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“New CMO in the House”

Posted on Sat Apr 4th, 2020 @ 2:34am by Lieutenant Commander Doctor Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D. & Captain Me'lonna Rowris & Lieutenant Te'shara R'heil

Mission: Thunderchild- A Mystery to Solve part 2
Location: U.S.S. Thunderchild
Tags: Luuna, 7F03YTY836M, Sombra, 3CW4YMF696F

=/\= Bridge =/\=

Another day in space the USS Thunderchild was on its next adventure, whatever it can be. There’s Captain Me'lonna Rowris, and her Executive Officer Commander Douglas “Doug” Roberts jr. Me'l turned to her #1, “Fine day isn’t it, Commander?”

“That it is captain…” Roberts agreed. “Only one thing could make it better and that is, if we find this call, we’re going on, is a false alarm.”

“I have an incoming craft approaching from Four-hundred Thousand Kilometers Astern,” Lieutenant Thomas Marek reported. He’d been manning the tactical station on the bridge and had as per protocol kept the sensors on a continual sweep.

“I’m verifying the IFF codes. The U.S.S. Congo; Yellowstone-class runabout,” he’d said. The runabout’s registration had been compared with those on file matching from the starbase, and at Memory Alpha confirming the craft’s identity coupled with other information including the spacedock in orbit above Earth as its Port of Departure.

“The runabout’s registry checks out. Its Port of Departure has been listed as the Earth spacedock,” the Lieutenant said. “The Congo has not been flagged as being stolen.”

Me'l looks ahead, “Oh really what surprise are we getting?” Me'l Grinned as she turned to her XO, Commander we should check this out.” Me'l said sternly.

“The Congo is attempting to hail us,” Thomas said.

Me'l stood and talked sternly. “This is Captain Me'Lonna Rowris, of the U.S.S. Thunderchild who am I speaking to?” Me'l asked.

“Captain it’s me Lieutenant R'heil you left me to wait for the rendezvous with our new Chief Medical Officer back at Earth Spacedock. They arrived right on time, and I have them, sir.” Te'shara slightly purred.

=/\=Several Minutes Later: Shuttle Bay=/\=

A tall Kazarite-hybrid clad only in fur emerged from the runabout. The hermaphrodite doctor was uniquely colored for hir species, possibly due to portions of the Hermat genome. Hir fur was ginger in color with black, red, and cream markings including red and cream alternating strips ringing hir bushy tail. Features also of note were distinctly paw-like digigrade feet.

Accompanying the doctor were two good-sized domesticated carnivorous marsupials. Native to the rare planet of Austailius. These marsupials appeared to be much like the dogs of Earth, except the native humanoid inhabitants of Austailius had domesticated an animal known as a thylacine – an extinct animal on Earth – the Austailius Dog turned out to have similar sizes, shapes, and variety of the Terran Dog and these two – Luuna and Sombra – looked very similar in style to the popular Terran breed of German Shepherd Dog a.k.a. the Alsatian.

Aldana stepped forward, arms spread wide, she greeted the officer(s) in front of hir with a warm bear hug “I’m Doctor Amiri Aldana, it’s so nice to finally be able to catch up with you.”

Me'l gave a shocking look to her new medical officer as she was being hugged. “Do you do this all the time.”

Aldana backed away, hurt, and worried s/he’d offended hir new CO. “It’s my cultural tradition, sir, we’re a friendly open people, we don’t believe in handshakes, we believe hugs are so much warmer and pleasant.”

Me'l Chuckled, then looked at her #1. “What do you think commander?”

Doctor Aldana looked between the CO and XO, waiting to be addressed. S/he smiled at the third person there; evidently some sort of security or tactical officer given his uniform. The hybrid Kazarite thought he was kinda cute.

“Welcome aboard doctor,” Doug said as he held his arms open for a hug. “I trust your trip to join us was a comfortable one?”

Doctor Aldana 365 embraced the commander warmly and openly as hir two quadruped companions investigated his new scent with great curiosity. “Long, but yes, there were certainly quite a few interesting… shall we say ‘benefits,’ to the friends I’ve met so far on this trip.” S/he smiled warmly at him with a broad, gentle smile.

Me'l found the new doctor interesting in some way but couldn’t say how but if they can do the job, it’s all what matters.

Marek’d seen more than his share of species throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrants and had seen oddities in the galaxy throughout his career that would have caused cadets and newly minted ensigns to have had nightmares from, but Thomas had learned over the years that the galaxy only tended to share what it believed one could have comprehended. There hadn’t been that much the galaxy could have thrown at him that would have surprised him given that he’d died already, and that wasn’t an experience he was wont to have repeated.

