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A night off before vacation

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Location: Kentucky Highlands Smokey Mountains/ Hawaiian Islands

As he filed it with the co's office as he went home for the night and got a well-deserved rest at his small cottage in the smokey mountains of Kentucky.

Stevan walked into the dark cabin and turned on a lantern for light as he got a fire started in the fireplace for the evening to have heat and maybe cook unless he was too tired then he would power up the mini replicator. As he got undressed and got cleaned up and changed to something more comfortable attire to relax and lounge in. as he checked the fire again briefly. After a while, he decided he would activate the power generator to run normal lights and other systems in the home. After the power was restored there was a new incoming message on the monitor on the desk.

As he moved closer to the unit and tapped the computer as the screen came up noting messages on his terminal. As the screen lit up he was the federation symbol there and a priority message appears there. Stevan sighed. "Open message computer. Lt. Jg. Stevan Sno...code Theta 29 Omega." Stevan said quickly. As a list of messages came through for him. Mostly most were from his mother and other family messages. one from Starfleet command. "He waited on the correspondence. "open star fleet communique." Stevan said as the screen flashed and the message started to play.

Stevan stood there as the UFP symbol and the Starfleet symbol changed to an image of Admiral Paris. "Hello Admiral What do I owe this honor?" Stevan said at attention even though he was not in traditional uniform. "At easy lieutenant, I am calling to inform you of your appointment as chief engineer of the Thunderchild was approved and your vacation time was also approved." Admiral Paris said with a polite smile on his face. "Congratulations!"

"Thank you, sir! I was not expecting a brass sendoff but a simple note all I was looking for. But thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule." Stevan said calmly to the Admiral. "Not at all It was my pleasure You need to be commended for a job well done and getting things done ahead of schedule and all testing was done early too." The admiral praised the man. "Well I will let you go and you can relax the evening at home for once without any other interruptions. Take care and good journey." The admiral commented politely to him. "Admiral Paris out!"

Stevan stood there dumbfounded a moment. Before letting out a cheer. "YES!" Stevan spoke quickly. As the other message lists started to appear back on screen now. He quickly glanced over the list. "Computer I will take them all in order as they came in. Please begin playback." Stevan asked quickly as the first message was from his mother marked urgent. "Hello, Stevan... It's your mother Alandria Sno of the 13th house of peace and protection." Stevan thought to himself. ~Mother~ thinking it to no one in general. ~My goddesses I know your title ~ As Stevan sighed yet again. ~She would have a hell of a time if he was on deep space assignment or lost He would have true peace and quiet for once in his 30 plus years of his life.

As mother started again on a rant of his life choice and his lifestyle. yet again. Stevan listened calmly as she finished her call then hanged up. As another relative came up this time his father. Hello Son. I am calling to warn you mom is doing her thing again. Be warned Matchmaking and trying other things to get you to change your mind." Dad said quickly. "Bye son." dad said quickly noting that he was trying to do it covertly. "Thanks, dad. for trying to warn me." as the message changed to another one from another member of the family.

He noticed he got a message from Timm and Tam. "Hello Brother." the twins said in unison. "Just was checking in on our older brother. Nothing major or anything. Just wanting to chat with our brother. Hope to chat with you soon brother." Tam and Timm said in unison again. as the monitor went to the next message. Stevan admitted that he did miss his younger brothers. It made him smile a bit and kinda sad at the same time.

The final message was a blast from the past Daystorm Institute of Theoretical Propulsion from the days he was at the Daystrom and served with on the USS ShadowDragon. He never expected to ever hear from the man again since his career path was set and it seemed to be a lonely trek to command. and never expected to hear from him again since there was no time for them or any type of future. Computer pause messages an transfer to my quarters at dry dock Beam me there directly as he was quickly beamed there without a lag of time as he turned to activate the monitor continue with messages. the computer beeped as the message came up.

Stevan was not upset he knew of the human ways of there emotions and could not differentiate from platonic love and physical love. The computer opened the last personal correspondence from Lieutenant Commander (Daryl Morrison). He was gathering his odd gear he forgot to be prepared to go back to his cabin in Kentucky. As a live message came through as he switched the channel over.

"Hello there Starshine." He Said in a kind and soft voice. "I know this is out of the blue and I know that I am the last person that you wanted to hear from and because it was a long time since we even talked or written or video corresponded." He said with sadness in his voice and was not sure what to say.

