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More the merrier

Posted on Thu Feb 13th, 2020 @ 8:54pm by Captain Me'lonna Rowris & Lieutenant Te'shara R'heil & Lieutenant JG Lee Kendrick

Location: USS-Thunderchild

Me'l was on the bridge and hearing her chief Engineer has an assistant who came aboard via Shuttle. Me'l looked at her #1,"Commander you got the comms." Me'l told him as she got up to go meet the assist Engineering officer.

T'shara was also sitting in her 2XO's chair with the commander.

"I have the conn," Doug confirmed. He watched as the captain walked into tthe turbolift, then turned his attention back to the main view screen. 'How in hell am I supposed to concentrate on ship's business after seeing something like tthat?'

Me'L took off for where the shuttle was in one of the docking bays,and contacted her CEO(Chief Engineering Officer.) by comms."commander De'Lenn please come to the shuttle bay to meet your new AEO(Assistant Engineering Officer)"
Me'l said to her as she herself was headed that way.

"Understood captain. Meet you there", Ky'la said walking from the lift onto the shuttle bay deck. Seeing the shuttle and the captain, she stood next to her as the young man disembarked.

Lee walked off the shuttle and looked around as he did thinking " my first real assignment " then looked around for the officer of the boat, which he spotted taking to another officer and walked up to them, waited till they had finished talking to the officer " permission to come aboard "

Mel looked at the engineering Assist,"Permission granted Lieutant."Me'l said, I'm Captain Me'Lonna
Rowis, and next to me is your chief of Engineering
Officer Ltcmdr Ky'la De'Lenn" Me'l grinned."You will
report to her from now on." Me'L said sternly.
Me'l then Turned to Ltcmdr Ky'la De'Lenn." "Commander show your engineering officer the ropes and what to do." Me'l said sternly.
lee turned to face the captain " yes captain sir uh Mam uh captain and thank you "
Lee turned to the CEO still nerves " uh nice to meet you, Commander "
""thinking to himself"(( good gooing there Kendrick great first impression.))

Ky'la did her best to contain the belly laugh that she had. Between the poor Lieutenant stumbling over his tongue and Me'l's stern voice Ky'la nearly laughed. "Well young man, I won't bite you just yet", Ky'la said chuckling. "Welcome to the Thunderchild and to my domain. First however, let's get you squared away first then the tour and what you will be doing finally. By the way, what is your specialty training", she added.

lee nodded at the commander "that would be great commander and my speciality i did not get around to doing any training like that owing to the fact that i had to look after my sister after our parents were lost.

Me'L liked the fact that her chief Engineer,and her assistant were getting along so well."Commander De'Lenn you will be in charge of your assistant so you can show him around the ship and how you like engineering to go." Me'l grinned at both of them."I'm going back to the Bridge,you 2 talk,nice meeting you Ltjg Kendrick,Welcome aboard the USS-Thunderchild, good luck with Engineering,and with your Engineering chief,Ltcmdr De'lenn." She said to both officers.

lee nodded at the captain " yes captain yes meeting you and thank you " lee turned to the commander " ready when you are commander "

Me'l then grinned at the both of them as she headed for the lift to go back on the bridge.

Captain Me'Lonna Rowis

Cmdr Douglas "Doug" Roberts Jr

Lt Te'shara R'heil
Security officer/2XO

Ltcmdr Ky'la De'Lenn
Engineering Chief

LtJg Lee Kendrick


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