would send a Letter of Recommendation to the Academy. Thomas hadn't had a choice other than to make a promise to avoid further schoolyard fights and to maintain his academic grades. He'd honored that promise through the remaining high school years, and by his Senior Year had through his hard work and studious habits had maintained marks that made several of his classmates envious. He’d avoided getting into any fights. While having witnessed his son having honored his Promise, Steven had honored his in having sent a Letter of Recommendation to the Academy the night of his son's high school Graduation. Steven had sent the Letter including his Son's Transcripts to the Academy knowing the Academy, and settled in for the long wait.

Months passed, Summer passed to fall and then Winter. The Acceptance Letter finally came and with it, Thomas packed up whatever could fit into a duffel or two. The Farewells were made, the Best of Wishes were given before his Father dropped him off at the Alaskan Shuttle Port. A Shuttlecraft bearing the colors, and the crest of Starfleet Academy had sat on the tarmac while a pair of Officers stood outside an open hatch holding PaDDs containing a list of names of the new Applicants.

The Shuttle rose off the pad, and a course was set for the Academy. Thomas simply rested his eyes, enjoying the ride. He’d never been to San Francisco, and figured he’d enjoy it more fully rested. The jar as the Shuttle set down on the pad woke him, and he stepped off. The place was serene and far larger than his Father’s stories about the City had conveyed. The Golden Gate Bridge sat in the background, but unfortunately he hadn't had a chance to take in the view.

An Academy Liaison Officer met them a few feet from the pad before giving a scripted welcome speech to the new Applicants, and attempted to give them a taste of what lay in store. After a bit of a Welcome Speech, which had been kept brief, the two lines of would-be Cadets were led to their barracks. Their schedules, Cadet Uniforms, and additional paperwork were worked through shortly after.

His First Year as a Cadet began that day, and he'd had the distinct honor of having attended his first course -- a basic course in Security. Joining the Academy's Boxing Team shortly there after, it hadn't take long for the young Cadet to make a name and a reputation for himself in the Ring. Thomas kept to his studies, but made room for a social life. He’d go out on the Town when he'd been given a pass, and avoided getting into fights keeping to the promise he’d made to his Father. The rest of the year had been pretty uneventful and the rest of his courses went well enough.

His Second Year began, with a smattering of classes, and several of them had been Science Courses. He had still remained on the Academy’s Boxing Team, and nearly made it to the Finals a few times. His grades slipped a bit that year, but he hadn't been in fear of failing. He'd help Underclassmen, tutoring them when he could between practices and somehow managed to keep in touch with his folks back home. For the remainder of his Academy Years, his taste in courses expanded. Marek graduated from the Academy in the fall of 2284.

His first Assignment came a year later with Thomas having been assigned to a Security Detail at Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco. Two years later in 2287, he'd received Orders along with a Transfer to a Security Detail on the Horatio, a Miranda Class Medium Cruiser under the command of Captain Jim Douglas. The Posting aboard the Horatio lasted six years from 2287 to 2292. The young Security Officer had wanted to experience the frontier. His future hadn't been in danger either due to his confidence or some very well placed words spoken by his Father though he'd relied more on his own abilities. After having served on the Horatio for so many years, he requested a transfer to a posting aboard the Constitution Class Heavy Cruiser Refit.

The Lieutenant had escorted the Terpsichore's Executive Officer Commander Fernandez to the Miranda Class Medium Cruiser U.S.S. Ticonderoga to guide the Training Ship back to a friendly Starbase. The Ticonderoga had served Starfleet in the role of a Medium Cruiser for decades and had after having undergone a massive Refit continued to serve in that capacity. Thomas had recalled how the Ticonderoga had been deployed with the Horatio on some of the Horatio's Patrols of the Klingon Neutral Zone and had been on the scene to assist in the Evacuation of the Federation Passenger Liner Adirondack, but he'd been surprised to have discovered the Ticonderoga had been relegated to a Training Ship in the last few years. The Terpsichore had received an encoded transmission from Starfleet Headquarters pertaining to the Ticonderoga's Senior Command Staff being incapacitated when a fire had broken out on the bridge leaving the Ticonderoga's largely Cadet Crew directionless.