Stevan sighed and swallowed hard before he decided to speak. "Well, Hello there?" as he tried to stay civil and calm. "I never expected to hear from you again."Stevan said with a slight harsh town. As He waited for him to add to the statement quietly. Daryl Hesitated before starting to speak. "I know I did wrong and I am sorry." Stevan held his tongue a bit longer. "please go on!" Stevan asked a bit calmer. "I know I was a jerk and selfish And rude and never really considered your feelings as I took the assignment and left without a goodbye."

Stevan was going to say something but stopped and let it slide away. Be for he considered his words again before he spoke. "Ok? What's on your mind? I doubt this was a social call or to catch up?" Stevan said quickly. as he fell quiet. "Well, your right and wrong I want to get reacquainted again with you. Try and work through the issues and move forward. " Daryl said calmly to Stevan. "Why the change and why so long to try to fix things. What if I don't want to fix things. "I am afraid it will happen again. I might be betazoid but I do have feeling too. I might deal with them better than humans but it still hurts." Stevan said quickly and fell silent.

"I am sorry you might have gotten a broken heart from a fling after me. Or something else finally kicked you to realize that you had done wrong." Stevan said quickly. "But I am not your personal Counselor or am I your fixer or a go-between to fix your guys issues. I can't do that in all good conscience to help fix something that your own ship's counselor can fix and As for starting over, I will have to have time to think about that long and hard. It was not easy for me when you left. I may not have shown it to others near me but I dealt with that in private and in meditation to move forward." Steven was not going to say that he thought he was his Imzadi.

"I know Stevan... I am sorry! sadly I did have another man but he left me and I did not leave him. And yes I am hurt by the issue. But it did make me see what I did wrong and I am trying to mend the major rift between us. I have truly missed you and your company even as a friend." Daryl said almost in tears. But I do understand you need the time to think things over. But would it be ok if we have lunch or dinner sometime?" Daryl asked softly and sincerely to the man. Almost purring through the link. Almost pleading too.

Stevan can understand his feeling in the matter and giving him a chance is not a bad thing. " Ok breakfast lunch or dinner is fine Daryl." Stevan said calmly to him. Stevan had a lot of questions he wanted to ask but he knew they would keep till there meal appointment he was not trying to call it a date. As he noticed Daryl's smile. As Stevan started to melt a bit from it as he did his best to stay in control. "It's up to you Stevan." Daryl said quickly. "I am open all day. I am on leave at present." Stevan said great to himself in his mind. "Ok then let's make a day of it then we can have breakfast lunch and dinner. then go sightseeing a bit." Stevan asked or suggested rather.

"Very well!" Daryl said calmly even though he wanted to scream yahoo or something like that. Stevan felt the excitement build. but he kept in check. It's just a day of some fun and great meals. nothing more." Stevan said quickly. "Where shall we meet?" Daryl asked. "Well, that depends where are you? Space Dock 1 or Dry dock on your ship or in orbit, Planetside or even near Jupiter Station? " Stevan asked casually. As he waited for the answer from Daryl. "Well, I am in a runabout in parking orbit of your dry dock so we can ride in together if you like." Stevan looked out the nearest viewport in his room as he saw a small runabout off in the distance. As he turned back to the monitor. "I am ready now ready to be beamed aboard." Stevan said as moments later The transporter beam enveloped him and moments later he was in a runabout.

As Daryl stood up and waited he was not sure what would happen. As Stevan moved closer as he was going to put out his hand than gave in and gave Daryl a long deep hug. "God I have missed you!" Stevan softly whispered to him. "I missed you too!" Daryl said as he returned the hug. Then after Stevan and Daryl released there hug Stevan Slugged him in the are really hard. "ouch what was that for ?? Daryl asked. "I believe you know why!" Stevan said with a straight face completely emotionless. As the face slowly revealed a soft smile. "I understand." Daryl said softly as he was not sure what do next at that moment. "You better not take this long to ever again to get in or keep in touch with me. we are friends after all. Daryl finally got the gist. As he finally showed a smile. as he rubbed his arm massaging the are that Stevan hit him.

Stevan was going to say something kinky but stopped and fell silent "Shall we get to our first stop in getting breakfast." Stevan offered as he moved to the copilot's chair. "Where we headed?" Stevan asked Daryl as he was pilot. "What are you in the mood for??" Daryl asked. "Suprise me, Daryl, you're now trying to work your magic for me to get back into your good graces. "Very well Why don't we go to the Hawaiian Islands for breakfast on the beach or in a beach cafe?" Daryl asked. That will be good for starters I never been to Hawaii Before.

