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Mission points

Posted on Sat May 16th, 2020 @ 10:08pm by Commander Yadira Reisen

Mission: Thunderchild- A Mystery to Solve part 2
Location: Various
Timeline: After Last minute instructions for away team jp

- Security office, USS Thunderchild -

After the briefing that in Quinn's opinion didn't really answer the questions they had she followed her boss out of the room.

Normally Quinn wouldn't have piped off like she had during the meeting but, there were way too many unknowns to just keep her trap shut on. Though she hoped she hadn't annoyed her superior too badly, even if his words had mirrored or expended on her own it didn't necessarily mean he had actually agreed but, was being diplomatic in not saying otherwise in front of the rest of the command staff. Quinn waited a moment before she looked at him, "So what do you think I should gear the runabout with?"

“I’ve been in Briefings before, from my Chief at Starfleet Headquarters to various Captains ranging from Captain Douglas to Captain Harriman and this is the first one where the Captain ignored the advice from her Officers,” Thomas explained. He’d made his way along the corridors to the nearest turbolift before stepping inside, though he’d waited for Quinn to follow before the hatches had closed.

“Security Complex, Landing Party Armory...Away Team Armory,” Marek said. He’d had to correct himself after realizing that in the current century the term Landing Party had been phased out in terms of an Away Team. The deck plating beneath his feet slightly vibrated, an almost reassuring sign that the Turbolift had started weaving through the decks.

“I wasn’t a supporter of Captain Harriman or his style. He was from a prestigious Family, and scuttlebutt held his Father -- Admiral Black Jack Harriman had pulled strings to get his son to be in command of a ship named Enterprise,” he’d said. “On her Maiden Voyage, I found my Department numbered only a few Officers and that we didn’t even have any torpedoes onboard or Tractor Beam equipment. We lost an Admiral before returning back to port. He’s the only Captain I had disliked from a professional standpoint, but despite his background he did try to be an Officer worthy of the Uniform. This Captain….I can’t seem to understand her. We need that intel, and it has been denied,”

“I’m sure you noticed she’d arbitrarily decided the Members of the Landing Party… the Away Team. I’m still coming to terms with the modern jargon,” the Thunderchild’s Chief of Security explained.

“You weren’t out of line back there, Quinn. You voiced your concerns, and you voiced mine,” Thomas said. He’d hoped to reassure her, and assuage any nervousness that might have been present. “I did say, I wanted Officers that spoke their minds even when the popular opinion may say otherwise,”

“The armory lockers need to be well stocked with small arms, hand phasers and a few of the rifles -- either of the Compression types or the non-Compression types. There should be at least three spare power cells per hand phaser, and two spare cells for the rifles,” he’d say.

“The Medkits should have been stocked or will be stocked by the Medical Teams, and an engineering kit or two I suppose. I still think this Away Mission is a bad idea,” Marek said.

Quinn nodded as he spoke, and at his reassurance she hadn't been out of line she relaxed a bit, "Well if the intelligence isn't being refused that means we can try to get the details?" She gave a cheeky grin as she added, "At least you got the choice to stay behind on the ship, I will do what I can to keep the rest of the team safe though, as long as folks aren't following a Darwin award line of thought we should all be fine."

“If I had a say in the matter, I’d make it so you didn’t have to go down to the surface in that Launch,” Thomas said. “I don’t know how a Runabout handles, and I don’t know what the full difference is between it and a Shuttle, but a Launch is a Launch. I thought the Type-3 handled well. Why do Engineers always want to change things?”

“If you can keep them safe, keep them safe. If they want to touch an alien plant because it looks pretty, don’t be among them. If you can remain in the Launch or can assign someone to do so while keeping an open channel if things go South, do it,” he said. “I’m having a bad feeling about this Away Mission, and it goes beyond not having the intel we’d requested. I don’t think I’m going to be popular among the Captain or the rest of the Staff, but I’d be a poor Security Chief if I were concerned about whether the Senior Staff liked me,”

"Honestly it's better to be alive and kicking as a possible pain in the butt to being a memory of being a nice person." Quinn said with a cheeky grin, though she got what he meant, and then the rest of his words made her turn and look right at him, "What year was it the last time you were on a team going down planet side or something?" She asked boldly curious as to his answer but she wasn't going to back out from the question.

“I let that slip, didn’t I?” he asked, realizing he’d given a little too much information. He wasn’t disappointed or shamed by it, and held the fact he’d lived in an older Century with a bit of pride.

“My last Landing Party?” he’d had to think about it.

“It would have been on Stardate Thirty-One Seven-Eighty-Point-Three-Two. That would have made it Twelve October Fourteen Hundred Twenty Hours in Late Twenty-Two Ninety-Three,” Thomas said. “The Terpsichore had received a transmission from Admiral Nogura at Starfleet Headquarters of a Cadet Training Ship, the U.S.S. Ticonderoga hadn’t reported in and hadn’t checked in at two Starbases along its planned route. Captain Knight called me into his Office, along with Commander Fernandez and relayed his Orders. The Terpsichore had been to alter its course to bring it close to the Ticonderoga’s last reported position, but before we had been able to set course a transmission from the Ticonderoga had been intercepted. We were called out to the Bridge to witness on the main viewscreen the image of the interior of the Ticonderoga’s Auxiliary Control Room filled with Cadets in the White of Command to the Gray of Communications to the Green of Security and at least two Cadets in the Yellow of Engineering on their tunic, and one Cadet in the White of Command in the Center Chair. A Cadet Third Class Flynn Erickson had taken the Center Chair,”

“In those days, the Officer Cadets were given the field rank on their Cadet Cruise of Midshipman. It turned out the Ticonderoga had experienced a severe fire that had damaged its Main Bridge, and incapacitated both the Captain and the Executive Officer leaving a crew mostly of Cadets without a clue,” Marek explained. He’d realized that Quinn might not have been versed in the Ranks in the Twenty-Third Century, and that Cadet Ranks had changed to where the Cadets -- especially Officer Cadets had been granted their own Ranks in the field in the more Modern Fleet. Though, the Ranks of the Cadets denoted the Class they belonged to.

