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Shipyard visiting

Posted on Fri May 3rd, 2019 @ 9:35pm by Major General Myers Hanson

Location: Salvage Yard 340
Timeline: Present


The USS Relentless approached the salvage yard and was quite a large complex within an asteroid field. Each wreck was in a local orbit around an asteroid which was also co-located with another asteroid with an overseeing base. It was a pretty vast base and tightly controlled. Anyone can get lost in there as there is a perimeter field across the X, Y and Z axis, a main control base with docking facilities for visiting ships. The complex had a mining and recycling facility for wrecks that were deemed salvageable either for recycling or salvageable for the materials. As the Relentless neared the asteroid salvage facility, the viewscreen had to change magnification to see the whole base in it's entirety. The helmsman was looking around the base for the entrance, "Over there sir?" He asked the Lieutenant colonel.

"Assumption is as good as mine. The construction yard has something in it." An incomplete ship.

"Wont be going there then. *looks at the console* incoming transmission." As soon as it was patched through, Myers then came onto the bridge.

"Not found the entrance or a docking bay?" Myers asked.

"No sir."

"Getting continuous identification scans?"

"Plenty of that." Myers understood that the salvage yard had some highly classified federation stock and several unprocessed federation acquired stock. So anything friend or foe is of no consequence to the operation of the base; they get all sorts of visitors. Ultimately under Section 31 control.

"Comms, analyse the carrier of the signal."

"Sir?" Questioned the comms officer from the station as she was disbelieving of the common sense of scanning a carrier signal on a scan.

"Go on, give it a go." Myers suggested. He knew that because scans travel at the speed of light; same as a radio wave or any other type of wave that is of any frequency on the light spectrum. It's still light and you can hide anything you want within it. The comms officer continued analysing the scan signal and was quite surprised, "They're docking coordinates."

"Good, pass to the helmsman and set a course."

"Aye sir." Replied the helmsman. The LCARS panel came to light and the ship started to veer off and head around the perimeter of the asteroid field. The travel was so lengthy that even the yeoman had time to give Myers another coffee, "Approaching coordinates."

"Ah here we go. Entering the field." Myers nodded. The Relentless then entered past the coloured security buoys that erect a deflector grid to refuse or allow access to shipping. The ship then veered in line with the docking port and used thrusters to move sideways nearer to the port. The port extended and sealed to the port.

===Docking Bay===

The docking bay was more like a cargo hold of a freighter, everyone waited for the doors to decompress and lights to turn from red to green. As they did, "Open." Sanders ordered. The doors slowly opened to reveal three officers in black; one was a commodore that stood in the centre flanked by two lieutenants.

"Commodore Trask, welcome to the dockyard *peers behind Sanders, looking for someone else.*, errr I was expecting General Hanson. The doors opened again and Myers walked through, "Apologies for being late. Just reading the list of stock that you have commodore."

"Follow me to the control centre?" Trask asked.

"Of course."

"Beverage?, it gets quite cold out here on three forty." Trask commented.

"No thank you, maybe later."

"Fair enough, well this base has seventeen point four wreckages."

"Point four?" Myers questioned as he knew that wreckages don't arrive whole.

"Errr we're piecing up a Klingon battlecruiser. Teams are still scanning debris and planets in the Vargus system near DS12. A bit of a long travel there and back but being one of a few salvage yards....we're the nearest." Trask briefed as they all neared the turbo lift.

===Control Centre===

Turbo lift doors opened to a simple bridge control room, circular in design, panels all around the back and windows to the front that overlooked the asteroids with the odd nacelle or superstructure peaking from behind. Then there was a small explosion from one of them. Everyone stood on edge as the explosion sent a small rock piece to the control centre. Trask simply stood and saw it head towards the windows and bounce off with a crash.

"I forgot they're not double glazing." Myers joked.

"These fields don't have tennis balls in them either." Trask returned. They came down the stairs to the centre circle of consoles and walked down the path to the middle and to the right hand console. Sat down and started manipulating the console to bring up the data. Myers peered over, "Ok, Enterprise, Enterprise, Ba'Kta, Thunderchild, Trump, Merkel, scimitar class?"

"We'll get to that one. Section 31 quarantine."

"I see and the Reliant over there?" Saunders asked.

"Yes we'll do that one first, follow me." Trask then arose and led the way to an exit to a corridor with a hover sled; he got on board and the others followed onto the platform. Trask operated the controls and the hover board glided down the corridor. The corridor was very wide and tubular like walking through a sea life centre; Myers looked to his right and saw several floating boulders of rock as well as the odd ship parked behind it with various engineering tasks being conducted.

"So this umbilical corridor goes throughout the asteroid field to each and every ship that is parked here and we can stop off at any. Over there, General Hanson, is the USS Margaret Thatcher, Battleaxe Class ship; the ship was abandoned about five years ago during a conflict between dissident Marquis terrorists and Cardassian defence forces. Those engineering crew are an investigation team that are sifting through the ship to find whatever clues they can find."

"The ship seems intact." Saunders commented.

"It is." Trask confirmed.

"It is?"


"And the crew?" Saunders asked.

"No one knows where they are. No dead bodies, no personal logs, no ships log at the event when the crew go missing. It's like the tape had stopped recording. Anyway....." As the transport went by, the group were on to the next ship, a Ferengi freighter with gold pressed latinum......full to the brim."

"A freighter full of latinum? And no ferengi to claim it?" Myers asked.

"Weird eh. We find the ship and no ferengi ship has claimed it or even approached the 50 years."

"I guess they know about it?"

"The ferengis have gone through five Grand Negus's and not one of them are interested in this find." The transport continued on past the several broken ships, more boulders of rock and engineering working. The transport went on for a long while until they reached a nebula class starship and soon it came to a stop and lowered to the floor. The group got off and entered an airlock to the ship, "Okay the newest old ship, the Minnieapolis. This ship was drifting in space near the romulan border and was towed here."

"No battle scars at all." An engineering officer greeted at the entrance.

"Nope and all the crew are dead." Added the medical officer, also at the entrance.




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