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Off To Investigate Gamma Tauri IV(Backlog)Part 1-To be continued)

Posted on Tue Oct 6th, 2020 @ 8:04pm by Captain Me'lonna Rowris & Lieutenant Te'shara R'heil & Commander Yadira Reisen & Lieutenant Commander Doctor Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D. & Lieutenant Commander T'Ponga Shemara Daughter House Mordok & Lieutenant T'Shain & Captain Khel vestai-KURKURA & Lieutenant JG Lee Kendrick

Mission: Thunderchild- A Mystery to Solve part 2
Location: USS-Thunderchild shuttle bay

OOC: If you want to use NPC’s and leave your main characters on the ship that’s fine.
OOC-Kindle here, I added the rest of the folks that were part of the away team instructions JP. If they’re not going to be part of this my apologies.

:: USS Thunderchild – Shuttle Bay ::

While Captain Rowris was on the bridge she tapped the shuttle bay crew to be the same on Gamma Tauri IV, where there have been some weird things going on and talk of the Ferengi visiting Gamma Tauri IV. This was why she wanted the fighter pilots to move their butts to their fighters. Meanwhile, Cmdr. Reisen oversaw the shuttle away mission. Me`l tapped her comm badge, =/\=Commander Reisen are you ready to shove off in the runabout for Gamma Tauri IV?=/\= Me`l asked.

=/\=Reisen to Rowris, yes captain. The shuttle is ready to leave.=/\= Yadira answered.

Quinn resisted in shaking her head, as she double-checked that the extra armaments she had brought and gotten placed securely in the shuttle, (the change from runabout to shuttle had not been a choice she agreed with but she wasn’t in charge of the mission that was the Captain and First officer’s calls). She was just planning to try and make sure that everyone who stepped off the shuttle returned more or less in the same condition as they had left in. Not that she was going to blindly follow someone into a possible bad situation, she would definitely voice caution if it came down to it.

T`Shain had made her way to the shuttle bay, handheld equipment in hand, and had reviewed the stack of equipment that she had sent to the shuttle area beforehand. Since this was her first away mission with this crew, everything had to be redundant in case of any failures. Some of the particulars of this planet were still unknown, and it was her task to determine what, if anything, could jeopardize this mission, as well as any future missions.

Any time any of the away team passed near enough to be observed, T`Shain made sure to notice any unique mannerisms that they had. Getting to know anyone new was sometimes a tedious task, but a necessary one. Just a normal task for any Vulcan.

Doctor Aldana and Sombra stepped up into the shuttle or runabout or Delta Flyer or whatever type of craft this was – they seemed rather ‘same-y’ sometimes – the Kazarite officer and hir assistant the quadrupedal Thyla approached the Vulcan science officer stowing her gear.

T'Shain noticed, or rather, sensed, Doctor Aldana approaching, and turned to greet hir with a nod and a simple mental "Greetings." She stood still for a moment to allow the Doctor to return the greeting, but, in spite of her knowledge that Kazarites prefer to embrace as a form of greeting, did not offer to embrace hir. The Vulcan would, however, respond with an embrace, should one be offered.
She then turned to Sombra and nodded approval to the Doctor for him to approach her and sniff about. After the Alpha's Thyla was satisfied with his investigation, the scientist turned her attention back to Doctor Aldana.

Aldana had decided on just a few extra items than the standard emergency medkit, so s/he had packed it all into a decent size – not too big – backpack. “Hi, I’m Doctor Aldana, need some help?”

"I appreciate your offer, Doctor. I already have all of the necessary equipment on board to perform my duties on this mission. However, I will accept your offer of assistance when transporting the equipment during the mission." T'Shain paused for a moment, then continued, "Providing your assistance will not hinder you in performing your duties."

Sombra gazed about observing the others to a similar fashion as the science officer – though more with his nose – he enjoyed meeting new beings with their new smells and all the wonderful placed he could decipher they’d been. For the meantime he was tethered to a leash, though he wasn’t keen on it. Alpha had told him for his safety with a lot of people in a small space, it would be for the best, and he respected that. He was also decked out in his away-team version of his vest. A slightly larger and more heavy-duty variety it offered a bit more protection from potential hazards if they were indeed entering a disaster zone. This vest was more formally colored in urban greys with more subtle highlights in the colors of the medical and science departments. Today Alpha (a.k.a. Doctor Aldana) had also utilized the Velcro strapping to include some extra storage and extra equipment, including some backup water and rations in case the singular replicator of the auxiliary craft went offline.

Me`lonna was on the bridge getting ready to watch the crew depart from the main bay in the shuttle and take off. She tapped her comm. on her chair. =/\=Crew who are on the away mission are you all aboard the shuttle and ready to launch?=/\=

Lieutenant T`Shain tapped her commbadge =/\= “Lieutenant T`Shain responding, Captain Me`lonna. I have all my equipment on board, and I am ready for the shuttle to launch.”