Following Captain Knight's Orders, the Terpsichore leaped to Warp having altered course to rendezvous with the Ticonderoga. Sliding out of Warp at the arranged coordinates, the Terpsichore slowed to impulse on its approach to the Miranda Class Training ship. The Crew of the Terpsichore had been fully aware that while the Ticonderoga had been a Training ship the armament typical of the Miranda Class Medium Cruiser Line had still been present coupled with directionless Cadets aboard. Following established procedures in exchanging hails, Commander Fernandez along with Lieutenant Marek were assigned to take command of the Ticonderoga and to guide to a nearby Starbase while Captain Knight remained in command of the Terpsichore. After having made arrangements with the Lieutenant Junior Grade in the Billet of the Assistant Chief of Security, a Galileo Type Shuttlecraft ferried both the Commander and Lieutenant Marek to the Ticonderoga and following a rather brief flight the shuttle touched down in the Ticonderoga's starboard shuttlebay. The two Officers were greeted in the shuttlebay by a small contingent of Cadets belonging to a few of the Departments. The two Terpsichore Officers had been guided through the ship by one of the Third Year Cadets to Deck Seven where the Auxiliary Control Center had been housed.

The Cadet had explained the Ticonderoga's Captain and Executive Officer whom had also been the Chief of Security had been on the Main Bridge attempting to evacuate the Cadets after the fires had broken out, and when the consoles had exploded both Officers had been burned, and after some questioning had explained that both the Officers had been rushed to Sickbay shortly after. With the Main Bridge having been rendered inoperative, the Auxiliary Control Room had been weighed down with the command functions of the Training Ship. Following the Authentication of the Orders sent from Starfleet Headquarters, the two Terpsichore Officers had submitted their Command Codes into the Ticonderoga's Computer Core before having claimed their stations in the Auxiliary Control Room. The Auxiliary Control Room had mirrored functions and stations as found on the Main Bridge with the exception of slightly different locations to accommodate the Main Computer Core. With Commander Fernandez in the Command Chair, Thomas remained on his feet in order to make rounds to each of the stations manned by a Third Year Cadet and to at least give them a reassuring presence of professionalism if not to make a few suggestions or to give the Cadets hints to the proper conclusions.

A few weeks later, the Ticonderoga had successfully arrived at the nearest Starbase and following the typical exchange of the Command Officers both Commander Fernandez and Lieutenant Marek requisitioned a shuttle to return to the Terpsichore. A week later after the shuttle had landed in the Terpsichore's Shuttlebay, Captain Knight had requested the presence of both Officers in his Quarters and when the two arrived the Captain explained the recent Destruction of the Moon Praxis as reported by the U.S.S. Excelsior under the command of Captain Sulu. Thomas knew with the Destruction of Praxus that things in the Galaxy, specifically the tensions between the Federation and the Klingon Empire were either going to come to a head with open hostilities or a diplomatic nightmare.

* * * * * * *

[Late 2294]
[Lieutenant Marek's Office]
[U.S.S. Enterprise-Bravo]
[N.C.C. - 1701 - Bravo]

The surface of the desk lay buried beneath a stack of PaDDs containing Requisition Orders to Transfer Orders of various Members of the Crew, and Thomas had to lay blame entirely on a Federation Marshal that had traveled aboard the new Flagship of the Fleet to accompany a Former Federation Ambassador turned criminal a few months back whose name he'd entirely forgotten. As with any Law Enforcement Agency, the United Federation of Planets' Marshall Service had operated through its own methods in the field and by the amount of paperwork stacked on his desk which included receipt forms for things the Federation Marshal had requested while aboard had only confirmed Thomas' decision that if he'd had to work with the Federation Marshal Service again he'd be the first one to kick them out of an airlock preferably without an EV suit.