Daryl turned the craft towards earth as they to the craft into the atmosphere As they reached the cloud layer and they moved there way through the sky as they headed to the Pacific Ocean and to the Hawaiian islands. As the hovered over the water as they glided through the air near the water as the big island started to come into view. noting the volcano was still erupting after all theses centries. "It's so beautiful here as they took a slow pass as they moved by the volcano at a safe distance. As they landed the runabout on the beach near the cafe that Dayrl picked out and knew about with light tourist traffic. Before they arrived at the big island they would spend the first part of there day to see a bit of the Hawaiian culture.

"What do you think?" Dayrl asked calmly as the engines powered down as the door opened for them to exit the craft as he locked the craft so that no one else took off with it while they had their breakfast. And the tour of the island the pineapple plantation and visiting the plantation manner for the turn of the century.

Daryl and Stevan walked out to the beach from the runabout. As they slowly moved to the little cafe as they moved in and took a seat at the small cafe table. "Aloha?" the waitress commented as she got closer. "welcome to the paradise cafe. Please get comfortable here is your menus please look them over What would you like to drink? " She asked. "Mai Tai and A Blue Hawaiian please." Daryl asked for. "Same here please!" Stevan said quickly as he took a smell of the hibiscus flower that was in a vase on the table.

Stevan and Daryl leisurely looked over there menus. As the waitress left to get the drinks prepared for the gentlemen. while they looked at there menus.
Hawaiian French Toast is a buttery, cinnamon, sugary pile of joy, drizzled in warm coconut and adorned with the freshest island fruits. Like diced Bananas, coconut, diced pineapples, and Berries with powdered sugar.

Daryl and Stevan decided on the same item. As the waitress returned with there drinks. "Are you guys ready to order?" She asked them. "Yes Please, I would like the Hawaiian French Toast." Stevan said for himself. "Same for me!" Daryl said calmly. "Nice choices!" She commented. "is there anything else?" She asked. "Two tall Orange Juices." Daryl asked for. As she headed off to the kitchen to place the order and get the two new drink orders.

"Well, all that is done? What's on your mind." Stevan asked Daryl as he waited for his answer. "Well we're going to have breakfast here in Hawaii then tour few of the islands the go to a new place for lunch the Caribbean area not sure if it's going to be Jamacia of Virgin Islands. Then have dinner in Paris." Daryl said calmly to him. "that's on my mind and us."

"Very well It's nice to see you thinking more about me than everything else but me." Stevan commented. "Your right but I am trying to make a true effort in dealing with the me, me, me." Daryl said calmly to him as they continued there small chat. The talked quietly among themselves as they waited for the food as the smells from the kitchen reached there noses as the looked about a moment before continuing there talk.

Stevan was now getting more relaxed from there talk and was not as much on guard now. Daryl noticed the change which made him feel more comfortable. The waitress come from the kitchen now carrying a tray of food and refills of all thee drinks. "Here you guys go your meals." She said calmly to them. As she placed the plates down in front of both of them. then continued with the drinks and cleared the empty glasses from there sites.

"If you need anything let me know. Mahalo!" She said kindly as left to clean up. "Mahalo!" both said at the same time. As they picked up their silverware to eat the amazing looking breakfast as a few locals and the occasional tourist came in for breakfast. She turned on the radio and it started playing some traditional Hawaiian music softly in the background. Stevan took the first bite of his food. As he sat there in bliss eating the meal slowly to savor every bite.

By the time they were finished eating they were both full from all the drinks and food. As they paid for there meals then headed out to the road and took a tour of the town and the shops there as they stopped from time to time to browse the merchandise. Bought a few things as they shopped then they headed back to the runabout as Daryl unlocked the door for them to enter with there new treasures.

As they put there things away as they took their seats again to visit a few of the other islands before moving on to the Virgin Islands in the Gulf of Mexico As they saw storms on the horizon as the approached the island group as they descended to land again on a beach again now on one of the nice republics. The started their tour of the island of Saint Thomas then checked out Saint John then a fewer small island of the British Virgin islands which now are all called the virgin island chain now. The visited the Norman islands and Peter islands as well before returning to Saint Tomas.

As the arrived back to Saint Thomas by ferry they knew lunchtime was close as they made their way to a lovely semi-secluded beachside cafe as they approached the are was rather quiet and peaceful as they started to hear some island music softly playing b a live band. As they found a table to sit at and eat. with a lovely view of the beach and the sea beyond. With golden sandy beaches and palm trees swaying on the light breezes of the warm waters of the Caribbean and the waves of the gulf. As they still saw the storms brewing out at sea that looked like they were heading there way but won't be there for a few hours.

"What a view?? That water looks so inviting but that can wait for another time." Stevan said calmly. Daryl "You took the words out of my mouth." as the waiter came up. "Welcome to Saint Thomas and the Royal Crown Inn and Tavern on the Beach." The waiter greeted them in the famous accent of the region. "Thank you I was not aware you were an Inn now too." Daryl said calmly to the waiter. "We became an inn two years ago. Sir!" the waiter said in response to Daryl's inquiry.

