Shipyard visiting

Posted on Thu Mar 28th, 2019 @ 10:16am by Major General Myers Hanson

Location: Shipyard
Timeline: Present


The USS Relentless, an akira class vessel was currently patrolling the stradus Sector near DS9. There was a solar storm so shields were raised as it navigated at a reduced speed. Myers was in his quarters with Colonel Saunders in the chair. The good colonel has been by his side for years ever since Myers was was a marine captain. He knew his two daughters, who were XOs on the same ship at different points of careers. Myers orders were simple, patrol the quadrant and no presumed threats. The Romulans have a new leader since Shinzon, the cardassians are free from the Jem Hadar. But Myers thought that peace would never last long......too many trouble makers to make the bureaucrats get upset.

Lee Sanders sat in the command chair over looking the two in front. He stared at the viewscreen, sighed, "You know 300 years ago, there'd be an accountant watching us sit about doing nothing and question whether it is financially viable to send a ship here. I'm so glad the need for money simple faded away and we can do our jobs." He said. The turbolift doors ooened and out came a yeoman with a tray of drinks.

She handed Lee, a dark red heat proof cup with the words 'COSTA' on the side, "Colonel."

"Ahhh, nothing like Costa Coffee in a Costa Coffee cup." Lee smiled.

"Tomorrow is Starbucks?" Asked the helmsman.

"Yea then he'd want a Big Mac Meal." Joked the mission control officer

"KFC gentlemen......KFC."

Comms officer LCARS display started feeding information, "Sir, I have a communication from Salvage Yard 340." She announced.

"Mmm hmm."

"They're requesting that we'd swing by and take an extra look at his stock."

"What an earth for? It's a salvage yard." Lee complained, "Inform the general, we're changing course. I fancied a change in scenery.....set course."

"Aye sir."

=^= Bridge to General Hanson, we're making a course correction to Salvage Yard 340 =^=

=^= I guess it's our turn, is the commodore still sleeping? =^=

=^= Yes sir =^=

=^= Leave her there =^=

The monthly inspection of the salvage yard is attended to every couple of months to make sure everything is in order and nothing came with it. He then realised that there's an engineering team on board to go through the ships records and logs. It was also the engineering team's responsibility to secure any classified technology that they may have carried, list missing items as the ferengi are 'usually blamed in it's disappearance and deal with foreign ships that are collected as finders keepers. The engineering team assigned, already have pre inspect data from the salvage yard that they're busy going through so when the Relentless arrives. They'll be an itenary of ships to check out. Foreign ships first before federation ships.