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Entering The Thunderchild

Posted on Sat Jun 1st, 2019 @ 10:37pm by Captain Me'lonna Rowris

Location: Starfleet Base station

Me'lonna was sitting in a Restaurant on the Starfleet Starbase, she was eating a Klingon de'lite called Gagh. It had been a while since she ate Klingon food, even though shes Klingon/Human, it doesn't mean she can't enjoy Klingon food. Me'l looked out the window, and couldn't believe The Thunderchild was finished. With a smile on her face she couldn't wait to sit on the command chair.

Stevan finished one final walk through the Thunderchild. As he walked down the gangway towards the station. as he exited onto the station. As the smell of food was making him hungry. indexAs he signed out of the thunderchild at the security station. "Have a good Day Chief the officers both commented sincerely to him "Thank you Same to you." Stevan said calmly to them both as he left and headed towards the main promenade of the station where the shops and food places were.

As he took a quick glance around the room before he headed to the nearest restaurant near him as he noticed a Klingon officer eating food that moved around. As he closed in on the restaurant. "I believe I was post to meet a Captain Me'lonna Deb'ora."He asked a waitress as she pointed to the same Klingon he had seen moments ago playing with her food he thought. as he moved slowly through the now crowded restaurant. As he made his way to the table. "Excuse me, sir! Are you Commodore Me'lonna Deb'ora?" Stevan asked calmly in his clean uniform of engineer departmental colors.

Me'l looked at the Starfleet officer,"Why yes I am." she smiled."What do you need, are you a part of my crew on the Thunderchild?" Me'l asked.

"Yes, ma'am! I am your new Chief Engineer reporting for future duty. Also, I was the one head of dealing with the repairs and remodeling duties before I was assigned to your ship Ma'am.' Stevan commented calmly to her. He did not say much more to her at that moment. As he stood there waiting at attention.

Me'l grinned,"Oh how interesting then I've got the right Engineer for the job." Me'l smiled."please stand down from attention it makes me nervous in a place like this." Me'l said to him.
"Why don't you sit down and lets talk more." Me'l said showing the engineer the seat..

Stevan relaxed after the order was given as he calmly took a seat. "Thank you sir!" Stevan said casually. As he looked over the menu from a distance. He saw the special as he made note of it. As he waited calmly for the waitress. As he waited for the captain to speak more."

"So my Cheif Engineer you got a name?' Me'l looked at him with a smile while enjoying a Gagh salad. Me'l then looked at the starfleet officer." I'm Commodore Me'lonna Deb'ora , I'm the commanding officer of the USS-Thunderchild." she smiled,while enjoying her salad.

"Oh My Godessess?!" Stevan exclaimed as he realized the error in the introduction to her. "I am Lt Jg Stevan Sno" as he blushed with the fo-pa. "Do you mind if I order something? sir!"

Me'l smiled,"But of course you can lieutant go for it." she smiled.
Me'l was gonna order herself bloodwyne, with her meal." Lieutant we will eat like Warriors and get ready for the battle." Me'l said as she waved for the waitor to get her bloodwyne.

Stevan quickly gave the waitress his order of a double-decker cheeseburger and fries and a chocolate share and a coke classic. as he took in the captains words carefully. "Are you expecting battle?"

Sasha looked at the Lieutant while enjoying her meal." We'll just have to see." She said,"we'll just have to see."

"Aye, sir!" Stevan said calmly as he waited patiently for his food to arrive quietly as he looked at the comfortable sights of the promenade. "How long have you been captain of the Thunderchild?"

Me'l looked at the Lieutant."Well you can say from all the times i been on and or off Thunderchild,I've lost count, plus i was taking time off alot due to getting help for personal reasons.
So i can say i been a capt to commodore of Thunderchild for 8 years." Me'l said to him.

"Aye, sir! Thank you, sir, for letting me know so I have been refitting her for months now. but got it done early." Stevan said with pride as he got his drink as he took a sip of it.

Me'l nodded, "Well I'm glad you were there to help." she told the lieutenant while eating and drinking her Bloodwyne." maybe you should be my Executive Officer instead of Engineering." Me'l chuckled.

Stevan listened to the officer while he waited for his food to arrive. as his eyes got big. "Me Xo? I don't think I am ready for that Sir!" Stevan commented with a squeak in his voice as he cleared it quickly.

