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New Billet: Assistant Chief of Security

Posted on Wed Apr 29th, 2020 @ 11:41pm by Commander Yadira Reisen

Mission: Thunderchild- A Mystery to Solve part 2
Location: Various
Timeline: Current

- Corridor USS Thunderchild -

Quinn Kindle was in a word amused. She had been told to pack up her things, board a shuttle and disembark upon landing. The PaDD in her hands was transfer orders but she wasn't being told where she was going. So after the shuttle dropped her off, she offered her orders to the bay officer, who told her that her immediate superior was in the security Chief's office, she got the directions and headed to meet up with whomever it was. This ship was a lot bigger than her previous posting, the USS Westmore had been a refitted New Orleans class. She wasn't certain how this was going to go, especially since her hair still had some streaks of cotton candy pink hair dye, a 'gift' during an in progress prank war between herself and two others. She wasn't going to be around when they got their own hair adjustments but she would likely get an interesting letter or two in about a week. She rang the chime on the security Chief's office and waited, her fingers fiddling with the straps of her duffle bag and carry all.

[Office: Lieutenant Thomas 'Thompson' Marek]

“Come,” Lieutenant Thomas 'Thompson' Marek called out.

He'd been catching up on some much needed work behind his desk, along with some personnel transfer requests which hadn't surprised him. Ever since he'd taken command of the Security Department, he'd enacted regular fitness regimens which included calisthenics, duration runs, and even phaser qualification tests in a compartment he'd managed to have authorized following a requisitions request to have converted into an actual Phaser Range. The Manual had called for a Phaser Range program stored in the ship's Holographic Library Database, but the Displaced Lieutenant hadn't cared for the Holodeck. He'd used it a few times after his arrival in the 2380s, but he'd found the projections eerie and that they had lacked in terms of moving targets the ability to hit back. He'd learned that the Holodecks had been able to have been programmed, and that the Phaser Range Tests had been able to be tweaked where the Targets had fought back with simulated weaponry -- particle blasts or anything found in the Database, but Thomas had found the programs lacking. The Programs had created a more sterile environment, one where those in his Department had anticipated and predicted where and when their Targets would fight back or how far the Target might be from them. He'd held the opinion the Holodeck created lazy and complacent Personnel that expected their opponents to have been as balanced or to have displayed a handicap towards them rather than what he'd experienced first hand from Smugglers to Romulans, Klingons, Orions, and even the occasional Pirate. A real target kept on the move, and hadn't fought back until they had been certain their Starfleet counterpart had either been busy reloading, tending to their wounded or attempted to get into a better firing position. It had been something he'd wanted to have proved to his Department, to weed out the lazy Personnel and to keep the ones that had wanted to be there. He'd signed off on about six personnel transfers in a short time before the chime to his office rang, and he'd still had a small stack of such transfer requests to fill out.

He'd missed the Away Mission Briefing the Captain had requested with all of the Senior Officers out of having to first find out where that whine had been coming from in his Office to having figured out some of the previous Department Chief's errors. His old Commanding Officers had instilled in him that a Department had only been as strong as its weakest Officer, that a good defense had been the best offense and that a ship often held far more internal blind spots than the sensors would have detected. That notion seemed to have been lost on the current Starfleet a Decade following the conclusion of the Dominion War, and which had been the end of an Officer's Career in his day or at the very least a re-evaluation of said Officer including heavier training if a transfer hadn't been in order or ideal.

Quinn walked in and looked at the guy behind the desk, dark hair and bright green eyes, she offered up a cheeky grin, as she met his gaze with own her amber copper brown eyes. "I am Lieutenant j.g. Quinn Kindle, reporting for transfer from the USS Westmore, to work within your department, Sir." She quietly hoped he wouldn't be too upset about the cotton candy pink streaks in her hair even though she had pulled it back into a braided bun on the back of her head, she stood straight and offered him the PaDD with her orders, while keeping her duffle bag and carry-all from falling from her shoulders. Once she was given leave to do so finding out about quarters was going to be welcome.

“Lieutenant Kindle, how did you enjoy the flight from the Westmore? I've heard she's a good ship, with a good Captain and a better crew,” he'd say. He'd set the PaDD he'd been working on the desk, and straightened his own tunic.

Quinn gave a wry grin, "The flight was fine if a bit rushed, considering that the pilot wanted to get back to his new wife I am not complaining." She had barely gotten herself and bags off the shuttle before it was getting clearance to leave.

He'd noticed the cotton-candy striped hair tied back in a bun, and though the cotton-candy style hair extensions had been a tad out of the Grooming Standard he hadn't been an Officer that focused primarily on how an Enlisted or an Officer carried themselves especially after a lengthy flight from a previous posting. He'd learned any Officer that had gauged another based on their initial appearance had been fooling themselves into setting limitations, and expectations on the other Officer's abilities or skills, and the Chief of Security hadn't been one to have been fooled by others or at least for not very long. His experience in the Ring and against whatever the Galaxy had thrown at him had taught him that it had been more the Officer making the judgment creating limits for themselves rather than in trusting their own Team.

