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new ego in the dragons lair Part One?

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Location: Deck 13, Dragons Lair
Timeline: SD242012.30

LTjg Sherod'EN D'Gracefull was spoiled, his Peregrine class fighter, had a bigger chair than most, and so he flew it from assignment to assignment. LTjg Sherod'EN giggled when he thought about one of his cousins trying to get shoe-horned into the cockpit, although he was skinny, he was taller than most pilots. When they had to fit him for his ejection seat, they had to extend the back by almost half a meter. but it was comfortable. LTjg Sherod'EN saw the long-range sensors indicated that he was approaching the Uss Thunderchilds last reported position. Piggybacking on a commercial trans liner, was not the most comfortable to travel, but since his ship was armed with Phaser cannons, Micro-torpedo launchers, torpedo launcher(Pylons for fitting up to four (later eight) Photon torpedoes. he currently only carried 4, and the upgrade for eight would happen later this year. This meant that the supposedly safe liner had teeth, and was safer, they were off the beaten path, and Earth HQ was always more protected than the wilds of space. LTjg Sherod'EN laughed again upon recalling the extremes the liner captain had gone to try to get him to stay with him the entire route, and catch up with the Thunder Child on the return route/flight. Coming in hot on a heavy cruiser without sending IFF and getting Acknowledged was not advised, so he hit his com system +COM+ USS ThunderChild Approach Control, this is Peregrine class fighter, LTjg Sherod'EN D'Gracefull, on 402.94r, reporting with orders, hitting his IFF, which stood for Identification of Friend or Foe, this allowed the computer to squirt a quick data packet that the approach control, would receive and had his orders and authorization codes. Occasionally officers would ask for countersigns, and LTjg Sherod'EN would have to pull out his code book and look something up. This didn't happen today, as the officer on Approach Control said, Welcome Lt, assume heading 214 Mark 45, reduce to .015 sublight, and call the ball. LTjg Sherod'EN, reduced his speed, changed his course, and flipped on the Instrument Landing System control switch out of the On Full Force position. This was a common rookie mistake, having it on the OFF position instead of ON. Seeing a green indicator from the ILS indicating that the USS Thunderchild had him, and his course was in the green, LTjg Sherod'EN hit his com system again +com+ Rogger Approach Control, 214 Mark 45, on a point 015 C, and ILS in no longer in the On Full Force position. I have the Ball.

T'Ponga stood there listening to her newest pilot's chatter as he flew his Peregrine fighter in. Smiling, she wondered how her new pilot would fit in his new fighter. Walking put onto the flight deck, she waited for him to deplane from his bird.

LTjg Sherod'EN felt the tractor beams and other field-pressor technology used in the landing/launch bay began to slow his ship from the .015 times the speed of light to a more manageable 30 meters per second as he felt the sudden change in gravity prior to the automated system setting him in an out of the way spot, where his fighter could be worked on, serviced, or rearmed if needed. This system could also be used to fling the fighter out into the void, as the launch part was the most dangerous because slow-moving targets were easiest to hit, the system was designed to get his fighter up to speed quickly. The system was automated and He felt several changes in gravity as the computer moved him to where he would be parked. After Sherod'EN felt the force from the tractor towing him to his spot stop and set his ship down, Lt Sherod'EN powered down his system, and switched the ejector system in safe mode, then put the weapons offline.

LTjg Sherod'EN watched as the Starfleet crewman in red coveralls inserted the pins into the photon torpedoes on his external hardpoints attached to big red tags that said [Remove before Flight]. This action helped ensure that a photon torpedo would not detonate prematurely if it was dropped. As the other assorted crew started swarming over his fighter, LTjg Sherod'EN started unbuckling his five-point restraint harness, this helped him retain his seat if he exceeded the capabilities of his computer-controlled anti-gravity / inertial compensation system during High-GEE maneuvers, as the cockpit canopy was raised, he was assisted getting out by his blue shirt or plane captain. The plane captain introduced her self as crewman Benanire, and that she was his plane captain, this meant that she was responsible for overseeing any of the maintenance that his fighter received, moving it, and generally, anything that would happen was her responsibility when he was not sitting in the pilot’s chair. She may not perform the maintenance but was responsible for scheduling, quality assurance, and that no foreign objects like tools were left in places where they could do damage. As LTjg Sherod'EN started to try to climb out of the cockpit, crewman Benanire calmly reached in and lifted him out, this action impressed LTjg Sherod'EN because he weighed in at 175 kilo’s.

As the plane captain set him down on the hanger bay, LTjg Sherod'EN tried to not let the surprise show on his face and thanked crewman Benanire for the assistance, turned to give his fighter the once over. Finding that everything was intact, he turned to the plane captain and said “Crewman Benanire, LTjg Sherod'EN, I as the owner of this finely tuned performance piece of equipment, turn it over to your capable hands. Don’t take it for a test drive!” LTjg Sherod'EN felt he had to say that because he had heard of plane captains taking their charges for a test flight. The bemused look on crewman Benanire’s face told him that although she may had thought about it, she probably would not try it. In her right hand she had his pilot's bag, which had his orders, and personal gear that he had brought with him, she was quick, he didn’t even see her pull it out of the external hatch where he had stowed it before take-off. It only had a single change of uniforms, because it was expected that he would see the quartermasters at his destination, and fighter pilots always traveled light. LTjg Sherod'EN said thank you and took his bag. Turning around LTjg Sherod'EN looked around for who was in charge, chances were that they were observing him to see how he interacted with his flight crew, and whether or not he stuck to the rules and reg’s. He observed a female Klingon with commander’s insignia on her collar so LTjg Sherod'EN marched over saluted and said “LTjg Sherod'EN D’Gracefull, reporting for duty!”

To be continued

Lieutenant Commander T'Ponga Shemara Daughter House Mordok
CAG, Starfighter Wing
USS Thunderchild

LTjg Sherod'EN D’Gracefull
Pilot, Starfighter Wing
USS Thunderchild


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