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Before meeting the CO, take your foot out of your mouth.

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Location: CO's annex
Timeline: SD242101.08

LTjg Hex'EL D'Gracefull phased into reality on the transporter pad. He had always hated this part, it seemed like forever until his lungs would work. Then there was the natural cell reaction of his body to unstable energy. Every Cell in his body buzzed. Yes, Medical said he was fine, but he still used the transporter a little as possible. After he could breathe again, LTjg Hex'EL asked "Permission to come Aboard?" LTjg Hex'EL heard the transporter crewman standing watch, tell someone on the cargo ship that he has hitched a ride on, "Your passenger has arrived safely." The voice from the other end said "Roger that, ThunderChild, Leftansa, space liner, over and out!"

LTjg Hex'EL Lifted his duffle bag, then pulled out a P.A.D.D.(with his orders), then he set his seabag, a backpack filled with Solarian Fleet Rations due to his special dietary requirements, off of the transporter pad, and on the floor in front of the console. LTjg Hex'EL handed the watch his P.A.D.D.(with his orders) and then said "LTjg Hex'EL D'Gracefull, reporting for duty as ordered." after a pause, then asked, "Which way to the personnel office?" After taking his P.A.D.D. back, LTjg Hex'EL put all of his belongings back on his back/shoulders and exited the transporter room. Walking up to the nearest turbo-lift, once he entered, LTjg Hex'EL said "Deck 6, Personnel annex." A few minutes later, LTjg Hex'EL was standing in the entranceway to the Personnel annex, Home of the Executive Officer. LTjg Hex'EL walked in and handed his P.A.D.D. to the yeoman saying "LTjg Hex'EL D'Gracefull, reporting as ordered. Is the XO busy, and when can I get an appointment to see her or him?" The harried yoman, looked annoyed by his cheerful countenance, and said, "A week from last Thursday." Hex'EL thought for a few seconds, wondering if today was Thursday or Wednesday, as the Starfleet ships all maintained their ship's chronometers set to Starbase ONE, and Warp travel was a little tricky. Looking at the confused Operations officer the yoman felt sorry for the poor officer and decided to put him out of her hair and out of his misery. She said, "today, at 1400 sir!" Hex'el was relieved, he never could handle the quantum math that was required to find out the warp effect on time, so he said "Thanks, where will I be assigned quarters?"
while the yoman was doing this, he decided to use his pad to send a memo to the co's office, might as well get as much of the admin stuff out of the way as soon as possible.

Using his P.A.D.D., LTjg Hex'EL sent a memo to the Captain's yeoman, requesting his onboarding interview appointment. Hex'EL almost didn't hear where he was assigned but thanked the yoman and head for his quarters.

Me'Lonna was in her office when the yeoman showed up to the captain and handed her a note." Thank you, Yeoman." Me'l said to her. The Yeoman left and me'l Tapped her com."LtjgD'Gracefull please see me in my office please off the bridge." Me'l said to him.

Ltjg Hex'EL had just arrived at his assigned quarters, a four-person room, with other junior officers, he grabbed the bunk closest to the door, Operations had strange hours, and he did not want to keep disturbing his roommates with his strange schedule. Grabbing a Solarian ration bar out of his backpack, he quickly took a big bite. They were good, some batches tasted flat and stale, this was was loaded with fruit, nuts, and scented. The high density, and high caloric brick of food, had kept him from starving and it was full of vitamins and minerals that his body required, which he could not get from normal Starfleet replicated food, that and their food tasted flat and bland. His last roommate was an engineer and was always joking about fruitcake, and that they could use it in damage control to fix hull breaches. Hex'EL had tried this fruitcake that his last roommate had gotten from a relative, it was ok,
his roommate had said that this one was only one generation old and that they were not fully matured until it had been passed from at least three relatives to another. Hex'EL had once tried a fifth-generation fruit cake, it was dry and crumbly, but tasty. Upon hearing this, his roommate promised to ship him all future fruitcakes to Hex'EL upon getting them. So far he had nine arrive, following him around the stars. Starfleet shipped its goods on fast curriers, but sometimes, stuff got lost, one was following him around for almost 8 months. That one had tasted the best, maybe there was truth in his ex-roommates tall tales. His musing was interrupted by his comm-badge going off with a summons to the captain's office. Ltjg Hex'EL said, "Roger, on my way." Setting his bags on the bunk, he would return and finish stowing his things after he met his new captain. Hex'EL headed out the door of his quarters and towards the nearest turbo-lift. Upon pushing the call button the doors opened and he was surprised, on his last posting, one had to wait for at least five minutes to get a turbo-lift. Upon entering he grabbed the handle and said: "Bridge please." The doors shut and the turbo-lift started moving. In no time the doors opened to reveal the bridge, the nerve center of the ship, the hustle and bustle, the beeping and chirping, and constant low-level voices giving information. This was his playland, the high-density data flows, the flashing lights, he was home. He stepped in and observed everything, and it was not until the Bridge Officer on watch, not recognizing him asked "Can I help you, Lieutenant?" Hex'EL startled out of his review said "no, sir, on my way to the captain's office. Hex'EL tried to subtly wipe his chin to check for saliva, he hating getting caught drooling. The duty officer pointed towards the back, and Hex'EL headed that way still looking around. Seeing the captain's yeoman out of the corner of his eye, Hex'EL said " Ltjg Hex'EL D'Gracefull, reporting as ordered." Still looking back at the bridge, Hex'EL was not paying attention to the captain's yeoman, and she had to tell him to go in twice, to go in. Hex'EL walked into the open doorway, entered the space beyond, still mentally drooling over the vast space he had just left came to attention and said "Ltjg Hex'EL D'Gracefull, reporting as ordered. Sir!"

