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Security to the Rescue

Posted on Thu Mar 12th, 2020 @ 8:28pm by Lieutenant Te'shara R'heil

Mission: Thunderchild- A Mystery to Solve part 2
Location: USS-Thunderchild

Te'shara was getting off the lift and went to see her Security chief about what Captain Rowis wanted a strategy on what to do for the away mission. Were they expected a trap,or an ordinary
away mission someone needed help. Te'shara walked by the
Security office.

"Lt Marek, its me security officer Lt R'heil, Captain Rowis
wants us to discuss on what to do for the away mission and how should it amount too,and what suprises to expect." Te'shara
said waiting for her Security chief to reply,as she has a padd to give him about away mission.

“Come,” Thomas said.

The hatch to his Office had been left unlocked while the Thunderchild's Chief of Security had been scouring every corner of the Office and every bulkhead on a hunt to find what had been the source of an odd pulsating squeak -- an on and off again near high pitched whine that had filled the Office and had diverted his attention from checking the Team Rosters. He'd fallen into the practice of having checked through the Team Rosters ahead of a Mission in order to insure if and when an Away Team had been organized the Officers hadn't had to wait for his Teams. It had worked in the past, but as he'd started to look through the Rosters he'd seemed to long for the Starfleet Security Teams he'd led in the past that had born Phaser Resistant Body Armor and had seemed eager enough to take on the entire Romulan Star Empire or the Klingon Empire on their own.

When his Assistant Chief of Security had stepped through the hatch, Thomas' had managed to roll his desk chair over to a bulkhead to the left of his desk and to the left of the hatch. He'd listened for the pulsating whine, and had managed to narrow it down to a panel containing an errant EPS feed or a conduit that lay behind that particular bulkhead. Having stood on the chair after locking the wheels in place, he'd felt along the bulkhead and the ceiling joints with his hands in some attempt to find a way to get at the source of that whine.

“What?” he'd asked, having heard the Caitian's explanation.

Stepping down from the chair, he'd brushed off his hands before reaching for the PaDD.

“The Captain plans on investigating a Distress Signal?” Thomas asked.

He'd looked over information on the PaDDs, a far lighter form of the Electronic PaDD he'd grown used to in the Fleet, and it hadn't been the only thing that had bothered him. He'd been given a set of Marching Orders to investigate the Distress Signal emanating from a largely undetermined source, and while he'd answered his share of Distress Signals most of them had utilized a standard Federation wavelength. The Communications' Arrays along the hull had intercepted the Distress Signal as conveyed through the fairly detailed analysis listed on the PaDDs, but he hadn't been a Cadet straight out of the Academy for years...for decades he had to remind himself and had earned his Commission as a Security Officer. It had meant that while some in their first few years might have taken the Distress Signal at face value as an honest call for assistance, but Thomas hadn't been one of those Officers. There existed too many unknown variables including among which had been the series of notches in the frequency. He'd seen it before, but where? An M Class Planet that had up until recently hadn't been occupied or been a source of a Federation Colony, and that the Distress Signal had only been intercepted by a lone Starfleet ship recently rather than having been detected by the vast Sensor Net Buoys that were in many instances bunched thick enough along the Federation's Borders that a man attempting to cross from Qo'nos to Alpha Centuari and there to Earth without needing an EV suit or in risk of having their feet burned to cinders by the heat by planetary re-entry.

“This is the only information received? The Beacon hasn't been identified yet? No IFF? Before an Away Mission is organized and I send my Teams over to face Gorn on steroids or Romulans that have stepped on a nail in their bare feet, I'd like to have more in the way of Intel,” Thomas said.

“I appreciate your diligence, but without being able to determine its IFF Codes I'd be putting those Officers at risk,” he'd say. Rubbing his left temple, he'd winced a little. The incessant whine had at first only annoyed him by distracting him from his work, but had over a short period started to do more than simply grate his nerves.

“Could you contact an Engineering Team and have them check out the conduits behind this bulkhead? I've been hearing a high pitched whine for a while now,” he'd say. “I think until the problem's squared away, I'll have to find a nice spot in the ship's library or my Quarters to do some work,”

Te'shara nodded,"Aye Sir i will" she said as she looked at him. "Oh sir what should we do for the away mission on Talan IV a M Class planet.Thats what i looked up on the ships computer."
"So whats the plan for that?" Te'shara also asked.

“I want to gather as much Intel on the listed Flora and Fauna on the Surface and Weather Conditions. I want Sensor Sweeps directed towards the Planet and Sensor Sweeps aimed at both the Planet's moon and extended to cover the entire System. Those Sweeps directed at the Planet should be used to determine any foreign matter or parties present while the Sweeps aimed at the Planet's Moon, Orbit and the System should be used to determine if there are any foreign ships present,” Thomas explained.

He hadn't been fond of the notion the Captain had Ordered the Thunderchild into a situation where the lack of Intel had been only one of many unknown variables. The Distress Signal had been of Federation Origin, but even a Third Year Cadet on their Training Cruise would have run multiple checks through the ship's Database for matches, to the Archives of Memory and even Subspace Relay Stations to determine the authenticity of it to raising the Colony to determine the nature of the Emergency.

“We'll keep the Teams here. I am not going to deploy them until those criteria are met, and if foreign parties are detected we'll go from there. Issue Phasers, Tricorders and Body Armor..." he had to catch himself. The Standard Issued Phaser Resistant Body Armor hadn't been part of the standard Security Officer's Kit in decades, and had been a matter of contention for him. He'd missed that part of the Kit in that the Body Armor provided some protection among things in Close-Quarters Combat. "Power Cells. I want each Team to be armed,"

Te'shara listened to Marek and understood where he was coming from." Aye Sir, I understand." Te'shara said looking at her Security chief sternly while getting up."Is there anything else sir for me to do."Te'shara purred.

“No, there isn't,” Marek would say. “I think that'll do it. You are dismissed, Lieutenant. You can return to your duties, or whatever other plans you might have. It has been a pleasure, as always,”

Te'shara nodded to her chief Security officer,"Aye sir,Thank you sir" Te'shara purred as she left.

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Lt Te'shara R'heil
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