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Engineering inspection(back log)

Posted on Wed Oct 14th, 2020 @ 10:36am by Lieutenant JG Lee Kendrick & Captain Me'lonna Rowris & Commander Yadira Reisen

Mission: Thunderchild- A Mystery to Solve part 2
Location: USS-Thunderchild


Me'l was getting off the turbo lift to check on engineering to see if the engines were purring or not, So she took the turbo lift to down to Engineering as she got off the lift she walked the little hallway and stepped into Engineering, looking around making it look like a surprise visit.

lee walked around the corner to find the new Engineer and the Captain talking " ah Ltjg Backwater i heard you were on board now good when the captain has finished with you come find me i want to start a level 1 diagnosis on all the transporters.

"Unfortunately Mr. Backwater was just leaving for his new assignment elsewhere", Yadira said to her right-hand man. "Lee if you wait I will go with you", Yadira said.

Me'L was wondering who lee was talking to, as she wonders where Ltcmdr De'Lenn is."Hey Lieutenant Kendrick wheres your engineering chief."Me'l frown and a small Klingon growl.?

"Here captain, how can we help you?" Yadira asked.

Me'L looked at the engineers "I'm here for a surprise inspection"
Me'L grinned. Looking at Lee and Yadira

"An inspection? Oh geewhiz Me'l Can't you give a girl a break?" Yadira said laughing.

lee looked between both the captain and commander and thinks a surprise inspection.... great then says " i have a report of some of the systems not had a chance to finish the report yet but if you like to see what i have so far captain, commander" hands a PADD with the report to the commander.

Me'l grinned, "Its a slow day on the bridge so I decided to Suprise the both of you." Me'L smiled at them.

"Well Me'L you certainly did that, " Yadira said chuckling. Taking the PADD from Lee, she looked at it carefully. "Have you realigned the magnetic constructors to even out the flow of plasma? Last time I looked they were off by 0.14 %," she added smiling at her protégé.

Lee looked at the commander, "a 0.14% misalignment is well within Starfleet safety specs ma'am," then releazing that the captain was there, "uhh I mean, I will just go and realign them now ma'am's," thinking to himself as he walked away, 'Way to go Lee, not only questioning your CEO but doing it while the captain was here, if dad was still here he would kick your butt for that'.

Me'l chuckled after that, "well you two have done such a very good job on the Engines, Keep up the good work."Me'l said to both of them, "I think I will take my leave now." Me'l said as she began to leave.

Watching Me'l leave, Yadira was smiling widely. Poor Lee was a tad embarrassed and as all young men usually are nervous, Lee had put his foot in the pile of poo on this one. Laughing quietly to herself, Yadira went after Lee to find him, hoping to ease his embarrassment.

lee was working on realigning the magnetic constructors when he saw the commander coming his way looking up " commander I just want to say sorry, I should not have contradicted you, especially in front of the captain"

Me'L headed back to the bridge,after the Inspection.

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