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Meeting Thunderchild crew about Distress call

Posted on Wed Feb 5th, 2020 @ 1:06am by Captain Me'lonna Rowris & Lieutenant Te'shara R'heil

Location: USS-Thunderchild

=/\= Captains meeting room=/\=

Me'Lonna was on the bridge in her captains chair,
she got up to get ready for the day to meet her crew. "Attention Thunderchild Crew." She said on the comms." I would love to meet you all at once,and get to know my crew when it comes to missions so we can get this ship rolling into space," she said. "I know i met a few of you before,but i want to see you all in a group please." Me'l also said. "Could you all meet in my meeting room
in about say 20 mins so we all can talk, Captain out." Me'l said as she looked at the conn person and
said."You got the bridge Lieutant." Me'l said with a grin. The Captain headed for the meeting room to get herself ready to meet some of the crew,and talk about the distress call.

Te'shara was in her security office, when she heard the captains call. Te'shara then put all her padds to one side as s he got up to go meet with the captain again since they met before..Also Teshara was wondering if the captain got any more Data from the distress call.

Me'l was in the meeting room reading the info of the distress call as she got concerned what kind of distress call it could be.

Ky'la left Jonathan in charge of main engineering as she headed for the meeting room. The mention of a distress signal of unknown origin, well at least for her it was, but it still made her uneasy.

Entering the meeting room, "Captain, morning," she said. Ky'la sat with her Raktajino and mini PADD.

"Morning Commander how's things with Engineering." Me'l asked her Chief Engineer, as she was drinking her Raktajino.

"Couldn't be better. For a change everything is running smoothly", Ky'la said.

Te'shara walked in for the meeting finding a seat to sit with out sitting on her tail."Morning Captain."
Teshara said and drinking Raktajino,With some security padds with her she was working on security details for the mission.

Me'l nodded to her caitian chief Security officer,
"Morning Lt R'heil hows security been on the ship
so far." She asked her.

Te'shara purred with a slight growl."Ship Security been good ,no problems so far ma'am." Te'shara told her.

Me'L grinned to her Security chief." Very good Lieutant keep up the good work. Were gonna need you,and a security team for the distress call mission,you ready?' Mel asked her.

Te'shara nodded."Yes ma'am" Te'shara said as she was writting notes on her padd..

Me'L looked at everyone, "Now lets get going on this meeting and see what we are up to." Me'l said,
"I need questions and answers I like to know what were up to,with this away mission."Me'l said sternly.

"Well, I for one would like to know just what this distress signal says, if it says anything at all. Before we think of going down to where ever it is we are going" Ky'la said.

Me'L looked at Ky'la."You and me both." Me'l said agreening with her chief Engineer. Me'l then looked at her XO."Commander Roberts whats your out take on this mission." She grinned.Then she heard her Security chief say something. "Yes Lt R'heil"
Me'l looked at the Caitain officer.

"Ma'am I would like to say we should proceed with caution on this away mission,we don't know if this is a trap,or what the distress call can be." T'shara slightly growled.

"My take on this is that this distress call stinks..." Roberts said. "Coming so soon after that raid not long ago, every fiber of my being says this is a trap. I recommend we proceed with extreme caution."

Me'l looked and heard her crew." well ive heard your opinions and I do agree we will take this distress call with caution." Me'L said with a stern look on her face. "Well lets get ready, and see what were up to." Me'L also said..

"Understood, I will leave engineering in the hands of Lt. Trevor. I have gear to get ready for this trip", Ky'la said standing.

Me'L looked at Ky'la sternly," Understood Commander De'Lenn." Me'L said to her then looked at the others sternly."Are we all ready to go?" Me'l asked the rest of the crew?

"I suggest we put our fighters on standby," Roberts said. "Depending on what happens we may have to shoot our way out and I'd feel a whole lot better with a fighter squadron out there covering our ass."

Nodding, "I will have my fighters out there. As soon as they are needed they will launch captain", Todd said.

Me'Lonna Grinned."Good Idea Commander fighters before crew, we need to know what or who were dealing with before we beam down. Good job commander."Me'L smiled at her officer.

Months had passed since his arrival aboard this ship he now called home. The U.S.S. Thunderchild had belonged to the Akira Class Heavy Cruiser Line, a Class even now he hadn't been that familiar with. He'd had to force himself to at least become knowledgeable in the strengths of the Class, the Specifications and the amount of crew aboard. The Akira Class had carried something that would have been considered not only an oddity, but an absurdity in his own time in the form of Fighter-craft in addition to the shuttle contingent. The Fighter-Craft had become standard equipment following the Dominion War -- an event the Library Files stored in the ship's Main Computer Core provided originally by Memory Alpha. The Dominion War had necessitated the Federation to join in an Alliance between the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire against a Coalition led by a Species of Shapeshifters or Changelings that had called themselves The Founders, and coupled with several separate Species including the Vorta and the Jem'Hadar -- two species genetically engineered to display unwavering loyalty or rather blind loyalty to The Founders. The Cardassians -- a Species of Reptilians and Mammalians that in Thomas' opinion had shared more in common with the Gorn had joined the Dominion in a failed attempt to reclaim power.

