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Last minute Instructions for away team

Posted on Thu May 28th, 2020 @ 10:57pm by Captain Me'lonna Rowris & Lieutenant Te'shara R'heil & Lieutenant Commander Doctor Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D. & Lieutenant Commander Rosin & Commander Yadira Reisen & Lieutenant JG Lee Kendrick

Mission: Thunderchild- A Mystery to Solve part 2
Location: USS-Thunderchild

=/\= Obervation Lounge =/\=

Me`l was in her office drinking prune juice getting ready to explain things to her #1 on what’s going on for the away mission. She had a few PADDs with her to help Commander Roberts on how everything is going to go according to what happened. Me`l then tapped her comm badge. =/\= Commander Roberts may I see you in my office?=/\= Me`l said as she continued to drink her prune juice.

=/\=On my way =/\= Roberts acknowledged.

Five minutes later he walked into the observation lounge “You wanted to see me?” Doug asked.

Me`l had finished her prune juice, “Yes Doug sit down,” she said. Me`l looked at Doug with a grin. “As you know the Starfleet rule, the XO goes on the away missions, right?” Me`l asked while looking at the replicator to get another prune juice, “(would you like anything Doug?)” Me`l asked him.

“No, I think I’m good for now,” Doug said. What he wanted to do was get this part of the mission over with - and the sooner the better.

“What you and the away team are doing is checking the planet for anything suspicious,” Me`l explained. “I heard through the Federation grapevine that there might be Ferengi or other suspicious races about; that’s why I need you, and Security to check it out,” Me`l explained to him, as she called the other team to come up too. =/\=I need Lieutenant Commander Ky`la De`Lenn, Lieutenant Thomas Marek, Lieutenant Commander Rosin, Lieutenant T`Shain, and Lieutenant j. g. Quinn Kindle. To come to my ready room, but let’s change it to the Observation lounge room.=/\= Me`l said as she got up herself and headed for the meeting room to see the away mission people before they leave.

Todd heard Rosin’s name and left directly behind him headed to the Observation Lounge as well. Catching up to Rosin, “I wonder what this is going to be all about!” Todd said, matching Rosin stride for stride.

“Hopefully more than just flying around the ship. Gets boring after a while Todd.” he laughed. “Forgot where the phaser button is.”

Ky`la heard the request and beat a hasty retreat from her bridge station to the Observation Lounge. “Captain, Commander, what’s the hubbub about,” she said wondering why she had been called.

Me`l tapped the comms on the table, =/\=Lieutenant commander De`Lenn, I need you and Kendrick to come for an away Mission Meeting you and Kendrick will be part of the away team.=/\=

Me`l told Te`shara and whoever was here to move to the meeting room, and Te`shara did just that.

Once they were in the Observation Lounge Roberts addressed the CO. “Due to the number of crew on the Away Team, it is my intention to take a runabout to the surface,” he said. “It will also serve as our base of operations and a refuge if necessary.”

Lee looked up when he heard the captain call Lieutenant Commander De`Lenn “commander was that the captain? What is going on?”

Me`l looked at her #1 “Good Idea! Yes, take a shuttle to the planet. I’ll just have Marines beam down, or you want the marines in the shuttle too?” Me`l asked her #1.

Quinn stopped short of her walking patrol looking startled by hearing her name to join a meeting in the briefing room. She muttered under her breath and turned around and double-timed it for the nearest lift. After sliding to a halt, she pressed the call button and waited...

- Security office -

=/\=Lieutenant Marek here,=/\= he said, after hearing the chime for an incoming call.

After the turbolift came to a halt Quinn exited after her boss and followed his lead to the Observation Lounge.

- Briefing room -

Lee quietly entered the briefing room and sat down.

“We will be taking a runabout, not a shuttle,” Roberts said, “so there will be plenty of room, and I only want two marines initially. As I said before this is only a landing party, not an assault team. If the situation turns sour, we can always call for backup, as necessary.”

Me`l nodded, “Ok that’s great,” Me`l said and turned to Te`shara. “Well, Lieutenant R`heil you may ride with the away party.” Me`l said informatively.

Te`shara looked at the captain, “Aye captain. “Te`shara said with a slight growl. Te`shara listened to the captain with the others.

Quinn shot a glance at her boss that was part apology and part ‘I am doing this anyway’ before she looked at the others in the room. “Sorry but why are we sending down 70% of the command staff to do an away mission that could go to hell in a handbasket?”

Me`l looked at Quinn, “not really chief ranks, it can be a mix of some chief and some assistants. If the chief ranking officers wanting to send their assistants instead that’s fine.” Me`l told her with a grin. “Quinn, and everyone, this goes for you all if you would rather have an assistant to go that’s fine.

“I’m wondering the same thing,” Marek said. “Even in my day, the command staff didn’t beam down until everything had been squared away. It was different with Kirk and his crew, but I never sailed with them. I did hear them speak, and Captain Spock was in charge of trainees in the command department. They wrecked that command simulator every time,” Thomas Thompson Marek added, “Oh, I’m older than I look,” he added with a smirk.
Doug looked around for a moment before turning his attention back to Me`l. “If there’s nothing else, I think it’s time we saddle up and get ready to ride.”

