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A feather in the wind

Posted on Thu Feb 13th, 2020 @ 9:00pm by Captain Me'lonna Rowris & Lieutenant Te'shara R'heil

Location: USS-Thunderchild

OOC: This takes place after the other log,everyone is on the bridge watching the screen,and finding about the M Class -planet whos got the distress call.and i want to be there now
Thats why i changed the time to 5 to 10 mins..
=/\= Bridge =/\=
Me'L was back on the bridge after the talk in the captains ready room she was all set to see who was in Distress, Me'l looked at the tactical and Helm and wondered how close they will be.

The helm officer looked at the captain."Ma'am were an 5-10 minutes from being to our present position." The helm officer told her.

Tactical told the captain," everything seems fine so far ma'am." the tactical officer said.

Me'l Nodded to both of them."Understood ,keep on this course Helm. Me'l kept watching the view screen till they got to where they needed.

Todd was sitting at the helm doing double duty so he was keeping the Thunderchild on course and speed. Neing the CAG and also doubling as helm gave him ectra practice flying the big ladies of Starfleet.

Ky'la walked out of the lift yawning as she had just woke up for her shift. "Captain, engineering is right where I left it. Nothing out of the ordinary to report so far", she said taking her station stifling another yawn. Walking to the replicator she got a large Raktajino and returned to her station.

Me'lonna stayed on the Bridge watching Helm and Tactical while looking at the screen."This better be a good distress call,or theres hell to pay. Me'l Growled.

Te'shara was sitting with command Shaking her head at the captain."ma'am," the caitian officer said." Well you know Security be here case theres trouble." Te'shara said, growling litely.

Me'l looked at her 2nd officer,"Yes I know,and you 2 better be on the ball with this whole speal with the distress call." Me'l frowned at Te'shara with a slight growl.

Te'shara looked at her with a straight face."Aye Ma'am we will." Te'shara said with her slight growl,and watching the screen with her.

Me'l was looking at the screen,and then turned to her 2xo/security officer."I want you now to meet up with the Security now and see what you 2 come up with for the away mission.

Te'shara stood up and looked at her Captain."Aye ma'am leaving now." The young female caitian said as she took off for the Turbo lift for her security Chief.

Me'L looked at her #1,"you ready for your away mission?"she asked him."Just becareful out there." Me'L grinned..

"Are you kidding? I was BORN ready" Doug answered with a grin. "All you have to do is say the word-"

Me'l stood up and tapped her com badge to the ship crew that will be involved with with the away mission."For the away mission on Talan IV were gonna need Security personal,like Lt R'heil, Lt Marek, #1 Cmdr Roberts jr, plus Engineering crew and medical crew for wounded, and Engineering will see if any engineering problems on the planet. That is all." Me'l then tapped off and looked at her #1.

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Taking her look as a signal to move out, Doug headed out and in the direction of the transporter room prepared to meet his away team.

Captain Me'Lonna Rowis
conecting character below-Te'shara R'heil

Lieutenant Te'shara R'heil
Security Officer

CmdrDouglas"Doug" Roberts jr
Executive Officer

LtCmdr Ky'la De'Lenn
Engineering Chief
other character: LtCmd Todd "Snake" Carlson

Lt Thomas 'Thompson' Marek
Chief Security

Ltjg Lee Kendrick

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