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Posted on Mon May 4th, 2020 @ 3:52pm by Commander Yadira Reisen

Mission: Thunderchild- A Mystery to Solve part 2
Location: USS Westmore
Timeline: Prior to transfer to the USS Thunderchild

- Security office USS Westmore -

Quinn was standing still keeping her expression blank as she watched the brig cell. The occupant was a Petty officer who had started a fight in the lounge a few hours ago. Her hair while naturally Auburn was currently streaked in cotton candy pink. She had a pretty good idea of whom had messed with her shampoo and conditioner. She was just waiting for the right time to plan her response.

Zoë and Silvia Dupree walked in and gave her the 'stink eye' as they took up their positions by the brig and inner office where their boss was still writing his report. Their long platinum blonde hair pulled into matching braids. They were the first set of twins, Quinn had met, that had actually gone out of their way to be as identical as possible. Though Quinn could tell them apart by their perfume and the random loud thoughts she got from them. Zoë tended to have thoughts of daydreaming about a certain Doctor in the Sickbay, while Silvia had her mind mostly on work or about a spotted Trill Engineer.

"Kindle get in here!" Her boss barked, had she forgotten something in her report of the fight and arrest? She was certain she hadn't but the sound of his annoyed voice said something was up.

Quinn edged towards the inner office and through the doorway. As she got past the door she saw right away that her Boss was smiling, it wasn't an expression she was used to seeing from him very often.
"You wanted to see me Sir?" She asked lightly as she regarded him He was a Trill with the lesser known forehead ridge instead of the more commonly known spots or pigmentation that ran along the sides of their bodies. His eyes were gray and his hair was black with a few streaks of silver. He didn't look old but he had a way to seeming ancient. Though she knew now that was due mostly to his symbiont, Keon. Palidan Keon, she hadn't asked how many had been before her boss, she figured it wasn't her business.

"You want to tell me what this is supposed to say?" He asked her showing the report she had written, in Tolkien elvish, she had included a complete copy in Federation basic even high lighted the skip to the Federation basic part but he had apparently not seen it. Or he was up to something else? "It's Tolkien elvish but the Federation basic part is after page five." Quinn retorted lightly.

Palidan shook his head and muttered under his breath a moment, and nodded to the seats in front of his desk. "Sit down Kindle."

For a full two seconds Quinn resisted the order but finally sat down in a smooth motion she looked at his gray eyes straight on.

Palidan shook his head as he read over the report. Kindle had the type of mind that could look at a puzzle and come up with at least five different ways to solve it and often pulled a stunt or another to push someone's buttons. Besides the fact she was good at solving problems she was good at causing minor mischief too. She was a decent officer and had a stubborn loyalty streak a mile wide. No one would be left behind if she had anything to do about it. Quinn Kindle just needed a different experience than what she was getting aboard the small ship. He was fully behind the idea that sending her off to a new assignment was going to bring out the very best in her. Or at the least get her to try and trust others a bit more. Keon knew what she was capable of because Keon had known other Isiseans in the past. Keon quietly hoped that Quinn Kindle wouldn't end up like the ones of his days gone by, two had died of broken hearts as their mates had been killed. The other he had known had saved his host, by interposing themselves in the path of a death blow. Shaking his head again he focused on the golden copper brown eyes that looked at him. "You're being reassigned Kindle. Shuttle bay two has your ride."

Quinn blinked at him and nodded her head, her words stunned quiet by the sudden announcement. She got to her feet and hesitated at the doorway, "Been nice working with you Lieutenant Commander Keon."

He nodded his head keeping his mouth quirked in a small smile. She had no idea what she was being sent off to but she wasn't arguing because he wasn't the type to send off on death missions without warning, she knew that.


Ltj.g. Quinn Kindle
Investigations officer, Brig officer
USS Westmore being
Transfered to USS Thunderchild
As Assistant Chief of Security


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