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Captain's Arrival

Posted on Thu Jul 29th, 2021 @ 7:06am by Captain T'Arwen S'chn T'gai & Commander Me'lonna Rowris & Lieutenant Te'shara R'heil & Lieutenant JG Hex'EL D'Gracefull & Lieutenant JG Sherod'EN D'Gracefull & Lieutenant Deanna Stormer

Mission: New Command aboard
Location: Starbase docked [Thunderchild Co's Ready Room]
Timeline: Current


Captain T'Arwen. Made her way through the Starbase and boarded her ship. She made her way to the Ready room and sat down going over reports, crew arrivals and supplies manifests.

They were still waiting on the crew, that they were in docks, made it easier on new arrivals and already checked in crew.

She continued to read her reports, and take video calls from various Admirals around Starfleet.

Their mission objective was still a mystery, she supposed it to be a shake-down cruise perhaps they would know soon.

She flipped through invitations from other Captains at the Starbase and RSVP ed for the Dinner later tonight in the Golden Latium Feringi Night Club. Dabo and drinks, raunchy holo programs and replicated food. She raised an eyebrow and then put aside the work. Replicating a mint coffee she sipped it and looked out the port window.

The chime on the door rang, she looked over at Leo, her Siamese Feline. "Leo, let's meet the crew."

Ltjg Hex'EL D'Gracefull, current Chief Operations Officer, was up to his ears in watch bills, fortunately, he had Chiefs and ensigns that as division officers, kept their division running smoothly. They were less than if that ship was out in space due to being docked in the space dock. They were receiving supplies, new crewmembers, shipyard repair teams were working on several systems installing upgrades. Speaking of system upgrades, he had to see if any of the operational manuals needed updating due to new operations standards because of new equipment mods. He would have to see the Chief Engineer about that. It was an all-around busy day. The door to his office slid open and an out of breath ensign ran in. " The new captain wants department heads in your ready room at 1000." Ltjg Hex'EL looked at his old-fashioned chronograph on the wall. Its hand-wound springs kept excellent time. It said 50 minutes after 9 A.M. He saved his work, stood, and told the ensign "Thanks. I guess I need to run now!" He grabbed a lint roller, got rid of any dust bunnies that he had collected since 0700. Dropping it in his in-basket, he headed out the door with the ensign in tow. They headed towards the turbo-lift, and the ensign was asking all kinds of questions about the new captain, would the watch bills change, what liberty policies would be like. As they entered the turbo-lift, he told the computer, "Bridge please!" Then he turned to the Ensign and said, "Liberty normally runs that same, only so many people get to go have fun at any given time! everything else is the small stuff, Don't sweat the small stuff!" As the door opened onto the bridge, he exited and headed to the briefing room, looking at the watchstanders, they all looked busy, efficient and none of them were standing around drinking coffee, which is how they were supposed to be. Entering the Briefing room, Ltjg Hex'EL took a seat in the middle looking out into the space station that they were docked at. He never tired of that view, it was breathtaking.

Me'l was at the command com in her XO Seat as she stood up waiting for the new command to arrive, as she nodded to Te'shara who was at the tactical controls as she nodded back at the Commander making sure all Tactical controls were working right, and was checking the level of Security around the ship making sure all was perfect for the new Captain.

T'Arwen, signed liberty for the crew, as they awaited more supplies, delayed by Spacial Ionic storms, wreaking havoc with long-range freighters... She looked around the ship, discussed specific equipment needed for Sickbay, and signed off on the things that had arrived...

Te'shara was cruising through the ship on Security watch as she seen is hoping the New Captain of the Thunderchild, she thought she'd slink in and introduce herself with a soft purr as her tail wagged walking over to see her...

The Captain noted a Caitain siding up nearer her. She looked up from her padd and said. "Good morning, and how is everything Security-wise?" She gently asks Te'shara...

Te'Shara grinned,with a purr-light growl,"Morning captain, everything quiet so far Security-wise." she said to her as her tail wagged slowly."Nothing to report Captain I was on my way to the bridge to handle things on the Tactical end being both Security-Tactical." Te'Shara explained.

"Very good. I recommend everyone enjoy being at the Starbase, once on mission we will have little time for off duty activities. "

Te'shara looked at her," aye ma'am" she purred.

Deanna was checking sickbay out to make sure everything was set and ready to go for patients coming to visit, for any wounds and systems.

The Captain signed off on reports, looked over the malfunctions report via Maintenance/Engineering and sat back to take an incoming communique from Starfleet......



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