The Dominion War had forced the Federation into investing more of its budget to Starfleet, and forced a massive rearmament that hadn't been required since the Four Years War with the Federation against the Klingon Empire. The part that had been rather not only confusing, but had vexed him at first -- to where he hadn't been able to have believed it had been that the Federation and the Klingon Empire had not only fully signed a Second Khitomer Accord and had after the Klingons had withdrawn from the Accords there had even been a Third Khitomer Accord signed. He'd recalled a year before the Battle of Delta Pavonis in twenty-two ninety-three that although Praxis had been destroyed by dangerous mining procedures that the Klingon Empire had been the one to request the First Set of the Accords as a result of their Empire only having roughly fifty years of life left in it. There had been a large percentage of the Klingon Population, the Federation Population and the Romulan Population that had wanted those Accords to fail marked by the Assassination of the Klingon Chancellor Gorkon. The notion the Klingons had become the Allies of the Federation perhaps hadn't bothered him nearly as much as the information he'd discovered shortly after with the Romulan Star Empire having come in on the side of the Allied Coalition during the Dominion War to strengthen their lines. The Romulans had a propensity for conniving, planning and stabbing those that relied on them in the back simply to gain a political advantage, and while those thoughts he'd realized may have been out of place in the more contemporary Twenty-Fourth Century the Lieutenant held a personal grudge against the Romulans.

Had more than eight decades passed since the Engagement in the Delta Pavonis System? The events had happened recently for him with the memories still fresh and vivid with the brutality, that ruthlessness and the cunning of the Romulans. The sound of the Romulan Transporter Beams dropping Legionnaire onto the decks had still rung in his ears, and it hadn't been the only thing to remind him of it with the venom laden breath of the Romulan Centurion that had attempted to bash his own skull in. Shaking his head to clear it, he'd realized those thoughts hadn't been becoming of a Starfleet Officer even back then. He'd be drummed out of the Fleet entirely with those thoughts or if he'd displayed them in the Line of Duty. It hadn't been a particularly fond notion, and he'd quickly dismissed it.

He'd left the spacious quarters assigned to him having changed out of the Monster Maroon Uniform that had been so familiar into one of the more light weight uniforms that had taken hold in the Fleet during the Dominion War. He hadn't liked that kind of Uniform. It left him feeling under-dressed, and vulnerable. The Uniform may have been seen as an improvement over those of previous decades, but they lacked the refinement, formality and function of the Monster Maroons he'd grown so familiar with. He'd discovered that the Civilian populations within the Federation had protested, threatened to slash the budget of Starfleet and had ultimately managed to sway Starfleet in the mid-twenty-fourth century from being a military to being a peace keeping coalition promoting diplomacy and comfort. The change had been reflected in the styles of the Uniforms and had impacted the training Starfleet employed. Even if he hadn't been able to change the mindsets and approach Fleet-Wide, the Temporally Displaced Lieutenant had in his power been able to change the practices aboard ship especially in the Security and Tactical Departments. The implementation of heavier training methods would have hardened the Officers that had grown lazy and complacent due to the Starfleet's Civilian Approved Methods, and he'd been more than certain he'd receive flak for it. He'd accepted that Challenge, and once he'd given his word he'd stand by it.

The Quarters that had been assigned to him had been more spacious than those issued to Admirals in his day, and had edged on being too spacious for his preference. The Quarters had internal hatches and bulkheads separating the main living area from the bedroom, the Head and a Closet. The first night he'd had to sleep in those Quarters, he'd sealed and locked the hatch separating the Bedroom from the Living Area more from how the old habit that the Standard Issued Quarters in the twenty-two eighties and nineties had been the same size for Junior Officers and Senior Officers with the differences in interior features, bunk sizes, and that Senior Officers had greater options in either a Computer Station, a Gaming Table or a Dining Booth the Junior Officers lacked.

An Announcement for the Senior Officers and Departments to have met in the Briefing Room had filtered over the Com-badge that had been issued with the Uniform, and at first he'd reached for the standard flip-open Communicator he'd had on him when he'd appeared in what he'd learned had been the Main Bridge. The Romulan Transporter Pad with its main console engulfed in flames with its bulkheads bending from the stress had been the last thing he'd seen before having appeared in front of a view-screen displaying a bulkhead. He'd later learned that the Viewscreen had been not only programmable as traditional ones had, but had been able to have been switched off to avoid the bridge crew having experience star-hypnosis of watching the star fields pass by. The copper-based green blood from the Romulan Centurion and his comrades covered the left side of his face mixed and mingled with the red of his own while the right side of his face had almost seemed untouched in comparison with most of his own blood having come from a gouge across his left cheek which oddly hadn't brought him any pain while the Monster Maroon uniform looking out of place had been singed in areas especially across the back and the chest evidence of an explosion, and Thomas had slowly turned to around to find the eyes of an unfamiliar crew staring back at him in both awe, fear, suspicion and at least in one case anger.