Though he'd never been one of those Officers that demanded everything be absolutely clean and perfect, he'd made an effort to keep his desk clean and his locker in tip top shape. He'd made certain his Security Teams had undergone rigorous training regimens from time in the Gym to the Phaser Ranges and obstacle courses and running laps through the decks at times. When he'd received his Orders to be Transferred aboard the Excelsior Class Battlecruiser Refit Enterprise-Bravo not too long before its Maiden Voyage where they lost Admiral Kirk and a ship full of El-Aurian Refugees, the Lieutenant hadn't expected his Department would have been stripped down to a skeleton crew and most of the Security Officers present had been a tad out of shape in his opinion. He'd had to work to reshape the Security Department from requesting more personnel that he'd personally either known or signed off on, requisitioned proper equipment to allowing those Officers that hadn't wanted to be in his Department to be Transferred either to other Departments or off the ship. He hadn't been a mean or a cruel taskmaster in that he'd respected the Officers he'd worked with and those that looked to him for guidance, but as with Commander Steven Marek -- his Father -- Thomas had learned the importance of being aware and in maintaining readiness. If his Department had been fully staffed and the other Departments aboard had been fully staffed the day of the Maiden Voyage, those personnel might have meant the life of Admiral Kirk might have been saved among many.

* * * * * * *

[52 Hours Later]
[Delta Pavonis System]

The deck shook beneath his feet as he did his best to keep a Romulan Centurion from bashing in his head with his bare fists. Green blood trickled down the Romulan's face with an wicked grin etched across the man's features and coupled with an unwavering hatred in his eyes hadn't been something Thomas had missed, and had only given more reason for him to have proven to the Romulan humans weren't pushovers.

The Enterprise-Bravo had been dispatched to the Ophiucus System more as a measure of Good Will and to deter other Governments from countering the original Claim of the Colonists in that System. The Flagship of the Fleet had spent ten hours in the System with supplies having been transported to the Colonies on Ophiucus III and Ophiucus VI when a High Priority Emergency Transmission from Outpost VI guarding the Romulan Neutral Zone had been received conveying the destruction of two of the Border Outposts including damage to Outpost VI. The Enterprise-Bravo altered course for the Romulan Neutral Zone before having sped out of the Ophiucus System at Warp Eight arming itself for a possible altercation while the crew made the necessary preparations for an altercation the majority hoped wouldn't happen.

A little over two and a half days later, Thomas had finished briefing his Security Teams on the situation that might be waiting for the ship once it approached the Neutral Zone when the klaxons sounded through the corridors. The deck shook beneath his feet sending him careening almost into a nearby bulkhead if he hadn't caught himself, and given the nature of his chosen career he'd known something had struck the ship. With the alerts filtering over the intercom speakers of Romulan Boarding Parties beaming aboard in various locations throughout the ship had been more than enough for the Security Personnel to race for the Armory Lockers. Racing to the nearest Armory, he and several other Officers began issuing the Type-2B Boarding Phasers with extra power cells while Phaser Resistant body armor coupled with other equipment necessary to repel boarders were handed out. Checking his own Type-2B Boarding Phaser to find the power cells loaded, he'd grabbed a second phaser along with some extra power cells before tucking the second phaser inside his tunic. Unlike the Enlisted Personnel in his Department that had strapped on Phaser Resistant body armor, he'd decided to go without it since he'd discovered the body armor tended to chafe in certain unmentionable places and it hadn't truly mattered if he'd been hit by a Disruptor blast if he'd worn armor or not.

* * * * * * *

The sound of a Transporter beam in effect had filled the corridor leaving a Starfleet Security Officer or Enlisted standing either near an open space wondering where their counterpart had vanished to or had left a crumpled body in the Monster Maroon uniform or jumpsuit on the deck. To their credit and training, there were more Romulan bodies crumpled on the deck than Starfleet Personnel. Locking his arms around the chest of the Romulan Centurion pinning the Romulan's arms to his sides, the Enterprise-Bravo's Chief of Security had felt the distinct Transporter beam take effect conveying him from the familiar metal deck plating and bulkheads of the Enterprise-Bravo's corridor to the unfamiliar bulkheads and lines of a spacious Romulan Transporter Room complete with at least a dozen Romulans staring back at him in either surprise or in unbridled hatred. The Romulan Centurion struggled against Thomas' grip and would have had heavy reinforcements while Thomas had lacked his own when an alert grabbed the attention of the Romulans.

