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Personal Log |Christmas Vacation

Posted on Sat Jan 2nd, 2021 @ 9:02am by Lieutenant JG Sherod'EN D'Gracefull

Ltjg Sherod'EN was spending Christmas vacation sitting in his not quite so cramped cockpit, of his Peregrine class fighter, it had a bigger chair than most, and with most of the Peregrine class fighter being replaced with the shadow class fighter, LTjg Sherod'EN did not know how long he was going to be allowed to have his pride and joy. Supposedly all of the Peregrine class fighters were to be replaced by the Shadow class by 2380, well here it was the year 2380, and he was still flying his supposedly obsolete fighter. The Peregrine class fighter was a one-seater craft and had longer range capabilities, but the Shadow was more stealthy than the Peregrine class fighter with a higher speed, but adding the extra person, meant there was a little bit of not having all your eggs in the same basket. IE if the pilot was killed, his RIO or back seater could take over, and having an extra set of hands to do the targeting while your busy doing that pilot magic, was nice, The downside of it was there was room for him or two people, not both. So far he had won on his arguments saying his craft was not obsolete yet, by the simple fact that he could push the performance of the aircraft by almost a one third over the standard human, he had never pushed the fighter to the extreme edge because he wanted not to have to use the ejection system by pushing his craft so far, that it disintegrated.

LTjg Sherod'EN giggled when he thought about one of his cousins trying to get shoe-horned into the cockpit, although he was skinny, he was taller than most pilot's. When they had to fit him for his ejection seat, they had to extend the back by almost half a meter, but it was comfortable. Any of his cousins could handle the higher grade of gee force's that extreme piloting in combat conditions generated, but they just plain would not fit the wides of his cousins, Dex'EL D'Gracefull was almost a half of a meter wider than him, and this cockpit just did not have room for him. Worse was the fact that having a bubble strapped to the front of the aircraft would look odd and interfere with flight characteristics, but fortunately for him, most of his cousins hated flying, so his job was safe. His range at low warp field output was more than sufficient to get him to the USS Thunderchild before they departed this area of space, but if he had to go to high warp speed, he could do it, just not for long. His range at warp 8 was determined by the fuel level's and at max warp, he hat 8 minutes warp time before he had to pull over at the nearest gas station, and antimatter/deuterium was not found on your corner asteroid. So LTjg Sherod'EN was careful with his extended range, although he did have a 22% higher fuel capacity than the standard Shadow, he was still limited by power and propulsion. He would be in the hailing range of the Thunderchild in a few minutes, and whether he would lose his fuel advantage is they were supposed to be upgrading his 4 pylons for photon torpedoes to give him 8, he was not sure. This would absorb most the mass that was allotted for his extra reserve fuel in his tanks. But he had little say so in the matter as the admirals in the Starfleet Bureau of Weapons development group were far from understanding about anything outside of their little fish pond. When they said do something, it happened, but then they would be constantly experimenting with just how far they could push the envelope. LTjg Sherod'EN always wondered if he was just another gunnie pig. In the meantime, there was nothing to do but watch the long-range sensors, as he flew towards the rendezvous.

LTjg Sherod'EN D'Gracefull
A new pilot for the USS ThunderChild


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