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"A New Adventure"

Posted on Mon Dec 16th, 2019 @ 11:32pm by Captain Me'lonna Rowris

Location: Captain's Ready Room


Ky'la was miffed being shuffled around like a piece of cargo. First one ship then another and now here. Stepping from the lift she crossed the bridge and hit the door chime on the ready room door.

Me'L was in her readyroom looking over logs and other starfleet matters. Then she heard her chimes
ring. "Come" Me'l said with a slight Klingon growl,
even though she is only half Klingon half Human,
she can still have some Klingon traits.

Ky'la walked in, "Lt. Ky'la De'Lenn reporting for duty sir." she said as a growl uttered from her pursed lips.

Me'L stood up," Welcome aboard The Thunderchild Lt. Ky'la De'Lenn." She told the fine klingon. "Qapla also Lieutenant," Me'l grinned. "I know it's a federation ship, I just like to add some Klingon greetings, from one Klingon to another Klingon." Me'l smiled, "but since I'm part Klingon Part Human, I just like to pay my respects to other Klingons." Me'l also explained.

"HoD "thankyou. bel 'e' naDev jIHtaH Duj."(Thank you Captain. It is a pleasure to be here.), Ky'la said quickly. I am glad to be able to speak Kingon once more. It has been a while since I have spoken Klingon. You have a wonderful ship. I am impressed with engineering," she said.

"Qapla LtCmdr De'Lenn." Me'l said. as the two ladies meet each other."I'm glad the Engineering is up to Par for you Commander." Me'l said to her.
"We will be getting more officers soon." Me'l said
with a Klingon Grin.

"Hopefull this will be my final transfer and my new permanent home. If I may, there is one engineer I would like to get if I can. He has worked with me for years and he is the best assistant I have ever worked with", De'Lenn said smiling warmly.

Me'L grinned,"I would like to meet this person." She ginned to her Chief Engineer. "More the merrier." Me'l said getting ready to go to the Bridge.

"Captain, exactly what do you expect from me?", Ky'la asked before the captain could leave.

Me'L looked at her Chief Engineer."what do i expect from you?" Me'L wondered why she asked such a question.
Me'L then looked at her Chief Engineer," The Best you can commander,I'm not asking you to be some super hero and start making mistakes." Me'L told her Chief."The Best you can." Me'L said on her way to the bridge.

"Understood captain", Ky'la said as she followed the captain out onto the bridge. "I will put in a call for my right hand man for him to come directly here", she said heading for the turbolift.

Me'L nodded,"I can't wait to meet the person."she said with a short smile,getting ready to go back to the bridge.

"You will...that I can guarantee", Ky'la said, stepping into the lift. "Engineering", she said as the doors closed.


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