Months on Thunderchild

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Ensign Stevan Sno
Chief Engineering Officer
Assigned to The USS Thunderchild for refit duties.

Ensign Sno waited and watched from the stations viewports as they docked the new vessel he needs to be worked on yet again for a new refit into its berth. Noting points of interest that had to be done and other areas that might need additional work during the new updates to keep in allotted time. Steven knew that this ship was not going to be an easy process.

He knew that some points of the job were going to be tedious and at some point may lag at times. Due to conflicts with the new tech and systems as they get finally tuned into the new computer core and drive systems. And all the new programming also that needed to be done as well as he noted all this onto a padds tablet. As the ship got locked down and powered down as it was tied to the station's systems.

Stevan was lucky he was ready to go to work as on the Thunderchild as he headed to the gates for entry to the Thunderchild as he made it to the gate as he handed the security at there station there as he signed in on the Thunderchild as he wanted to get some time to settle in on her and focus on working on getting the updates done. Stevan waited calmly as the officer started checking his padd for confirmation he was part of the repair teams. “My apologies sir! You're the new commanding officer of the repair teams and updating crew. “As the officer handed back the id to Stevan. “Welcome aboard the Thunderchild.” the security officer said with a smile.

As the security officer tapped a few keys as the force field dropped to allow Stevan access to the gangway ramp from starbase to the ship. Stevan thought to himself the ship felt like he was on a ghost ship than a rather a newly off duty vessel but he did remember that the ship was in drydock for a long while so there was plenty of updating to do.

As he slowly moved towards engineering as he noticed there was a lot of missing equipment. Exposed and open bulkheads and broken and scorched consoles and displays. “What a mess?” Stevan spoke softly to himself as he started his work as he pulled old consoles and screens and other terminals as he slowly cleared out engineering and placed all the items on a temporary transporter pad as the items were beamed away for recycling. As he cleared out all the inferior items as the room soon was bare and naked.

All was left was walls floors and conduits. As he replaced all the old conduits and replaced the wall materials and the floor plating and other odd items. As he waited for a new warp core and impulse systems and consoles along with monitors and new master display systems to arrive so he could install.

Stevan installed new replicators in the engineering areas as he waited for the other stuff to arrive. By the time Stevan finished the install. The items he was waiting for finally arrived. As he and his crew got to work and started installing the new impulse units and warp drive systems along with the new consoles and displays. “Wow! This place looks amazing.” Stevan stated as he stood back on the far side of engineering as the terminals and the other consoles lit up and came to life as it started displaying the Systems startup sequences. everything looked good to Stevan as he powered down the systems again and started programming the consoles and the other terminals.

Stevan took his time in dealing with the computer core systems. Starting with the upper core systems and slowly moved down till they were completely new core was installed as they branched out from the core to other section and divisions. By the time they were finished the main computer was ready for new programming and finish the updates to the Thunderchild. It took a few months but Stevan was actually ahead of schedule. Some of the outside components like warp nacelles and hull components, Sensor pallets and weapon systems and torpedoes launchers along with the shield and ablative generators were replaced and or installed with new ones along the way and was tied in.

After all the final programming of all new components and tied them into the main computer as he ran final system checks and ran other diagnostics to make sure the computer and the systems are all working and are tied in correctly and compatible. Stevan focused on that for hours to days on end until all the errors were fixed and functioning properly.

Stevan took a few days and got some rest and was ready to runs system startup tests and start-up test of the impulse systems and reactors. Also, the test of the new warp drive systems as well. Along with testing of shield and weapon systems along with the ablative testing and any other testing. As the day went along all the testing went well only issue was a minor issue one of the shielding generators was misaligned and failed the test after a replacement of the unit. The shielding systems are now fully operational.

After Stevan signed off all the work that was done and rechecked a third time before submitting the forms to star fleet command and star fleet engineering. Noting all was completed. He would let Starfleet operations know that the ship is now ready for trial runs. Stevan filed his work order for a leave of absence for him to deal with a long deserved vacation.

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