Then after he spoke, Ltjg Hex'ELthought, what if the CO, was one of the people who hated being called SIR... great what a way to sink his career, insult the Captain in the first 30 seconds of meeting her. Wait the honorific term was Sir, he might just be safe... maybe. Ltjg Hex'EL stood at attention starting to sweat, wondering if he was about to be keelhauled.

Me'l looked at him."As you are Ltjg Hex'EL, Welcome aboard the USS-Thunderchild." She grinned with her long hair up, even though shes half klingon -Human she still has long hair to put up."So What brings you to the Thunderchild, and whats your position here Ltjg Hex'EL." Me'l asked him while she got up to look at him before heading for the replicator for a Raktajino."Would you like anything to drink?" Me'l looked at him.

Hex'EL still not quite focusing on the captain said "Operations, Sir." Thinking about his career coming to an abrupt stop, and seeing the captain for the first time, Hex'EL blurted out, "A Klingon, finally I can have fun in the holodeck!", The grin on his face left as soon as it had appeared, when Hex'EL realized that the captain was female, not that it mattered, but what he had just said could be misconstrued as flirting. Klingons had different takes on the conduct of officers under their command. Hex'EL mentally paused with another thought, but that was interrupted by a Wait did female Klingons get insulted by strange males hitting on them. That thought was soon followed by a stronger one. WAIT, he had just FLIRTED with the captain. The shock of that thought was telegraphed by a look of dismay on his face as that last thought hit hard. The cold tendril of Fear was starting in his lower spine and threatened to take over his body, The captain could order him transferred to engineering, and Hex'EL shuddered at that thought, Cleaning and doing maintenance in the biological recycling system was not pretty, and was not a preferred assignment.

A panicked Hex'EL forced a deep breath and mentally shook himself, then said "Mam, I was just inferring, that I can't enjoy full-contact combat in the holodeck with most humans, as they are too fragile for me to exercise with. They whimp, out way too soon, often and cry for male relatives. Who wants to constantly be rescued by their uncle?"

Hex'EL waited to see if his foot would require surgery by the CMO with a full team of assistants to relocate it out of his mouth and back to the deck where he wished it would stay, as this happened at least once a month. Oh, how he wished he would not blurt out whatever was on his mind.

Me’L looked at Hex’EL "You are a part of the crew, you know you can use the holodeck, Whatever you need if you want to help on anything which is fine.” Me’lonna smiled at him.

“Your a fine crewman, with Operations so if others need help you may do so just don’t ignore your operations job. Me’L looks at her Operations guy, ”You better get that foot looked at.” Me’L told him.

Hex'EL thought about that last statement for a tenth of a second and thought that his CO had just ordered him to medical. He was smart enough to take that exit strategy before he said anything else brilliantly and got spaced out of an airlock. "Thank you, mam", Hex'EL said, saluted, then did an about-Face and quickly walked to the exit door. It was not like he was running away, but with his long legs, he could eat up the distance. But the distance to the door looked farther and farther away each second. He was about to have a full-blown panic attack when the door seemed to reach out and almost smack him in the face.... but it opened at the last second, and he almost clipped the edges as he squeaked through. Turning right at the bridge, he high tailed it to the turbo-lift. Fortunately, no one was in his way, the lift doors opened, discharging a passenger just in time. He would not have to wait. Hex'EL felt hot, flushed, out of breath, and just made it to the lift before the doors started closing. Hex'EL gasped out " Medical please!" and tried to get his breathing under control before anything else happened. But there was one good thing about being out of breath, you had a lower chance of putting your foot in your mouth.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Captian Me'Lonna Rowris


Ltjg Hex'EL D'Gracefull


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