Marek had accompanied the Captain to the shuttlebay replete with agile fighter-craft alongside the various shuttlecraft standard to ships of the Akira line. The notion of fighter-craft being carried aboard ships had been something he still hadn’t managed to get used to, but he chalked it up to one of those things the galaxy had judged he’d been able to handle.

Seeing the runabout’s occupants disembarking, the Lieutenant had been equally surprised to recognize her species as a Kazarite but marked by Ginger fur broken by stripes of cream instead of black. Joining them; two Alsatians or canines resembling Alsatians. The two seemed docile enough, or at least had been around others enough to have been on their best behavior. He’d recalled the USS Pandora had visited planet Kazar’s home system, a quaternary system and it had been one of the first times he’d been allowed on the Pandora’s bridge. Marek’d recalled having seen four stars on the main viewscreen, and how each seemed to burn with an intensity of its own. He’d planned on visiting the planet Kazar after his tour aboard the Enterprise-B had concluded, but the Romulan Ambush in the Delta Pavonis System had forced him to shelve those plans.

“Welcome aboard, Doctor. I’m glad your flight was uneventful,” Marek commented.

“Uneventful…” f-heh… that’s not what she said… Aldana thought to hirself, thinking back on the trip to Earth orbit.

“I’m a little curious, but what kind of breed are these? They’re not Alsatians. They’re very well behaved, and I can tell you take great care of them,” the Lieutenant said.

“Oh! Thank you very much. I put a lot of work into them, raised them from infants. (What’s an Alsatian?) These are Austailius dogs; domesticated variations of a carnivorous marsupial that evolved similarities to the wolf of other planets, the Austailius thylacinid.” The doctor had never actually set paw on Earth before and didn’t have much knowledge of its more intricate details.

“You're rather welcome,” Thomas replied.

“The Alsatians are also known as German Shepherd Dogs, bred on Earth as herding dogs originally. I’m sure the breed has spread to other planets by now. Some people prefer having a machine to guard their livestock or to guard themselves, but there’s something about having a German Shepherd on hand that makes it seem right. A determined thief won’t be afraid of a machine but will be afraid of a good guard dog. They embody everything one would expect from a Working Dog, with loyalty, strength, intelligence. They can be friendly but are often used either in police or military work,” Marek explained. His folks hadn’t necessarily had a German Shepherd when he and his sisters were growing up, but some of the neighbors had. “A kind, but fierce breed,”

“I’ll remember not to cross them at their mealtime,” Marek smirked. “You raised them from when they were pups? It shows,”

Me'l grinned as she watched the two officers talk. She chuckled some at what her Security Chief said to the new Doc. “very interesting for you two.” Me'l grinned again.

Te'shara stayed near the crew talking just to make sure there wasn't any problems. Te'shara looked at them, “I see you two are having a nice conversation,” Te'shara purred. “I’m sure the doctor wants to see the sickbay. Right doc?” Te'shara slightly growled.

Me'l looked at Te'shara. “Lt. R'heil you’re absolutely right.” Me'l grinned as she looked at the doc. “Want to see your new sickbay doc? We should do this now.” Me'l grinned.

Sombra suddenly turned to his alpha, and peered up at hir, nudging hir hand for attention. He gave a slight whine.

The Doctor looked at hir captain. “That does sound like a wonderful idea, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sickbay on this class of ship before… although… it has been a slightly long trip, and I can’t keep pushing back my guyzos’ needs; do you mind if we make a quick stop first?” S/he smirked.

Me'l grinned, and then nodded to her security team. “Lt. Marek and Lt. R'heil please take our new Chief Medical Officer, Lt. Cmdr. Aldana to Sickbay.” Me'l said in a stern command.

Te'shara nodded in her Caitain way, “Aye sir.” Te'shara purred, slightly.

Me'l then looked at her #1, “Any questions for the new doctor comander?” Me'l looked at him with a short smile.

Doctor Aldana slightly shifted hir weight from foot to foot. S/he looked between the two command officers, feeling awkwardly the center of attention, and waited to see if Commander Roberts had anything to say.

Glancing over at Roberts Aldana noticed him shrug dismissively and that everyone filed out of the shuttlebay returning to their daily tasks.

Doctor Amiri Aldana 365
Chief Medical Officer
U.S.S. Thunderchild

Luuna Aldana
Search & Rescue Specialist – Canine unit
U.S.S. Thunderchild

Service Animal to the CMO & Therapeutic Aid
U.S.S. Thunderchild

Commander Doug Roberts
Executive Officer
USS Thunderchild

Captain Me'Lonna Rowris
Commanding Officer
USS Thunderchild


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