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Meeting the XO Part 1

Posted on Sun Jan 26th, 2020 @ 12:44am by Captain Me'lonna Rowris & Lieutenant Te'shara R'heil

Location: USS-Thunderchild

=/\= Bridge=/\=

Me'l stepped out of her office onto the bridge checking out last minute checks."Ok Everyone i
want this ship and crew ready to go soon for a first Mission." Me'l gave everyone a stern look."Ok we should be getting the rest of the new crew on here,will give them 1 & 1/2 to 2 hours to get their selves aboard The Thunderchild." The Captain said.

Me'l was wondering when she will meet her Executive Officer.

It had been a long trip by warpshuttle from the Beta Antares shipyards where his previous ship was undergoing refit back to the Sol system in sector 001, but it had been anything but boring. It had taken three days at warp six - the galactic speed limit - but he and the Orion female pilot had found ways to occupy their time and relieve the boredom they obviously had both felt. Once they had reached Utopia Planitia they had parted ways which was the way Doug liked it - no strings attached. He had then requisitioned a type 12 one-person shuttle for the short hop from Mars to Earth's orbit where the newly-commissioned USS Thunderchild waited for him to assume his duties as her new Executive Officer.

After arriving in her shuttle bay, he had immediately logged in with the Officer of the Deck. Then, determining that the captain was on the ship's bridge he quickly headed in that direction. While in the turbolift he studied his PADD for information concerning the ship and her female captain. She was a Klingon/Human and based on her photo a rather attractive one at that.

But once the turbolift doors opened and he stepped onto the bridge he saw that he had to quickly re-evaluate his estimate of his new commanding officer. She wasn't rather attractive - she was absolutely stunning.

He quickly approached the captain and came to attention. Holding out the PADD containing his orders he spoke. "Commander Douglas Roberts reporting for duty Ma'am..."

Me'l turned around with a short grin"aaaaah you must be my new Executive Officer, Well Welcome aboard Commander Roberts." Me'l grinned. "Have you checked into your quarters yet Commander?' Me'L asked? "We're also waiting for more crew,and then ." Me'L explained. While taking his hand to welcome him aboard.

He shook her hand and said "I'm glad to be here" before taking the XO's chair. "To answer your question Captain, no I have not checked in with OPS. I thought it more important to meet with you first. So any idea when the rest of our crew will be aboard?"

Me'l looked at her XO,"I'm hoping soon,I want to take off for our new adventures." Me'L said sternly, Me'l looked back out into space for a bit hoping the Thunderchild would shove off soon.

Doug took a moment to fix his gaze on his new commanding officer. She looked to be a few years younger than he was but that wouldn't bother him. He had also heard that Klingon women could be somewhat...rough...during love making. Well, that wouldn't bother him much either.Then, to get his mind off what he was thinking he asked her "Pending the arrival of the remainder of our crew, do we have orders?"

Me'l looked at her XO,"We got a half hour then we should Depart ." She said to him."As for Orders,besides getting ready to Embark,we'll do some shake down and seeing
what is out there for us."she said."Also we should Depart now there was a distress call coming in,and we need to answer it." The Captain told him with a stern look as she was about to give the depart command.

Doug couldn't decide if the stern look she was giving him was because of his obviously looking at her or if it was just a general look of aggravation that was caused by having to wait on members of the crew that were late in arriving. Was he checking her out? Of course he was. What male over the age in his right mind wouldn't be? In fact, the way he was looking at her had often been described back at the Academy as 'Undressing her with the eyes'. And something told him if that were possible, he would find something very delectable indeed.

She was a good-looking woman. Very good looking in fact. A Klingon/Human mix, she seemed to practically exude the best traits of each race Her barely-visible ridges were covered by a skin that appeared almost flawless. As she was sitting down, her exact height wasn't really evident to him but he would her to be somewhere between 5' 7" and 5' 10", somewhat tall for a Human female, but obviously a result of her Klingon genes. What WAS obvious to him was the dark brown hair, the gorgeous green eyes, and last but certainly not least in his mind, the way she more than adequately filled out her uniform - especially the top part.

"Then I say we should get to it, Captain..." he said in reference to her statement about their shoving off. "Should I inform the crew of our impending departure or would you prefer to do it?"

