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[Back log]Science for Action

Posted on Mon May 18th, 2020 @ 2:49pm by Captain Me'lonna Rowris

Mission: Thunderchild- A Mystery to Solve part 2
Location: USS-Thunderchild

Mel was in her ready room looking over padd work she thought she 'd get to know the science officer better since her information is right in front of Mel. "Lieutenant T'shain please report to my ready room," Mel told them. Mel got up to the replicator to get herself a glass of Prune Juice.

T'Shain was at the Science Lab becoming familiar with all of the equipment when she heard the Captain's voice. At least, it should be the Captain's voice, since she was asked to go to the Ready Room. She tapped her communicator and replied, "I'm on my way, Captain." She was eager to see her Captain for the first time.

Mel was in her office gathering Info padds for the away Mission crew, she tapped the comms on her table. "Lieutenant T'Shain When you come to my Office be prepared for an Away Mission."
Mel also said.

T'Shain left the lab, made her way to the Ready Room, and entered. Seeing the Captain in person for the first time, both eyebrows raised slightly. After a short second, T'Shain nodded to the Captain and said: "It would be illogical for me to not be prepared for any assignment." She paused for a second, then said "Captain." She stood at attention while talking.

Mel grinned, "The reason I need Science on The away Mission is that is I want to know if there are any Contaminants in the air, ground, their food, and Etc. I like to know anything Unusual bout the planets from a Science point of view. " Mel grinned,
She knew she'd have the right Science officer for the job.

T'Shain tilted her head slightly, raised an eyebrow, then replied "You can be assured that I will provide you with a very detailed report of my findings. I would be remiss of my duties as a Science officer if I did otherwise." She paused only a short time, then continued, "Captain Rowris, sir."

Me'L smiled."I'm glad to hear that Lieutenant." Me'l smiled at her, "well welcome aboard." Me'l grinned.

T'Shain raised an eyebrow, then nodded to the Captain. "Thank you, Captain. I will now return to my station, awaiting your further orders."

Me'L nodded to T'shain."Sure go ahead" Smiled the young halfling Klingon. Me'l turned to get the others ready.

Capt Me'Lonna Rowris
Commanding officer


Lt T'shain
Science officer


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