Though he hadn't been able to speak Romulan, the Chief of Security had at least been familiar with the audible klaxons coupled with the near panicked looks of the Romulans to know what a Reactor breach had been. The deck shook beneath them sending quite a few of them prone before he'd found the ones that had remained on their feet attempting to scramble to the Transporter Pad. The Transporter Pad became crowded in a short period of time with him having to tighten his grip on the Romulan Centurion in an attempt to resist being pried off or thrown off the Pad by the Legionnaire.

Sparks erupted from the Room's Control Console before it exploded sending shrapnel outwards into the compartment striking several of the Romulans before the bulkhead panels first bent inwards. Flames licked at the bulkheads sending even more Romulans to an early grave causing the few survivors to either pray for their Maker or to count the few seconds left to them before a blinding light filled the compartment. The ship's artificial singularity Core had been breached sending waves of intense gravity throughout the ship coupled with intense fires, and in that last moment of consciousness a single thought had crossed Thomas' mind.

Service Record 2281: Starfleet Academy: Fourth Year:

Enrolled at the Academy.

Fourth Year: Extracurricular Activity: Academy Boxing Team: Joined Academy Boxing Team. Coached by Mr. Boothby.

Third Year: Extracurricular Activity: Academy Boxing Team: Participated in 70 Bouts, Won 67.
Second Year: Extracurricular Activity: Academy Boxing Team: Participated in 80 Bouts, Won 80
Gained the Nickname: Thompson (Following the Thompson Machine Gun, Caliber .45)

2283: Starfleet Academy: Second Year: Cadet Cruise: U.S.S. Arcadia: N.C.C. - 1782: Security Department:

10 April: Three Month Cadet Cruise: Second Year Cadet Thomas Marek: Assigned to the older Arcadia, a Korolev Class Heavy Cruiser for his Cadet Cruise. Given his studies, he was assigned to the Security Department. The Cadet learned the history of the Arcadia, in that it had participated in the Four Years War, between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

July 10th: The Arcadia returned to Sector 001.
U.S.S. Arcadia: N.C.C. - 1782 Command Crew:
Captain: Captain Dana Bishop (2264 - 2292)
Species: Human
Executive Officer: Commander Mike Williams (2274 - 2289)
Species: Human

NOTE: The Korolev Class or Type is from the Abrams Verse or Nero-Verse Continuity, The Prelude to Axanar Continuities. Due to a lack of variety or great detail of other Classes from the Pre-TOS and TOS Eras, these Continuities will be chosen. Given that The Prelude to Axanar takes place during the Four Years War between the Federation and the Klingon Empire from 2248 - 2250 in the “Prime” Continuity prior to the TOS Era (2250 - Late 2260s), the Armstrong Type Ship will be considered Canon and will be the one referred to.

2284: Starfleet Academy: First Year Cadet:

First Year: Extracurricular Activity: Academy Boxing Team: Participated in 63 Bouts. Won 62. The 63rd Bout was lost to an Andorian. Record: Won 209 Bouts. Thanked Mr. Boothby, his Coach with a nice Dinner, helped the Old Gardener in replanting some flowers that had been trampled by over-eager Fourth Year Cadets and helped him in planting an extension to Mr. Boothby's existing Flower Beds.
Academy Graduation

Rank Commissioned: Ensign

2285 -2286: Rank: Ensign: Assigned to Starfleet Headquarters, San Francisco, California, United States of America, Earth: Security Posting:

Regulation SFR-02-0933-3440: Ensign Thomas Marek: Received Orders as per Regulation SFR-02-0933-3440 to report for Assignment at Starfleet Headquarters, San Francisco, California, Earth, Sector 001.

On Stardate 8210.3: The Enterprise is Hijacked: Security is tightened. Orders are issued to Starfleet Security Details throughout the Federation, including Starfleet Headquarters to report any sighting of Admiral Kirk and Company following the Hijacking of the U.S.S. Enterprise N.C.C. -1701 Refit from its Spacedock Moorings. Ensign Thomas Marek is issued Orders to arrest Admiral Kirk, and his Company on sight.