Me'l looked at him while eatting."Lieutant I was kidding bout the Excutive officer speal." She said, "Its just the knowledge you bring me feels like your over qualified as Chief Engineer." Me'l said with a warm smile."Don't worry your still keeping your chief position." Me'l also said to him.

The waiter finally arrived with his meal and placed it down next to him. "Thank you!" He said to the waiter. "Thank you, sir! I appreciate the compliment. And thank you for leaving me where I am at. I appreciate the Joke." Stevan said with a small laugh as he started to eat his food.

Me'l chuckled with him while waving for the waiter to come back. She wanted to order dessert, a bowl of cookies n cream Ice cream. After she ordered she looked at Stevan."well the pleasure is all mine, and Welcome aboard." Me'l Smiled.
"I just hope i see more crew Lieutenant." Me'l also said.

"Hot fudge ice cream Please!" As he finished off what he was eating and drinking. "Agreed sir!" Stevan said casually to her.

Me'l and Stevan were enjoying their desserts together,as Me'l looked at him."Oh boy you must be a big fan of Hot fudge ice cream Lieutenant?" Me'l looked at him,and chuckled.

"Yes, sir! I am a huge fan!. I never met a chocolate I did not like." Stevan said with a small chocolatey grin as he continued to eat his Hot fudge sundae ice cream. "Looks like your enjoying yours too? Sir!" Stevan noted to her.

Me'l looked at her chief Engineer,with a smile on her face." Yes i am but you got the mother load of chocolate." Me'l Chuckled.

"true enough." Stevan said with a smile. As he finished off the sundae. As he used a napkin to collect any odd chocolate on his face. As he sipped on his coke cola classic.

Me'l was enjoying her cookies,and cream ice cream with chocolate sauce on it." Boy this is a chocolate day for us both."Me'l chuckled.
Then Me'l changed the subject,"So do you think you can handle the engines of a Star ship like Thunderchild?" Me'l asked.
"As in when The Thunderchild is in trouble from Enemy forces,like The Borg,Romulans,or anything else." Me'l asked him.

Stevan listened to all that was said before answering. "Yes, its a day of cold chocolate treats. As for the Thunderchild, I can handle her engines just fine she was my project and now my baby." Stevan said calmly to her. As he finished off his dish. As he licked his spoon off the last bit of chocolate. "I will have to try your combination sometime."

Me'L smiled,"Yes you should, and i will try yours" me'l smiled. "So you ready to check the Engineering room of the Thunderchild? Me'l smiled.

"I was born ready!" as He stood up and gave a stretch. "ready?" Stevan waited for her.

Me'l smiled,"Well since were on the Thunderchild,already lets head for Engineering."Me'l said to him..

"Aye, sir!" As they left the cafe and headed for the gangway ramp to the Thunderchild as he watched the security snap to attention in front of the captain." Gentlemen" as Stevan Provided his handprint for access to the ship and voice print. As the security cleared the doctor to pass it was the captain's turn.

Me'l walked with him, and grinned,"At ease" she said as the two of them headed to the nearest turbo lift to head to engineering."Your gonna love your station Lieutant." Me'l grinned to him as Me'l walked onto the turbo lift waiting for Ltlg Sno.

Stevan got on the lift as the doors closed behind him. As the lift took off to its new destination. "Of Course sir!" Stevan said with a straight face. He was here for a few months at least he should be happy with his station. He even got to pick his own cabin assignment since he was on Thunderchild for so long. "She has been completely updated and state of the art ship again Captain." Stevan commented.

Me'L looked at Stevan."So did you take Engineering at Starfleet Accademy?" she wondered. "Since you have so much know how
on engines Lieutant" Me'l grinned as they kept walking towards Engineering.

"I worked at the local spaceport on Betazed in the capital city Medera. After my schooling at the University of Betazed. Then I dealt with the engineering division at star fleet academy." Stevan said calmly.

Me'l wondered looking at the Lieutant,"Boy you spent alot on Betazed." she said. "Very nice planet." Me'l smiled. Hey Lieutent are you Betazoid yourself ?" She asked him wonderingly,"I guess i need to read on about you." She also said..

"yes, I did." Stevan said calmly to her. "Yesss!" He said with a long moment and fell silent. "That might be wise."

Me'l nodded at him,while grinning ,as the two of them walked on..


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