Te`shara was on board with the others all set with weapons and whatever for the mission. Te`shara thought to herself ~here we go for a big adventure~ she was sitting with the others.

“Alright, Cmdr. Shemara get us moving,” Yadira said sitting next to her.

“Understood Yadira,” said T'Ponga as she was cleared to take out the shuttle and head to the planet.

Me`l was near the shuttlebay watching the others take off before heading back to the bridge.

Lieutenant T`Shain had placed the bulk of her equipment in the cargo module of the runabout and connected it to the interfaces so she could analyze any incoming data in real-time. She was sitting at the science console on the command pod, watching and reviewing the incoming data as it streamed across the screens. Occasionally she would pause the data stream and glance out through the portals to view their descent to the planet, correlating her visual information with the data streaming rapidly across the screens.

Occasionally a unique piece of data would glide by on the screen, and, if it were deemed pertinent, she would relay it to T'Ponga. Otherwise T`Shain would make mental notes of the data, as well as sometimes making observational entries into the runabout’s computer, and, consequently, to the equipment that she had brought on board.

Me`l was wondering who was going on the mission, crew, or assistant crew, she tapped her commbadge. =/\=All crew of the USS Thunderchild I’m down in the shuttlebay, I was wondering who is going on the away mission?=/\= Me`l tapped off her commbadge. She was wandering down the hallway seeing other officers; then the shuttlebay where one of the bigger shuttles.

T`Shain heard Captain Rowris’ message come in on the comm. system. She paused for 2.37262 seconds to consider the Captain’s message, wondering why she would not know who was assigned to the away mission. Immediately after considering the question, she tapped her intercom badge and replied, =/\=Lieutenant T`Shain responding, captain, I am one of the crew members that has been assigned to the away mission.=/\= Again, she paused to consider expounding on her response, then decided that the response was concise enough that, should the captain want any more information, a second request for information would be forthcoming. She continued with =/\=T`Shain out,=/\= then tapped her comm badge again and closed the communication. This was followed by one word, “Curious.”

Me`l tapped back, =/\=Okay Lieutenant T'Shain go on ahead of the others my security officer Lieutenant Te`shara R`heil will be in charge.=/\= Me`l told her science officer. =/\=Now all of you.=/\= she tapped her comm badge again for some reason, =/\=Those of you who will be on the away mission, I will be on the bridge.=/\= Me`l told the crew.

Aldana spoke up too; =/\=Doctor Aldana and Sombra are already aboard for departure, confirming away team status.=/\=

Looking back at the rest of the away team, T'Shain nodded toward Lieutenant Te`shara in acknowledgment of both the fact that the lieutenant was in charge of the mission, as well as being instructed to proceed with investigating the planet. She continued ahead, scanning the areas, and entering data in her PADD to augment the data being recorded by her tricorder.

Doctor Aldana looked around the cabin of the runabout slightly confused at the captain’s behavior, though s/he did not say anything about it. “Perhaps we should just get on with this? Do we have clearance to land? What’s our ETA?” S/he reached down to fondle Sombra’s shoulders gently.

Sombra gave a light moan at the slight neck rubbing.

Me`l checked in with her Caitain security officer. =/\=Have you landed yet?=/\= Me`l asked.

=/\=We’re just about there sir.=/\= Te`shara replied back.

Me`l did a Klingon grin and couldn’t wait for results of the problem.

Aldana spoke up, concerned, =/\=Captain, are you all right, you’re behaving as if you’ve never sent a team on an away mission before. We’re capable Starfleet officers, we’ll call when there’s anything to report. With respect, sir, let us do our jobs.=/\=

Me'l got tapped the comm =/\=I know you guys are fine, let me know if you heard or seen anything.=/\= Me'l said to her crew.

Te'shara was in the area helping out.

"T'Ponga land the shuttle there....", Yadira said pointing to a clearing just short of their objective.

"Understood Yadira," T'Ponga said, maneuvering the shuttle to the clearing. "Prepare to land people" she said, landing the craft gently. =/\= Reisen to Rowris we are on the ground proceeding with mission=/\=

Me'l tapped, "Ok good luck out there." She said.
Me'l was watching the screen when all of a sudden strange wormhole appeared. "What in all is Klingon is that?" Me'l growled on her Klingon half.

T'Shain gathered her equipment and accompanied the Away Team out of the shuttle.

Me'l called the Thunderchild crew.=/\= Away team members come back to the ship this Investigation is put on hold we got an emergency here=/\= Me'l growled in her klingon way.

OOC Melonna: we will put the mission on hold,and get the Nightwolf crew to Starbase:New Raven ,and come back to this.
I'm gonna End this here. It will be part 1 to be continued.


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