“At ease,” the Alaskan Raised Lieutenant said. With quite a bit of understanding of what and how a newly arrived Officer had felt or thought, Thomas had believed in giving some compassion and some of that understanding back would have worked far more wonders than a textbook greeting. “I appreciate the gesture, but we're a long way from the Presidio and the Parade Grounds. Please, have a seat. You can put your rucksack in the other chair. I'm certain you've had a lengthy, and exhausting flight. Help yourself to the Replicator. I'm still getting used to it being in my Office,”

Quinn hesitated a moment but afterwards she set the duffle and carry-all on the other chair. His comment about the replicator brought out another cheeky smile flashing a hint of her dimples, "Do you want something as well?" She didn't normally eat or drink in front of others if they weren't also having something, she was both a guest in his office and now an officer in his department.

“No, but thank you. I had a big breakfast, and I still find that the Replicators can't quite get a Smoked Alaskan Salmon with trimmings, and a tall Stein of Guinness right,” he'd say. “I'm not a bad cook either, and normally prepare the dish in my Quarters or I stop by the ship's Mess Hall,”

Quinn laughed softly flashing her dimples, "I agree they're good for quick easy but for the best flavor cooking it for yourself or talking the lounge manager into a meal." She got a cup of Andorian hot chocolate with peppermint sprinkles in it. It wasn't as good as what she could have made it she had the time but it would do for the moment. "Thank you!" She said as she sat down in the other chair with the mug in her left hand.

“Your previous Commanding Officer has put in a Word of Recommendation on your part,” he'd say, having taken hold of the PaDD with her Orders on it. He'd started reading through the rather interesting Service Docket. “You're an Investigator with an ear for languages? That will come in handy in your new Billet,”

Quinn nodded her head though she was surprised by the implication of new billet, what did he mean? "I know lots of languages and I can usually help figuring out translations of there's a bug in the translation system. My primary duties were focused on investigations and crime solving yes." When she wasn't doing that, she was usually assigned on brig duty or being a pain in someone's backside with a prank.

“I've learned through experience that a good Officer is normally one that isn't a glory hound, and whose abilities are overlooked by others even their own Department as being irrelevant or in being assigned Brig Duty,” Thomas explained. “I started off very similar to that. I was assigned Brig Duty repeatedly, and for a while I thought it was all I'd be able to do. A Miranda Class Medium Cruiser isn't that big a ship, at least not as big as those found in the Fleet these days. The Department had only a certain amount of manpower in it, and soon I found that my Chief had seen my abilities in the field. I found myself assigned to other Duties, with only the occasional Brig Duty Shift and soon even that was behind me. We all have to start somewhere, but the hard work is always rewarded,”

Quinn nodded,and grinned cheekily, "I am always up for a challenge the more to it the more I enjoy it." She also took it as a compliment that he had admitted to having started with lot of brig duty shifts before he was bumped up to more responsibility.

He'd finished reading through Lieutenant Junior Grade Kindle's Service Docket before having read through the official Orders and Transfer authorized by the Chief of Security of the Westmore, and the Westmore's Executive Officer. Reaching over to the desk mounted computer, he'd checked and even triple checked the Authentication Codes, the Authentication Seals, to those of the Westmore's Executive Officer to have found they were valid and official. He'd approved, and authorized Lieutenant Kindle's Transfer to the Thunderchild's Security Department and filed it in triplicate in the Thunderchild's Computer Cores and a copy to have been sent to his own private terminal in his Quarters. It had been something he'd seen to for each of the personnel requests, Transfers off the ship and those Transferring to the Ship along with Requisition Forms anyways. He'd even sent a notice that the Transfer had been approved to the Executive Officer of the Westmore itself for their purposes.

“Welcome aboard, Lieutenant. Your Orders have checked out, and to the Billet of Assistant Chief of Security. I'm in need of experienced Officers, and your skill sets match with what I'm searching for,” Thomas explained.

“You'll find the forms waiting in your Quarters, and though I'm sure we've both known some Chief of Security out there that has been all about spit and polish, to reports with corners sharp enough to rent steel I won't do that. You'll find the Forms aren't that complicated, but are a good read,” he'd said. He'd taken a few moments to have entered on the PaDD information pertaining to the location, deck and section her Quarters would have been found in, and what compartment number and the initial security code to unlock it. He'd saved that information for her on a second page on the PaDD in order not to clear the Transfer Orders. “You'll find a Security Code for the Hatch to your Quarters. It's the Default code for now, but if you want you can always change it,”

Quinn sat up straighter her eyes widening in surprise at his words assistant Chief of Security? She hadn't been told that. It had to be a trick or worse a test. She listened to the rest of his words and realized he was completely serious. "I will try to do my best but fair head's up, I have never been in the assistant Chief slot before, I know how to write reports and make rosters for duty shifts but officially I have not done much more than brig duty when not working on an investigation or doing linguistics."