"Good to know." Daryl said with a wink to Stevan. The waiter placed the menus down in front of them both. "Can I start you out with a drink??" the waiter asked. "well a pina colada and a hurricane." Stevan commented quickly. "While here might as well emerge in the culture." as he looked at Daryl. "Your right as always a Pina Colada and a Hurricane Drink sound great." Daryl. Stevan looked over the menu and saw the jerk chicken it looked good. "I will have the jerk chicken meal." He said quickly as Daryl looked over the menu a minute longer. "I will have the same thing." Daryl commented. "Very good sir!" as the waiter scribbled the orders down. He left and placed the order. As Stevan looked out at the sea again.

As he was trying to soak up the atmosphere like a sponge. All Daryl could do was smile and watch the scene with Stevan together. As the waiter returned a few minutes later with there drinks. He kept quiet as he placed them on the table and left again. "thank you!" Daryl said to the man as he left. Stevan came too from his dreamy state as he said a belated thank you to the man too. As he looked back to Daryl. "Why??" Stevan said to Daryl.

"Why now???" Stevan asked softly to the man. "I knew it was your wish to come here someday I am giving you that chance now with me. I know you would never come along yourself. I know it would have been harder alone and you wanted to come when we were together and I figured this might make up for some of the crap I put you through." Daryl said with a soft smile. "A tear fell down Stevans cheek. "Thank you! Thank you for all of this I won't forget it. I am going to three places I have dreamt about." Stevan said with a shaky voice. As he did not speak anymore.

"It's alright Stevan. This is as much a treat for you as it is for me." Daryl said softly to the man as he wiped the tear from his cheek. "Now let's think better thought you might get me started to blubbering. As Stevan let out a giggle. "Really?!" Stevan commented louder then he wanted to. As Daryl laughed with him. As they went back to the view yet again as they noticed the storm was closer. "We might be in for some rain." Daryl said quickly. As he straightened himself back in his seat again. As the waiter came back with there meals as he placed them down in front of them. "Here are your meals." the waiter commented calmly to them.

"Thank you!" Daryl and Stevan said in unison. As they grabbed there forks and started eating and taking sips of there tropical drinks. "Simply amazing." Stevan commented. "I agree this is Amazing." Daryl said quickly. "Thank you, gentlemen, and enjoy." as the waiter left to deal with other guests that were arriving. They took there time and enjoyed there meal as they kept an eye on the storms. as the winds started picking up and the waves got rougher.

As they finished there plates and drinks. "care for dessert?" the waiter asked as he came up to the gentlemen again. "Banana na Binja, Please." Stevan asked for right away. "Nothing for me thank you." Daryl said quickly as the waiter took off and started making the order. As they finished off their drinks.
The waiter came back with the desert and there check as Stevan started eating the delicious dessert. Stevan did not come back up till the dessert was finished as he wiped his mouth. Stevan started to blush a bit. "I am sorry!" Stevan commented to Daryl as he was surprised at how fast he ate the dessert.

Daryl got his card out to pay for the meal. The waiter came and took the card and dealt with the bill. As they stood the waiter came back and gave the man his card back. As he signed the bill. gave the man a tip and headed out to the boulevard and to the shopping district to look over the shops and do more touristy things before the rain stopped them.

They both picked up a few more items and things and toured the city visiting the museums and other tourist hot spots. as they then returned to the landing site as the storm was starting to rain and stronger winds. as they placed their new items away for now and they took their seats yet again as Daryl started their ascent into the sky as they activated the shields to prevent lighting from hitting the runabout as they left. "We might get some turbulence from the wind and the rain but that should be all." Daryl warned Stevan as he got more comfortable in his seat.

"Acknowledged!" Stevan commented. As the move up past the storm and above the could layer as the runabout turned and headed off to Paris for this evening activity and dinner. Daryl shut down the shields since they were free and clear of the storms. It took them no time to start seeing the lights of Paris outside the main viewports of the runabout as the sun was slowly setting as colors of orange and yellow and some blue started to show in the sky.

The landed at the Paris Spaceport and walked to their first destination was the Eiffel Tower. "Wait over here as they made their way to the Seine River where a riverboat was there and they were along as they came aboard. Daryl rented the boat for themselves for a tour of the river area and the sites to see along the river and the tower. As the boat was untied by the crew and they were headed down river heading to adventure and more surprises.

