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Commander Me'lonna Rowris

Name Me'lonna Rowris

Position Executive Officer

Second Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species klingon/human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 120
Hair Color Dark brown,almost black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Physical Appearance Klingon Ridges show,but not fully due to the fact that
Shes not fully klingon. she got good stregnth on her klingon half,and being a
Female Capt of a federation starship. Shes tall and well developed also due to her
Klingon half


Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Father Jim Hampton-(Human)
Mother Tsasta Zorteci-(Klingon)
Brother(s) Brother(s)Kleki Zorteci -Hampton, Duth'urd Zorteci-Hampton(both Klingon)
Sister(s) (1/2 klingon/ human) L'satraj Hampton
Rusha Zorteci-Hampton.(klingon),
Angel Hampton(Human, Jims daughter from Previous Marriage)

Other Family Mothers Family: Other Family: Tsasta Zorteci Mother:(Full Klingon)
L'yekar Zorteci Father:
(Full Klingon)
T'worpok Zorteci

Personality & Traits

General Overview Me'l is one smart woman and knows how to get things done both for the federation,and The klingon empire. Once in a while you will see Me'lonna in the Holodeck performing different Klingon rituals, or Klingon battles. even though shes part Klingon,she still celebrates the different Klingon rituals and, or klingon battles with her Bat`leth,and other klingon weapons.
Strengths & Weaknesses Me'lonna is a brilliant woman at being what she does Best leading,commanding, and battling to help others to help keep planet cultures work together.
Ambitions To be the Best she can do at being a Commanding a starship, or helping a klingon ships with different
Hobbies & Interests Mostly klingon battles/Rituals in the holodeck, visiting the Klingon home world even though shes half klingon/Human, on Qonos, Even though klingons don't like halflings on the planet. She was Born on Mars.

Personal History Me'l was born on Mars, with her Mom,and dad the whole family mostly
lived on Mars. but her Mom takes her to her home world of Qonos by a non federation shuttle
When her mom wants to go visit her clan in her house..

Her Personal saying:`"I am what I am and thats all That I am"
Robin Williams in "Popeye"