The Bridge consoles to the LCARs readouts and the odd carpeting had been been unfamiliar to him, but the sight of a blue skinned alien that hadn't been an Andorian featuring a bifurcating ridge from the forehead down to the chin had caused his gaze to linger a little longer than it should have before taking in another of the crew with strange spots bordering their face and lastly an officer featuring the forehead ridges characteristic of Klingons. When had Klingons joined Starfleet and why was one wearing a Uniform? The question had been among many that had crossed his mind before he'd attempted to take a first step onto the solid deck beneath him, and either the shock of finding himself in an odd place, that he'd been hurt more seriously than he'd first let on or from the adrenaline rush from the fight having receded he'd found the deck had started rushing up to meet him. He'd lost consciousness after having fallen backwards striking the deck when his right leg had folded beneath him missing the Main View-Screen.

Stepping into the Turbolift, he'd submitted the destination including the Deck and Compartment. The Briefing Room had been a place he'd visited once after the Captain had requested him for a Debriefing and after the ship's Chief Medical Officer had cleared him in good health. He hadn't visited that particular Compartment since or the Bridge considering he'd had to catch up on eighty-six years of technological advances, Political Changes, Economics, Fleet Operations and everything that might have been relevant to it. He'd had to re-certify at the Phaser Range which hadn't bothered him though he hadn't been much of a fan of those Ergonomic Type-2 Phasers designed more for keeping the wrist from tiring than for practical purposes, and had kept the Type-2C Boarding Phaser handy that had been tucked into his tunic when he'd been found along with the extra power cells. He'd kept those in his Quarters under lock and key, but kept the Type-2C Boarding Phaser on his person. He'd carried the Flip-Open communicator tucked into a pocket inside the duty-jacket, and carried both of the older pieces of Technology out of nostalgia and also that he trusted them more than the newer and sleeker stuff.

The Turbolift wove through the decks before coming to a stop, and the hatches opened allowing him to step onto the Deck. The Main Bridge had been situated on Deck 1 along with the Captain's Ready Room, the Briefing Room and the Observation Lounge. Several other Officers including Captain Me'lonna Rowris had managed to arrive before he had, and aside from the Captain the ship's Chief Engineer Commander Ky'la De'Lenn and the ship's Executive Officer Commander Douglas Roberts Jr. had already taken their seats around a rather massive looking table.

“Good Morning, Sir,” Thomas said. He'd quickly taken one of the unoccupied chairs.

Me'Lonna looked at Marek,"Good morning Lieutant, how are you today." Me'l said with a grin to her officer."Enjoying your stay here Lieutant? Hows your position as Chief Security I hope non of the Officers are giving you problems Liertant Thompson is it?" Me'Lasked him.

“My Quarters are accommodating. They're a bit larger than I'm used to, but I'll manage. Even Admirals weren't assigned such spacious Quarters,” Thomas said. “Thank you for requisitioning them from the Quartermaster,”

“The Thunderchild is different. I'm learning what I can about it, and her crew. I'm doing my best to acclimate. They didn't train us in the Academy for something like this,” he'd explain.

“A few Officers in my Department gave me some trouble at first. It seems there were a few Jokers in the ranks. It's been dealt with in House. I've implemented training regimens that will hopefully give them less time to devote to such things. It's Lieutenant Marek, Sir. Thompson was a nickname Boothby gave me,” Thomas said.

"My advice to you Mister Marek is to keep an eye on one of your pilots with the call sign Hot Dog'", Doug said. "From what I understand he fancies himself to be quite the ladies' man as well as the best pilot in Starfleet, but according to his record he's also known to be a risk-taker."

Me'L grinned when she heard that as she shook her head seeing the last of the officers walking in."Ok now that is finished lets get to work on this distress call" Me'L said with a stern klingon look.

"Yes I too would like to know what that message said too. I don't fancy going into a situation un prepared", Ky'la stated.

Todd was not to happy hearing of a hot shot pilot in the ranks. Hopefully he was as good as he was boasting on his skills and not with those of the female persuasion.

Me'L looked at the Padd from what the computer says." The Computer said the distress call is not too far away from here its on a M class planet I or we never heard of." Me'L explained." Bridge crew im gonna need more info on this M Class planet and get an away team together to see whats up."
Me'l also explained.

"Is there anything further we need to discuss, captain?" Doug asked. He was anxious to start a tour of tthe ship to ensure that all was ready for whatever they might be facing.

"If anyone else has any other questions, or not lets get this ball rolling and find out what this distress call is all about." Me'l said with a smile hoping there wasn't any more questions..
"Ok everyone bridge crew lets get moving and everyone else get ready to roll." Me'l said with a grin.

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