On Stardate 8390.0, or 18 - 19 December 2286, an Alien Probe wreaked havoc draining Earth's power supplies including the Planetary Auxiliaries as Techs at Starfleet Headquarters had discovered. Ensign Thomas Marek's abilities were put to use in assisting those Officers and other Personnel present in keeping the Starfleet Headquarters from being swamped by the increasing storms. The President of the Federation declared a State of Emergency for Earth during the time of the Alien Probe, and in an attempt to recover from it. The President's Declaration of Emergency prohibited ships from approaching the Planet.

2287 - 2292: Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade: U.S.S. Horatio N.C.C. - 1833: Assistant Chief of Security:

Regulation SFR-02-0933-3440: Ensign Thomas Marek: Received Orders as per Regulation SFR-02-0933-3440 to report for Assignment on the U.S.S. Horatio, Miranda Class Medium Cruiser N.C.C. - 1833.

Transferred to the Horatio, Miranda Class Medium Cruiser, Configuration w/Rollbar. Served in the capacity of a Security Officer, Assigned to a Security Detail.

Early-2288: Promotion: Lieutenant Junior Grade: Ensign Thomas Marek received a promotion to the Rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade, and to the Posting of Assistant Chief of Security.
U.S.S. Horatio: N.C.C. - 1833 Command Crew:
Captain: Captain Jim Douglas (2273 - 2290)
Species: Human
Captain: Captain Inaris Talas (2290 - 2320)
Species: Andorian
Executive Officer: Commander Inaris Talas (2272 - 2290)
Species: Andorian
Executive Officer: Commander Drez (2290 - 2320)
Species: Denobulan

Early - 2288: S.S. Adirondack: In Early-2288, the Horatio intercepted a Transmission from the New Amsterdam followed by a General Distress Beacon from the Adirondack. The New Amsterdam had altered course after intercepting a Distress Signal from the Passenger Liner Adirondack The Adirondack's Port of Departure had been the Orbit of Earth, Sol System, Sector 001 on a Planned Course for the Planet Risa -- Epsilon Ceti. The Adirondack had been in a collision with the Coronado. Both ships had sustained Hull damage including the Adirondack's Bridge, with the engines of both ships being rendered offline combined with other hull damage. The New Amsterdam had been one of the first ships to arrive early on the scene, and had provided limited assistance to the Passengers and Crew. The Horatio arrived on the scene to find the Chambers, and the Terpsichore had intercepted the New Amsterdam's Transmission, and the Adirondack's Automatic Distress Beacon as well. The reason behind the Adirondack's inability to send a Distress Signal had been discovered, in that the Passenger Liner's Bridge combined with damage further amidships of the hull had been vented in the collision. The Coronado had sustained damage along its bow resulting in the destruction of its Main Navigational Deflector, and the Starboard Bow Stabilizer. The Passengers and Crew of the Adirondack were treated and following a brief firefight in the corridors between Starfleet Security Details and the Crew of the Coronado, the Starfleet Ships with the New Amsterdam set course towards Starbase G-6, the nearest Federation Starbase to allow the Survivors of the Collision to disembark. The Coronado's crew had been taken into custody by Starfleet Security after it had been discovered the Coronado had been transporting Illegal Arms in the form of Disruptors, Phasers, and other assortments. The arrival of the Ticonderoga, and the Aurora Borealis had joined the Evacuation of the stricken ships. The Jeremiah arrived on the scene before latching onto the damaged Adirondack, and with the Passenger Liner firmly locked in the Tug's cradle arms had been towed to the nearest Starbase. The Coronado's Cargo been thoroughly cataloged by the Starfleet Crews with the Cataloged Cargo compared to the Cargo Manifest provided by the Coronado's Crew, but the Contraband was allowed to remain in the Class III Freighter's Holds while the Class III Freighter was towed to Starbase G-6 with a Tractor Beam from the Horatio.

A full Investigation of each of the crews involved revealed the Coronado's Crew had been found to be at fault for excessive speed and for attempting to cross the Adirondack's path in order to save time in their delivery. The Adirondack's fate had been largely undetermined, with Starfleet attempting to contact the Owners of the Passenger Liner. The New Amsterdam's Crew was congratulated for their efforts, given a reward and Starfleet offered to inspect the hull, and upgrade the Y Class Freighter's Systems at no charge.

