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meeting Security

Posted on Sun Jun 16th, 2019 @ 7:32pm by Captain Me'lonna Rowris

Location: USS-Thunderchild

OOC:( this is an NPC Security of mine,a caitian )

Me'l walked along the corridor of the Thunderchild,
And watched as a cat like creature with its things walks up to the commodor.

Merlar Purred."Hello ma'am I'm LtJg Merlar R'heil,
I been assigned as Chief of Security,and yes im Caitian." Merlar purr-giggled to herself while at attention to the female klingon.

Me'l nodded,"Well welcome aboard the USS-Thunderchild."Me'lonna grinned to the Caitain.
Then Me'L said."I'm part Klingon/human just to let you know Lieutenant." she said to her.

Merlar nodded back,"Aye ma'am." Merlar stood attentively while her tail wagged slowly, and her whiskers twitched.

"Would you like a tour of the ship?" Me`L asked the young caitian.

Merlar grinned,"I would like that." Merlar grinned while purring.

Me`Lonna nodded."Ok lets get the ball rolling,and i will show you everything,even your security office." me`L grinned at her.

So Me`Lonna took the security guard on a tour of the Thunderchild..


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