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Meeting The marines

Posted on Mon Mar 16th, 2020 @ 9:04pm by Captain Me'lonna Rowris

Mission: Thunderchild- A Mystery to Solve part 2
Location: USS-Thunderchild

it was one of those good days for Me'l as she decided take a walk down the corridor she needed to meet the Marine commander.
she kept walking the corridor when she tapped her comm badge.
"Maj Redd, this is Captain Me'lonna Rowris,and i want to meet with you in the marine section of this ship do you have time?"
me'lonna asked as she walked some more down the ships corridore."

=/\= Well hello El Captain, Please join me in my office. It isn't far from the Marine's mess hall. =/\=

Lucas started to chuckle in his head.

=/\= Captain, that is unless you want to meet in the mess hall. My XO will be part of the meeting as well. StSgt. Maria Cline (npc) is my XO. She really wants to meet you. So we will see you soon.

Me'l headed towards the Turbo lift as she tapped her comm badge." Yes Major im on my way." Me'l said riding the lift to the Marines, as she got off the lift ,she headed herway to the Marine area looking for Maj Redd,and his XO.

As Redd was looking at a PADD, Cline walked in. "Major," said Cline, "the Captain will be here soon." Redd looked at Cline as he tapped his comm.

"Redd to Captain Rowris. What is your ETA?"

Me'l tapped her comm."I'm very close by to your office i just got off the turbo lift." Me'l said on the comms. Me'l kept walking to find the marine she needed to meet.

Redd walked out of his office and headed towards the turbolift. He wound up running into the Captain right there. "Captain," he said, "I am Major Lucas Redd, call sign AlphaDawg. Would you please come with me to my office?"

They started to walk towards Redd's office.

Me'l walked with Major Redd."Welcome to the USS Thunderchild major are you enjoying your stay here?" Me'l said with a klingon grin. Me'l continued to walk with the major."I hope the USS Thunderchild being an Akira ship will fit your needs Maj?" Me'l also asked him."

"Captain," he said, "my team is used to ships like this. We prefer Akira's over most other ships. We can use the fighter wings to our advantage." Redd kept walking and leading the captain to the Marine's Mess. "So are you hungry Captain?" he asked as they walked into the Mess.

Me'l looked at Maj. Redd." Yes I will have some Klingon gagh. I haven't had that in awhile, and Blood wine." Me'l grinned while walking with Redd to the marine mess hall. Me'l Couldn't help enjoying her Klingon half being hungry. "So you know you and your troops can perform your exercises in the holodeck Maj. so you don't get in Security's way." Me'L grinned.

"Captain," said Redd, "that is why the Marines have their own deck. We don't mix well with ship security. Please follow me to the Mess. My XO, StSgt. Cline will meet us there. Have you met Cline yet?"

As they arrived at the Marine Mess, Redd spotted Cline. "StSgt. Cline," he said, "This is Captain Rowris. She is our ship CO."

"Captain," said Cline, "pleasure to meet you."

Me'l grinned,"A pleasure to meet you too StSgt Cline." Me'l said with a grin."I hope your accommindations are good for you StSgt Cline?" Me'l said to him. "Major Redd i hope your keeping your marines in shape?" Me'l said with a grin.

"Captain," said Redd, "in all due respect, my marines will stay here on this deck unless they are deployed. I will deploy my men when and how I see fit."

Me'l looked at Major Redd,"Thats why i have you here Major to keep your marines in check." Me'l said sternly,"Major Redd you will always be in charge of your marines, but you respond to me
when i need you for missions.

With that, Lucas started to walk away.

Me'L walked away and said nothing, on the way to the bridge.

Major Lucas "BigDawg" Redd
CO Marine Detachment


Captain Me'Lonna Rowris


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