Starbase Involved: 1 Asset
Starbase G-6: Class: Spacedock-One Type: Flag: Federation Starfleet

Ships involved:
Flag: Federation Starfleet: 5 Assets

U.S.S. Horatio: N.C.C. - 1833: Class: Miranda Class Medium Cruiser/Rollbar Variant: Flag: Federation Starfleet
Crew Manifest: 360
Evacuation Limit: 500
Passengers from S.S. Adirondack: 400
Crew from S.S. Adirondack: 100

U.S.S. Chambers: N.C.C. - 644: Class: Oberth Class Surveyor: Flag: Federation Starfleet
Crew Manifest: 78
Evacuation Limit: 200
Passengers from S.S. Adirondack: 100
Crew from S.S. Adirondack: 100

U.S.S. Terpsichore: N.C.C. - 1763: Class: Constitution Class Heavy Cruiser Refit: Flag: Federation Starfleet
Crew Manifest: 432
Evacuation Limit: 1,000
Passengers from S.S. Adirondack: 900
Crew from S.S. Adirondack: 100

U.S.S. Ticonderoga: N.C.C. - 1823: Class: Miranda Class Medium Cruiser/Rollbar Variant: Flag; Federation Starfleet
Crew Manifest: 360
Evacuation Limit: 500
Passengers from S.S. Adirondack: 400
Crew from S.S. Adirondack: 100

U.S.S. Jeremiah: N.C.C. - 3895: Class: Ptolemy Class Tug Refit: Flag: Federation Starfleet
Crew Manifest: 220
Evacuation Limit: 200
Passengers from the S.S. Adirondack: 0
Crew from the S.S. Adirondack: 0
NOTE: The Jeremiah did not take on any Passengers or Crew from the S.S. Adirondack. The Jeremiah latched onto the Hull of the S.S. Adirondack, secured it and towed it to Starbase G-6.

Flag: Federation/Earth Cargo Service: 1 Asset

E.C.S. New Amsterdam: E.C.S. - 3264: Class; Y Class Freighter: Flag: Earth Cargo Service
NOTE: Owned and Privately Run by the (TBA Family), for Five Generations since 2218.
Cargo Manifest: Cargo did not contain Contraband (Weapons, Narcotics, Cargo, or other Illegal Substances).
Maximum Cargo Tonnage: 20 Kilotons
Cargo Tonnage at Time of Incident: 20 Kilotons: 2.5 Kilotons per each Cargo Module (8 Cargo Modules).
Crew Manifest: Officially: 24: Unofficially: 34 (24 Adult, 10 Children (Varying Ages))
Evacuation Limit: 150
Passengers from S.S. Adirondack: 100
Crew from S.S. Adirondack: 50
Registered Port of Departure: Earth, Sol System, Sector 001
Registered Port of Arrival: Planet Q
Status: Systems Upgraded by Starfleet, Crew Awarded Citations
NOTE: The E.C.S. New Amsterdam had a Full Manifest of Cargo destined for Planet Q near the Outer Borders of the Betreka Nebula and Starbase 2, otherwise the New Amsterdam could have taken on more in the Evacuation Limit.

Flag: Federation/Passenger Services: 2 Assets
NOTE: Credit to the site and John Patuto for the Boeing-Shi'Kahr Starliner Designs and Information:

S.S. Adirondack: S.S. - 5312: Class: Boeing-Shi'Kahr StarLiner: Flag: Federation Passenger Liner
Passenger Manifest: 2,800
Crew Manifest: 753
Registered Port of Departure: Earth, Sol System, Sector 001
Registered Port of Arrival: Planet Risa
Status of S.S. Adirondack: S.S. - 5312 Wreckage: Pending
Passengers & Surviving Crew Offloaded, Cargo Offloaded at Starbase G-6, Deceased Bridge Crew and Deceased Passengers were given Burial Details.
Manifest of the Deceased: S.S. Adirondack: S.S. - 5312:
Deceased Crew: 80
Deceased Passengers: 330