Me'L looked at her XO,"Yes we have had enough time." She grinned."Were Embarking off now comander." Me'L said,as she was to give the command., after nodding to her XO."I will give the command Commander." The Captain said as she sat in her Captains chair looking at everyone on the bridge as she tapped her captains chair commands." Attention Thunderchild Crew." She slightly growled on her klingon half." We have a distress call,so the Time to Depart is Now." she said."Lets head off to our new Adventure,and on the way some shake down can happen." The Captain said. She looked at helmsman," ready to go?" she said as she looked at the Ensign Helmsman nodded. Me'l Said," Then Engage." She grinned as her XO sat too and smiled as they took off.

Doug sat down as well and looked out at the passing starfield in an attempt to get his mind off the woman sitting beside him. It didn't take him long to realize that it wasn't working in the least. In fact, if anything, it was worse because it afforded him a look at her that was up close and almost personal. Finally he asked "Where did the distress call come from and do you have any details about it?"

Me'l looked at her XO,"I'm not sure." Me'l was looking at the screen. She looked at helm,"take us
out a bit closer." The Captain said, as she was watching out in space and at her bridge crew.
Me'l looked at her XO," what do you think we will be expecting." Me'l asked him with a short grin.

"Captain if there's anything I've learned in all my time out here it's that there is only one thing that you can expect with any consistency and that is the unexpected." He gave her a short grin in return. "I've dealt with Romulans, Klingons, Ferengi, Pakleds, and even Orion smugglers among many others. But to be honest none of them scare me as much as going into something like this where we have absolutely no idea what we are entering into."

Me'l looked at her XO,"I'm not afraid of anything either." she said to him,"Helm how close are we to where that Distress call came from." Me'l asked.

The Ensign Helmsman told Me'l that were half hour away. rMe'l then nodded to the helmsman.

Me'L stood up and walked near where helm and Tactical are at,and told the helm half impulse and don't want to be late for the distress call.

Me'l looked at her XO," Commander come with me to my Office, I need to talk to you." Me'l said ,and looked at her security officer Lt R'heil you have the con, I need to talk with my number 1." Me'l told
the Caitain Security officer.

Te'shara nodded and watched on for the captain.

Wordlessly Doug stood up and followed her in the direction of her Ready Room. He wondered what she could want to discuss that couldn't be said on the bridge. He had only been aboard less than an hour so he couldn't possibly be in trouble for anything - could he?

He followed her into the Ready Room and waited respectfully for her to speak.

Me`L looked at her XO,"So Commander what do you think we're up to?" Me`L asked him,as she looked out the window into space after questioning her XO. She looked back at him this is our first adventure i want things to go right."Me`L told him with a short grin..

"Could be almost anything, captain..."Roberts said. "Romulans, Gorn, Orions, Ferengi, and Pakleds all frequent this sector of space so take your pick," he said with a bit of a chuckle. "In fact I heard that just last month a group of Orion pirates intercepted a Federation cruise liner, robbed the passengers, the ship's safe, and even kidnapped several of the younger females." He shook his head slowly. "Likely they're gonna use them for slaves."

Me`L looked at him,"If it could be Orion Pirates,then we could be in a bunch of of trouble and people on the planet are in Danger." Me'l said with a stern look. Me`L walked away from the window, and sat down on her seat."Commander make sure we are heading in the right direction."
She told him.

Doug nodded, then tapped his combadge. =/\= Helm, what's our present course? =/\= he asked. =/\= Heading 323 Mark 37 =/\= came the reply. Doug then turned back to the CO. "According to orders we are on course."

Me`L nodded,"perfect hope we get there soon."Me'l grinned, as she got up from her chair
and headed towards the Bridge."Commander we need to be very careful and not let the Orion Pirates know that were on our way,and find out who sent the distress signal."She said as she walked back out onto the Bridge.

Doug followed her back onto the bridge, taking in everything as he went. He settled into his chair and gazed at the main viewscreen for a moment before speaking again. When he did speak it was with a sharp and definite tone.

