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Captain's Arrival
on Thu Jul 29th, 2021 @ 7:06am
New Command aboard View Post
hanging out (Character Development)
on Sun Jun 27th, 2021 @ 6:22pm
New Command aboard View Post
Captain Worry wart
on Wed Feb 24th, 2021 @ 11:30pm View Post
Before meeting the CO, take your foot out of your mouth.
on Thu Jan 21st, 2021 @ 7:40pm View Post
Engineering inspection(back log)
on Wed Oct 14th, 2020 @ 10:36am View Post
Off To Investigate Gamma Tauri IV(Backlog)Part 1-To be continued)
on Tue Oct 6th, 2020 @ 8:04pm View Post
USS-Thunderchild-away Mission,or not
on Mon Jul 13th, 2020 @ 8:30pm View Post
Last minute Instructions for away team
on Thu May 28th, 2020 @ 10:57pm View Post
[Back log]Science for Action
on Mon May 18th, 2020 @ 2:49pm View Post
“New CMO in the House”
on Sat Apr 4th, 2020 @ 2:34am View Post
Engineering inspection
on Tue Mar 24th, 2020 @ 10:42pm View Post
Meeting The marines
on Mon Mar 16th, 2020 @ 9:04pm View Post
“Away Mission Meeting”
on Fri Mar 13th, 2020 @ 9:12pm View Post
A feather in the wind
on Thu Feb 13th, 2020 @ 9:00pm View Post
More the merrier
on Thu Feb 13th, 2020 @ 8:54pm View Post
Meeting the XO Pt 2
on Thu Feb 13th, 2020 @ 12:01am View Post
Meeting Thunderchild crew about Distress call
on Wed Feb 5th, 2020 @ 1:06am View Post
Meeting the XO Part 1
on Sun Jan 26th, 2020 @ 12:44am View Post
"A New Adventure"
on Mon Dec 16th, 2019 @ 11:32pm View Post
Security checking in
on Mon Dec 9th, 2019 @ 7:06pm View Post
meeting Security
on Sun Jun 16th, 2019 @ 7:32pm View Post
Entering The Thunderchild
on Sat Jun 1st, 2019 @ 10:37pm View Post