S.S. Aurora Borealis: S.S. - 6241: Class: Boeing-Shi'Kahr StarLiner: Flag: Federation Passenger Liner:
Passenger Manifest: 1,200 (1,600 Less than Total Rating)
Crew Manifest: 753
Evacuation Limit: 1,600
Passengers from S.S. Adirondack: 770
Crew from S.S. Adirondack: 423
Registered: Port of Departure: Earth, Sol System, Sector 001
Registered Port of Arrival: Planet Risa
Flag: Independent/Merchant: 1 Asset

S.S. Coronado: S.S. - 3735: Class: Class III Freighter: Flag: Independent
NOTE: (From Star Trek III: The Search for Spock)
Cargo Manifest: Illegal Arms (Phasers, Klingon Disruptors)
Crew Manifest: 75
Registered Port of Departure: Rigel IV
Status of S.S. Coronado: S.S. - 3735: Impounded
Crew Charged & Sentenced to the New Zealand Penal Colony, Cargo Confiscated. En-Route to Starbase, Crew of Coronado had been split up and held in the Brig Cells of each of the Starfleet Ships except for the Jeremiah.

2292 - Late 2293: Rank: Lieutenant: U.S.S. Terpsichore N.C.C. - 1763: Chief of Security:

Regulation SFR-02-0933-3440: Lieutenant Junior Grade Thomas Marek: Received Orders as per Regulations SFR-02-0933-3440 to report for Assignment on the U.S.S. Terpsichore, Constitution Class Heavy Cruiser Refit N.C.C. - 1763. Assigned to the Position of Assistant Chief of Security. Promoted to Lieutenant

Mid-2292: Promotion: Lieutenant : Lieutenant Junior Grade Thomas Marek received a promotion to the Rank of Lieutenant, and to the Posting of Chief of Security.
U.S.S. Terpsichore: N.C.C. - 1763 Command Crew:
Captain: Captain Traci Allen (2286 - 2292)
Species: Human
Captain: Captain Jim Knight (2292 - 2293)
Species: Human
Executive Officer: Commander Reuben Fernandez (2292 - 2293)
Species: Human

Winter 2293: Operation: Cadet Retrieval: After having receiving a Transmission of Assistance from Starfleet Headquarters to track down the Ticonderoga on a Cadet Cruise gone awry, Lieutenant Marek accompanied Commander Reuben Fernandez aboard a shuttle. For nearly six weeks, Lieutenant Marek and Commander Fernandez had been in command of the Ticonderoga and oversaw the safe return of the Cadets.

Stardate 9521.6: 6 December 2293: Destruction of Praxis: The Destruction of the Klingon Moon of Praxis with the U.S.S. Excelsior N.C.C. - 2000 as witness had been cause for tensions between the Federation and the Klingon Empire to mount. The Implications of Praxis' Destruction had been far reaching, and while the Federation Council with the Admiralty of Starfleet discussing possible responses, the Crew of the Terpsichore had only been able to wait. They were trained to remain vigil, but with the Klingon Empire attempting to Sue for Peace they didn't know what to believe. Lieutenant Thomas Marek certainly didn't know what to believe, and kept his people and those on the Crew from Officer to Crewman occupied. Thomas remained the Chief of Security aboard the Terpsichore until the ship's Orders of Decommissioning in Late-2293.

Late 2293: Rank: Lieutenant: In-Transit: U.S.S. Terpsichore N.C.C. - 1763 to U.S.S. Enterprise N.C.C. - 1701-Bravo:

Regulation SFR-02-0933-3440: Lieutenant Thomas Marek: Received Orders as per Regulations SFR-02-0933-3440 to report for Assignment on the U.S.S. Enterprise-Bravo, Excelsior Class Battlecruiser Refit N.C.C. - 1701 - Bravo.

Late 2293 - 2294: Rank: Lieutenant: U.S.S. Enterprise N.C.C. - 1701 - Bravo: Chief of Security:

Transferred to the Enterprise-Bravo, Excelsior Class Refit to the position of Chief of Security. Lieutenant Thomas Marek arrived at his new Assignment three days before the scheduled Commissioning Ceremony, and to say that Thomas hadn't been thrilled after discovering his Department had numbered only himself, one other Lieutenant, and two Crewman had been an understatement.