"Okay everyone, listen up! I want all sensors to maximum range. We don't know what we're gonna be up against so everyone look sharp. I don't care what it is, if it comes up, report it. If a damn fly sneezes out there..." he said, indicating the viewscreen, "...I want to know about it."

Me`L looked at her XO kind of funny."Commander that was a bit harsh on our crew, but Thank You."
Me`L shook her head after that. She wanted to know what brought that on with her XO. Me`L then faced the viewscreen along with the crew. Me`L frowned a little and whispered in her XO's Ear,(w)"Are you ok Commander, do I need for you to report to Sickbay Commander?" me`L said with worriment over her XO.

"I assure you I am just fine captain..." Doug said, his voice barely above a whisper. "Perhaps you felt it a bit harsh but there was a purpose behind it. I've been out here many times whereas many of our crew have not. There are many ways to die out here and the easiest one is to become complacent and lax in our duties. By being firm with the bridge crew I hope to impress upon them the seriousness of our situation." He looked at the captain, hoping that she understood where he was coming from and what he was trying to accomplish.

Me'L grinned and nodded,"Oh I understand clearly
Commander, next time lighten up on the crew."
Me`L grabbed her XO's shoulder with a small grin.
She then looked at her XO, and chuckled."Don't worry commander if we do see Orion Pirates well know when to attack." Me'l Grinned.

Te'shara over heard the Captain and XO talking but she didn't say anything, she just shook her caitian head,and grinned while at her Security Station behind where command is sitting.

Me'L then stood up and looked at the crew." Well everyone were either here for a battle or this is bad distress call involving some enemy lets all becarefully minded of this."she said and walked back towards her seat as the looked at her Caitian Security officer." Lieutenant R'heil you and a few of your security officers will be checking the planet out,we'll also bring Medical Officers for anyone who needs medical care." Me'L looked at The caitian security officer.

Te'shara nodded her caitian head,"Aye Captain." Te'shara was watching the Security grid for a while, till it was time to beam down.

Me'l turned her head to the screen and starting to watch out for suprises, for any enemy ships.

"I dated an Orion once..." Doug said, his voice low enough that only the CO would hear. "They're not really anyone you really want to mess with."

Me'l smirked at her XO."Oh no they are not,i delt with Orion pirates once on a mission not happy campers." Me'l whispered ,and smirked at him.

Te'shara stayed at her security post ,as her tail wagged slowly,as she watched the screen with the Captain. She was twitching her whiskers.

Doug thought about what Me'L had said for a moment. "Perhaps that's something we should discuss later - in private," he said as he watched her for any reaction.

Me'L looked at her XO and said privately,"I like mission stories,you got a date on that."Me'l Grinned.

Te'shara grinned at the 2 talking as she shook her head lightly, and not saying a word as she stayed at her post as usual..

"Uh yeah, mission stories are always good..." Doug agreed but without much conviction in his voice. What he was more interested with her was a little face-to-face session - and he wasn't necessarily talking about conversation.

Me'L looked at her XO and smiled, as she looked at the screen,then to her security officer."Lt R'heil hows things out there? what do the scans show?" Me'L asked her.

Te'shara looked over at Captain Rowris."So far security scans are looking good no other problems Ma'am." Te'shara said with a slite purr,and growl.

Doug smiled to himself and settled back in his seat a bit. He figured he would have her where he wanted her soon. After all he hadn't been given the name 'Roving Eyes Roberts' back at the Academy for nothing.

Me'l nodded to Te'Shara."Good job Lieutant R'heil."
Me'lonna said. Then she Turned to her XO,"Whats wrong Commander?" she said with a concern in her eyes,wondering whats up his sleeve.

"Nothing wrong at all, captain..." Roberts answered. "Why do you ask?"

Me'l gave her number 1 a funny look,then thought to herself.((Liar #1 you gave me a look,so what up.)) Me'l got so suspicious about her #1's look she then gave him a look,"OK Commander you and I need to talk right now,in my office." She slightly growled.Me'l got up and waited for her #1 to stand."Lt R'heil you got the comm." Me'l said sternly as she stared at him.

Te'shara looked only at the Captain," Aye ma'am,understood." The caitain security officer said.

Me'L nodded to the Caitian,as she and herXO went to her office.
-----------------------End Part 1---------------


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