Me`l looked at Doug, “before you get in the runabout call the ship’s medical officer, I want him to ride for any injured people out there.

- Science Office -

T`Shain tapped her comm badge. =/\=Lieutenant T`Shain here. I am on my way.=/\= She tapped a few quick instructions on the main console, watched as the commands started executing, then left the office and headed quickly to the meeting room.

=/\= Roberts to Doctor Aldana. Meet us on the hangar deck in 30 minutes and be prepared to accompany the away team.=/\=

=/\=Hanger deck sir?=/\= Doctor Aldana had never heard of a starship with a hanger deck, though s/he had an inkling the XO might have meant shuttle bay.

=/\= Sorry doctor. Old habits die hard. My last ship was a through-deck assault fighter carrier and, like the aircraft carriers of centuries ago, we referred to the operations area as the hangar deck. I meant the shuttle bay. =/\=

=/\=Understood sir, I’ll be there in 20, sickbay out.=/\= With that the CMO tapped hir commbadge and closed the channel.

Then turning his attention back to the others, he continued. “Same for each of you. Thirty minutes to gather what you need then meet in the shuttle bay. Any questions?”

Quinn again looked at Thomas before she looked back at the First officer, “With respect Sir, I still don’t think it’s a great idea to have an away team with – from the sounds of it – over half of the command staff. If the mission doesn’t go well what state will we be leaving the ship in? I mean from what I heard we don’t have much intelligence and if myself and the Chief of Security are taken out who’s supposed to mind the ship’s security? …or the medical if the CMO is unable to deal with injuries?”

Quinn looked at Thomas again, “Sorry if I am out of line?” she was genuinely sorry for possibly making mischief for her boss, but she had to speak up. It didn’t make sense to go if they didn’t have definite details of the situation and especially if a majority of the command team were assigned to the away team.

“You’re not out of line,” Thomas said.

He had to admit, he’d started to like Lieutenant Kindle. She had the kind of spirit, and fire that reminded him of him when he’d been that young, and more importantly she’d understood the severity of her Billet. It had been something many young Officers rarely understood, or if they had it had often been when something dire had happened. He understood the Captain and the Executive Officer on a ship or starbase had their own ideas and methods on how to accomplish an objective, but in his opinion and in traditions of those that had Served before him one simply didn’t sacrifice a ship or its crew for some need to play cowboy.

“We have work to do, but if you are intending to still deploy in a Launch to the surface the least, we can do is make sure your Launch is well-stocked with small arms and provisions. If the majority of the Command Team is to deploy it’s better to have it even if you won’t need it than need it and not have it,” Thomas said.

Quinn followed her boss out of the briefing room feeling like it had been a waste of time, neither her words of caution nor Thomas’s had been acknowledged by the Captain or First officer. She was not going to be relaxed on this mission.

Doug looked around at each person assembled there. He suspected that there would be a few last-minute substitutions by some department heads who didn’t want to leave their departments aboard ship unprepared. Substitutions would be okay as he knew they would be thoroughly briefed. “No further questions? We leave in 30 minutes.” Without another word he turned and walked out of the room.

T’Shain nodded to the Captain, “ I will in the shuttle bay in 30 minutes with my equipment.” She then left the meeting and returned to the Science lab to gather her equipment.

Me`l watched as the team left. Once everyone else left, she headed for the bridge.

Te`shara was with the others, getting ready to go down to the planet.

Lee walked out of the room as he did, he turned to Commander De`Lenn “Commander, sir, do you want me to go on this away mission? I don’t see the point of both of us going and leaving Engineering without ahead.

[[I would like to point out, this post is already over four pages long. The stuff below also feels like it is coming out of left field, the material seems to me like it would be perfect for a nice one-on-one JP just between the two of you. Just a thought.]]

Me`l stood up. “Due to the Executive Officer having to leave back home. I would like Lt. Cmdr. ky`la De`Lenn, to take his place.” Me`l smiled She Is our new XO.” Me`l loved and clapped for the Klingon.

Stunned and shocked…… “Captain? Seriously??” she almost tripped on the carpet of the bridge. Looking at Lee, “No you stay and man engineering”, she finished. Now looking at Me`l, “Thank you captain I will do my best”, Ky’la said.

lee nodded "aye commander and congrats on your position promotion even if it is only temporary" as he headed to Engineering

Me`l nodded, “Well good luck with you all, and safe Journeys.” Me`l said with a smile.

Te'shara nodded to the captain and looked at the others as she was getting ready to leave.


Lt jg Lee Kendrick
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
USS Thunderchild

Lieutenant j.g. Quinn Kindle
Asst. Chief of Security
USS Thunderchild

Lieutenant Cmdr A. A. Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
USS Thunderchild

Lt. Cmdr. Ky’la De’Lenn
Executive Officer /CEO
USS Thunderchild

Lieutenant Thomas Marek
Chief of Tactical/Security
USS Thunderchild

Lieutenant T'Shain
Chief Science Officer
USS Thunderchild


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