The sky continued to get darker and darker as the clouds slowly moved in and lighting started to show in the distance. "Well, I guess the rain followed us?" Stevan said calmly to him. "Doubt it but never the less we do have a storm brewing." The tour and site seeing from the boat took about an hour or so. As the boat began to dock at there berth on the river. They quickly headed to the Eiffel Tower for there sites they could see from there. Then to the Champe de Mars. then took a hover taxi to the Louve Museum to have there tour there, then headed to the Notre Dame.

As the finished walking the streets of Paris with an umbrella as the light rain started as the moved back to get another hover taxi as they got in the rain got harder and the lightning was starting to get fierce. As they closed back towards the Eiffel tower yet again as the taxi landed for them to get out as the went to the Romantic looking cafe as they entered the cafe they noticed there were a few customers in the cafe. As they placed their umbrella into the stand as they moved to the podium as they waited for the waiter to come back from sitting other guests. "Name?" The waiter said calmly to them. "Lt Commander Daryl Morrison as the waiter looked over there lists. "Ah, here we are Monsieur. This way Please!" They waited said in a French accent. They followed as they were placed in a private little corner booth.

As they sat down and got comfortable at there table as the waiter placed their menus in front of them. "Wine? Monsieurs?" The waiter asked quickly. "We!" Daryl said calmly to the waiter. As the waiter waited for the Chateau De Picard? 33." Daryl asked calmly. "We monsieur!" As the waited left towards the cellar to retrieve the old bottle. As the man returned and poured their glasses for them and placed them on the table in an iced bucket. During that time they looked over there menus.

"Two Duck à l'orange!" Daryl commented quickly before Stevan could decide as he sighed hard. giving Daryl a hard look before the look softened. "Very well as he placed the menu down. Apparently, he knew what he wanted as he waited to see what else he would order. "with roasted veggies and cooked cabbage." Daryl added as he watched Stevan briefly as he saw Stevan starting to smile. Daryl indeed knew what he wanted and he was not a Betazoid but he knew. Stevan continued to wait to see what he was going to order for dessert.

"2 orders each Chocolate Mousse and creme brulee for dessert." Daryl said calmly to the waiter as they completed their orders as the waiter calmly grabbed their menus and headed off to the kitchen to place their orders. "I swear I did not know better than you were reading my mind, Daryl." Stevan commented softly. Daryl spoke quickly. "I worked hard to figure this all out and make this night special." Daryl sat there looking at Stevan. "Thany you for going the extra mile to make it truly special." Stevan commented calmly.

As the waiter brought a simple salad with dressing as a starter course. "mercy!" Daryl commented with care. "Mercy!" Stevan commented after him as he thanked the waiter. As he left to deal with the next course set up and ready for them as a violin player started to play in the background softly. As they both slowly ate their salads by the time they finished their salads the next course was coming up. Of course, the main part of the meal arrived as they sipped on their wine as the waiter cleared the old dishes and placed them with the new ones in their place.

As they started there the main course of there meal. They kept quiet as they ate they both had things on their mind and Stevan knew more than Daryl did because of him being Betazoid and not Human-like Daryl was. As they finished there meals and drank more of the wine. as the waiter changed the plates yet again with the dessert course. As they started with their creme brulee then moved over to there chocolate mousse. By the time they were done, they were rather stuffed.

The waiter returned to clear the odd dished and left the bill for payment as he filled their glasses again with wine before taking the check to pay it and took the tip that Daryl provided for the excellent service. "Mercy!" Daryl said calmly to the waiter and they stood and moved to the awning as the rain continued to fell as they opened an umbrella as they mad there way across the square to the Transport station to be beamed back to the runabout as they prepared to leave and head back to the there respective homes. Daryl took a seat and prepped the runabout for launch. As Stevan took his seat calmly and got ready to leave as well. "Daryl started the engines and got clearance to depart back to orbit and take Stevan back home before he returned back to his ship before the night was completely up.

As they closed near Stevan's home away from home. as he brought the ship to a stop. "As Stevan got up a moment later Daryl did stand as well as he closed on Stevan and merged into together in a passionate embrace as they kissed long and hard. As they split slowly and started catching there breath. "Thank you for the amazing night." Stevan said wishing it would not end. "You read my mind." Daryl said finally too. Both truly did not want the night to end. As Daryl hesitantly hit the transporter to beam Stevan back home near his bed. As Daryl took a seat hard rocking him to the core. As he took a minute before engaging the engines to get himself home. Stevan looked out the viewport As the runabout craft went to warp as he flashed out of sight. Stevan beamed home back to earth in Kentucky at his cabin as he entered the cabin with a reduced fire was still burning to keep things warm.



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