U.S.S. Enterprise N.C.C. - 1701 - Bravo Command Crew:
Captain: Captain John Harriman (2293 - 2305)
Species: Human
Executive Officer: N/A
Species: N/A

Stardate 9715.5: Late 2293: Location: Earth Drydock Facility: NAR-30974:
Commissioning Ceremony: U.S.S. Enterprise-Bravo N.C.C. - 1701 - Bravo: Three days after the Lieutenant's Arrival, the Excelsior Class Refit U.S.S. Enterprise-Bravo received its Commission becoming an Active Asset in the Starfleet. The Maiden Voyage, a Publicity Stunt, occurred shortly after with three V.I.P.'s. Thomas hadn't been pleased that the Enterprise-Bravo had by permission of its Captain, Captain Harriman to depart Drydock without a full Compliment aboard, and with half of the installed Systems operational.

Late 2294: Delta Pavonis System: The Enterprise-Bravo had been passing through the 36 Ophiuchi or the Ophiucus System -- a largely Frontier System despite being colonized in the 2260s. The presence of a Starship in the Region had been believed would have bolstered the confidence and the morale, as well as the claims of the Colonists of both Ophiucus III and Ophiucus VI sites of an Agricultural Colony and a Mining Colony. A Transmission had been intercepted from Outpost VI (6) along the Romulan Neutral Zone, of a Romulan attack. Captain Harriman set in a Course for Outpost VI (6), and for the Romulan Neutral Zone. Traveling at Warp 8, the Enterprise-Bravo shifted to combat readiness and approached the Romulan Neutral Zone.

Late 2294: Battle of Delta Pavonis: The Romulan Incursion which would later be known as the Battle of Delta Pavonis, or the Battle of Benzar. Two Romulan D7 Class Battlecruisers had managed to slip past the Starfleet Outpost VI along the Neutral Zone, and set a deeper Course into Federation Territory to cause chaos. During the Battle, the Enterprise-Bravo racing from 36 Ophiucus or the Ophiucus System had experienced a collapse of its warp-field before being violently dropped back into Real-Space. The skill of the Enterprise-Bravo's Helmsman coupled with Internal Dampeners had prevented any serious injuries. A Plasma torpedo had disrupted the Enterprise-Bravo's Warp-Field knocking its Warp Drive offline, and had overloaded a few other systems. The following Engagement bore witness to the Enterprise-Bravo exchanging phaser and torpedo salvos with the two Romulan D7 Class Battlecruisers while dodging or attempting to dodge plasma torpedoes and disruptor barrages. At some point during the Engagement, the Romulans had managed to beam over a Boarding Party when a section of the Enterprise-Bravo's Shields had been down briefly. The ship's internal Security Teams, along with other Officers and Crewmen met the Romulan Boarders with a few firefights breaking out, to melee in the corridors. Tom had been in close melee with a Romulan Centurion when his Security Teams managed to contain or killed most of the Romulan Boarding Team. Latching onto the Centurion as a Transporter Effect took place, Tom managed to be beamed over to one of the Romulan ships and found himself not only in the Romulan's Transporter Room but alone confronted by a dozen Romulans. Shortly after due either to sustained damage brought by the Enterprise-Bravo's phasers or torpedoes, that particular Romulan D7's Reactor Core began to break down. The Computer had started counting down the Reactor Core's Breach, and while he hadn't understood Romulan he'd understood the gist of it. The Romulans began to rush back onto the Transporter Pad, or were trying to make it to the escape pods when the entire Battlecruiser erupted in a bright light as the Reactor Breached. When the Reactor Breached, the Lieutenant thought he'd heard maniacal laughter. In the After Action Reports filed by the Enterprise-Bravo and Captain Harriman, Lieutenant Thomas 'Thompson' Marek was listed as K.I.A. and witnesses in the fighting aboard the Enterprise-Bravo reported the Lieutenant grappling a Romulan Centurion before being beamed off of the ship.

Official Starfleet Status: K.I.A.: 2294/10/23