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Engineering inspection

Posted on Tue Mar 24th, 2020 @ 10:42pm by Captain Me'lonna Rowris & Lieutenant JG Lee Kendrick

Mission: Thunderchild- A Mystery to Solve part 2
Location: USS-Thunderchild

OOC: This takes place before the away mission meeting, me'l in the area to peek in.
Me'l was walking down the corridor grinning and nodding to her Thunderchild crew mates she was not too far from engineering so she thought she'd stop in Engineering and look around like an inspection type deal. Me'l was looking around for any engineering crew to talk to."Hello, Anyone around like LtCmdr De'Lenn, or Ltjg Kendrick?" Me'l asked while looking for them.

Lee was going over some systems specs when he heard the captain's voice jumping to his feet Lee greeted the captain, "Captain is there anything wrong or anything i can do for you?"

Me'L grinned at the Engineering officer, "No just passing through on a daily walk thought I'd stop by and see how my engineering crew is doing?" She told Lee as she was looking around engineering station making sure everything was running ok. Me'l also asked, "Where's Commander De'Lenn?," Me'l asked wondering?

"Over here Captain," Ky'la said walking towards her ACEO and the Captain. "Welcome to my domain. How may we help you this fine day?," she said.

Me'L grinned seeing both of them,"I was just taking a stroll and i wanted to see how my engineering team is doing." Me'l said looking around engineering still."Hows The warp core doing,any problems? or any other Engineering problems you 2 have had?"
Me'L said looking around engineering.

lee looked at the commander and shook his head " no problems as far as i know captain, everything down here is ship-shape"

Me'l grinned at Ltjg Kendrick."Thats very good to hear." she said then she turned to her Chief Engineer."commander De'Lenn do you concure as to what your assist is saying."Me'l asked with a grin on her face. Me'l was wondering what the chief is up to."Whats going on now?" she asked her engineering chief.

"Yes captain Mr. Kendrick is quite correct. We are good to go!" Ky'La said smiling at her young assistant.

Me'l grinned in her klingon way,"Excellent work to both of you."

Lee nodds to the captain and commander " thanks to you both this ship is a marvel and hope she throws some challenges my way during my time here."

Me'l smiled."I'm glad you approve Lieutant, im glad you came aboard you 2" Me'l smiled because she was very proud of them.

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OOC: do you 2 want to end it here,cause im through?

Capt Me'Lonna Rowris
Commanding Officer

LtJg Lee Kendrick
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
USS Thunderchild

Lt. Cmdr. Ky'la De'Lenn
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Thunderchild


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