He missed the Silver and Bronze Shoulder Strap and Cuff-Link Rank Insignias in those days, and he missed the Monster Maroons. The Monster Maroons had been made of a heavier material than modern Uniforms that included a color coded duty tunic in one variant and a color coded stripe on the sleeve in another. He’d missed how the old Uniform had been heavier, but had been of a better quality -- at least in his opinion and it looked better.

“The Terpsichore set course, and we found the Ticonderoga exactly where the Cadet in the transmission had said it would be. I went with Commander Fernandez in a Launch, a Type-3 Shuttle and set course for the stricken ship. Once we touched down in the Ticonderoga’s Shuttlebay, we were met by an Honor Guard of Cadets. The Ticonderoga’s Captain and the Executive Officer had been taken to Sickbay with plasma burns severe enough in addition to burns from the fire that they were placed in Stasis leaving the Chief Medical Officer -- a Lieutenant -- as the highest ranking Officer aboard. I took the Billet as Executive Officer, though not with the Rank during that Mission while the Commander took command. The Auxiliary Control Room adjacent to the Main Computer Core had been set up with the programmed command functions due in part to its designed purpose and with the Main Bridge Compartment out of commission, the Cadets had manned many of the consoles as per their field of specialization. The Commander ordered a course laid in for Sector Zero-Zero-One at Warp six in order to not tax the engines, and to insure the Cadets were able to clock more time in ship operations. Six weeks later, the Ticonderoga dropped out of Warp on final approach to Spacedock One in Orbit of Earth. That was the last Landing Team I’d been part of,”

Quinn blinked up at him, her eyes wide, "2292?!" She would have normally called such a comment boldfaced lying but, she knew enough about folks body language and the way he spoke he was dead set serious, and the terms he kept using, it made sense but it still boggled her mind for a few moments. She shook her head and laughed softly, "When I get back from this mission, please promise to tell me more?" Nothing like having a good goal in mind for making a mission seem easier to deal with. She would have unloaded a series of questions at him, if time had allowed it right then, as it was they had to prepare for the away mission. Quinn wondered which of the away team members would send their assistant instead of going themselves, she also took it to heart his advice about trying to keep some of the away team on the runabout and the idea of transport lock was a definite good back up if things went FUBAR. "I promise no stupid stunts from my end of the mission and I will try to keep the others from it but if worst case I will try to not get caught up in their stupidity."

“You’ll have it when you come back from the Away Mission,” Thomas said. “In Twenty-Two Ninety-Two, I had been a Lieutenant Junior Grade board the Horatio and following my transfer to the Terpsichore became the Chief of Security and promoted to Lieutenant. It’s simply semantics, but I’ll tell you everything or as much as I can later,”

Quinn nodded her head, "Well guess I better get the runabout settled with our armaments and with luck we won't be needing them." She hoped they wouldn't need to use the phasers or rifles but if it came down to it, she would make sure the team got back to the ship. Knowing that there would be back up plans in place such as transporter lock for emergencies and she was willing to bet that there would be other ideas for just in case as well.

“I’ll make sure a Transporter Lock is kept on the entire Landing Party, and that there’s an open line,” he’d say. “What do we know about this Planet? It’s not a Federation Colony. I’ve been to more than my share of them, and know that if it were a Colony it would have a satellite or two in orbit and a defense network or at least a ship or two. I’m hoping the Romulans aren’t going to show up. I don’t need to die a second time,”

The Turbolift Car slowed before it came to a complete stop, and shortly after the hatch doors parted revealing a corridor matching those that spanned the ship. He could have thought he’d been aboard the Terpsichore or the Enterprise-Bravo if it weren’t for the carpeting Starfleet had decided to furnish in the corridors rather than the metal deck plating.

“Who is it that Starfleet turns to for decor? I’ll never understand why there had to be so much carpet especially in the corridors,” Marek said. Stepping out of the Turbolift, he’d proceeded down the corridor before stopping at a hatch marked Away Team Armory. The hatches parted, gave way and allowed him to step inside finding two Security Personnel manning that Armory with one seated at a Desk in front of a computer console and the other running an inventory check. The Armory had a few racks full of Phaser Rifles, with wall mounted slots for the Handheld Phasers, including power cells to Tricorders and other things that might have been needed.

Quinn let loose a delighted laugh, "I think it is because it gives a bit better traction when running during emergency but gives nasty carpet burn if you slide badly." She didn't know for certain but it was a good guess as any.

"It may give better traction, but at what cost? The old Metal Deck Plating provided enough traction, I think and it was better in a combat situation. You weren't worried about the deck plating catching fire," he'd say. "A different time, I suppose. The Fleet I grew up with and trained with doesn't exist anymore, and with my old crew mates,"

"In my day, the notion of having a Family aboard ship wasn't a consideration. I know it happened, but Starfleet geared its ships more for combat and exploration than as a place for a Family Barbecue. I do understand that Starfleet has changed alonside the Federation in becoming more civilian or at least it had until the Battle of Wolf 359 and the Dominion War, but a ship like this with a crew like this wouldn't even be able to pass a muster back in the twenty-two nineties. It's something we both will change,"


Lieutenant Thomas 'Thompson' Marek
Chief of Tactical/Security


Lieutenant j.g. Quinn Kindle
Asst. Chief of Security
USS Thunderchild


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