“I wouldn't worry about the training. I'll train you,” Thomas began. “I've overheard from others that have said I can be strict, but I'm not a cruel taskmaster. If you have confidence in yourself, you will pass. We never ask for the position to find us, but when it does we're never ready for it. It's something that seems daunting. It can be, but it's not any different than that last stretch in the Academy Marathon or in that final exam in a classroom. The only challenge comes from realizing that you are ready for it. A lot of Officers don't even see that. By the end of the day, you will be walking with your back straighter, your shoulders held back and your head high,”

“Your previous Department Head on the Westmore, and the Westmore's Executive Officer wouldn't have seen to your Transfer Request to my Department if they hadn't seen that you weren't ready for it,” he'd say. “Our Mentors see more in us than our strengths. They can see our flaws even if we wouldn't want to see them, and the best of Mentors will take those flaws and reshape them. You're going to find your flaws are not so much weaknesses to be afraid of, but to understand,”

Quinn nodded softly, as she listened to him and his explanation as she quietly sipped the Andorion hot chocolate and peppermint sprinkles. She wasn't certain he would still have the same sentiment if he happened to be a witness to her being scared silly reaction around spiders. Part they creeped her out, part she was allergic to most Spider bites. Two fold fear and annoyance from one source. Quinn wasn't ready to share that one with him just yet, unfortunately. Her want for light pranks would likely be a thing that would get a discussion or two, as for off duty well if she got comfortable enough she wouldn't mind taking a cat's eye view of the ship to address any possible weak points.

“Do you have any questions? With the Formalities out of the way, I want to know what my new Officers thinks and I want to know what my new Assistant Chief of Security has on her mind,” Thomas said. “It's my way of getting to know my Department, the People in it and what they are capable of. There is something I want you to learn, and you can think of it as the first lesson. You've most likely heard Officers you've had in the past tell you that their hatch is always open, or even if it hasn't been directed at you that you've heard it. It means that while their Hatch is open, if an Officer or an Enlisted has a gripe or a complaint about their direct superior they must abide by the Chain of Command. If they cannot or do not want to turn to their direct supervisor, they go and find the Officer above their superior and then it reaches me,"

Quinn gave another cheeky grin as she met his gaze, "So if I have an issue I bring it to you without getting into immediate trouble as long as I don't get to mouthy about how I voice the issue?" Not that she was usually caring about the after effects of her words she didn't tend to mince words regardless of whom she was speaking to. Though the fact she had simply walked out of a briefing once because the second officer at the time had Klingon opera playing kinda loudly in the room. The Captain told her off later but had admitted he understood her reasons even if he couldn't condone it.

“You can bring your issues to me, and I'll listen. I'd rather deal with any issues In-House without getting the Chief of the Boat, the Executive Officer or the Captain involved. It's how the Security Chiefs I had in the past operated, it's how I operated with those in the Department and when I had an issue I'd take it to my Chief,” he'd say.

“My thoughts on the matter are somewhat archaic among more modern Officers, but it's how things were accomplished. I try to abide by Protocol and Regulations, but I've been in the Service long enough to have learned that even the strictest of Protocols and Regulations are flexible,” Thomas said. “I'm of the belief that a Department, and ultimately the ship, runs better if the personnel within the Department aren't too afraid of their Chief. I expect some healthy respect, and if someone in the Department is putting their crew-mates and this ship in danger then I'll come down on them. Otherwise, I think it's better if those within the Department while having a healthy respect aren't afraid of airing their issues. If you have an issue, for example, I don't want you to hold back. I don't want you to think you'll hurt my feelings. I've had worse in the Ring, and I can guarantee if another Officer or Personnel or Klingon or Andorian or Gorn throws a punch while drunk I'll hit back putting them on the deck,”

“They used to call me Thompson back in my Academy Days, like the Thompson Submachine Gun of the Twentieth Century.. I could throw a mean right hook. It's a nickname Boothby gave me, and at the time I thought he was a little nuts,” Marek finally said, with a smirk.

Quinn laughed out loud and grinned cheekily at him, "I haven't seen a drunk Andorian before but I have seen plenty of Klingons having too much and causing a ruckus, my academic nickname was Pia, and another one I might tell you about later on." Pia was another way to say Pain in Ass. She had various nicknames from different folks most she liked or put up with depending on whom had given her the nickname, her brothers ideas were different between each of them her sisters had insisted on calling her Artemis. She still wasn't sure if it was a compliment or veiled insult.

“A Nickname? I'll have to remember that,” he'd smirk. “I lost a Match to an Andorian with a mean Left Hook. The fact they don't exactly have a skeleton, but have cartilage running through their bodies doesn't hurt either. He was the only one that managed to knock me out in the Ring, but after Boothby found me on the Grounds outside after I'd decided to take a little walk he'd talked some sense into me. I was able to schedule a new match with that Andorian a few days later, and climbed back into the Ring. I didn't win that Match, but it was a draw. If the Refs hadn't called it, I'm more than certain we would have kept beating the tar out of each other until dawn,”

“I've found that a person's Nickname can often tell more about their character than the details in a report can,” Marek said.

Quinn grinned cheekily at him, "Well I can be a brat or stubborn depending on who you talk to. I won't back down when I believe in something or someone."


Lt. Thomas 'Thompson' Marek
Chief of Security, 2XO, USS Thunderchild

Lt.j.g. Quinn Kindle
Asec, USS Thunderchild


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